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Sam and Max at Comic-Con?

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As I'm playing on going to CCI next month, I was perusing the list of exhibitors and happened to see a listing for
Sam & Max / The Unmentionables. Table 1231

See for yourself:

Anyway, I'm wondering is this something TTG has set up about the new game? Or does it have something to do with the Sam and Max comic? Will Steve Purcell be there? Will I score a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt? Okay. Maybe the last question has nothing to do with the topic, but never hurts to ask.

If anyone here does have knowledge about this, I'm also curious. Who or what is the unmentionables?

And anyone who says that the answer can't be mentioned will be stuffed in a blender, set on puree, and fed to a hippopotamus with an intestinal virus. You have been warned.
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    well it would make a lot of sense for sam and max to be at comic con.. maybe the unmentionables is the new license telltale is workin on.. an invincibles game perhaps? :-$ who knows
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    actually lookin at the list.. the unmentionables must be the publisher for sam and max.. new comic?..rerelease of surfin the highway perhaps?
  • We'll be there, although we don't have a booth. Steve is going to have a booth so I expect we'll be hanging out with him a bit. :D I'm sorry, I don't know who The Unmentionables are. :-/

    Telltale will be speaking at a panel on Thursday, the first day of the convention. It's going to be about the making of the Bone and Sam & Max games. Steve will be on the panel, too.

    I haven't been to ComicCon before, so I'm looking forward to it!
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    Do you expect concept art from season 1 to be on display at this? :)
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    Will I score a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt?
    Sorry, Jen's hanging out at my place during the convention.

    Maybe this Convention will give us the next page of the webcomic, finally?
  • Do you expect concept art from season 1 to be on display at this?
    I'm not sure what's going to be shown during the panel, but it's a possibility.
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    Thanks for all the great replies, though it seems nobody knows what the unmentionables is.

    I don't think it's necessarily the publisher of Sam and Max.

    Sometimes two people share a booth at Comic-Con, especially if they're more on the small scale of things. It's probably that. Two artists sharing a booth to help with the rent, provide more offerings at the same table, and generate cross-interest for the other guy's products.

    Wow. This should be great. If it's Steve Purcell, I wonder what he'll be selling :)

    Emily, I went to Comic-Con last year. The whole event and energy is just indescribable and the list of my favorite artists that I met (and star wars celebrities!) was staggering.

    I hope I'll be able to catch up with the TTG crew somehow. I'd love to meet you guys. I'll only be there one day though and it's not Thursday. Saturday looks most likely.
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    For anyone curious, this was added to the schedule for Thursday today at

    12:30-1:30 Telltale: Bringing Great Stories to Life— The team at Telltale has turned some of the world's most recognizable properties into games—from Jeff Smith's popular Bone comic books to television's CSI, and soon Steve Purcell's Sam & Max. The group will talk about how they transform comic book stories and characters into cinematic, interactive experiences. Telltale CEO Dan Connors, game designer Dave Grossman, art director Dave Bogan, and Sam & Max author Steve Purcell will demonstrate their approach to these adaptations and will show a sneak peek of the upcoming Sam & Max game! Room 9

    It sounds good, but I won't be there Thursday. I wonder if there's any way I can see this sneak peek on saturday!
  • Yep, that's our panel! :D

    I'm not sure that we'll be able to show anything on Saturday, but we'll do a write-up of the panel for everyone who's not able to make it (hopefully with pictures!) Do be sure to go by Steve's booth, since we're going to have some Telltale postcardy things there that any Sam & Max fan would drool over. Maybe you can even get Steve to sign one!
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    I'm definitely going to stop by both the booth and panel on thursday!
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