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TWD: Problems Solved (PC)

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I've noticed a lot of people have been bombarded with problems with TWD I for one are of them, the amount of problems I have had is probably not worth my time or yours to explain but I've found a solution and maybe the ONLY solution or a last resort sort of thing.


Any problem you can think of I've had with this game and I thought enough was enough so in a blind rage I uninstalled the game using control panel, I then proceeded to delete both the game files first from the telltale game folder C:\Users\(User name)\Documents\Telltale Games then the second from my steam folder E:\Steam\SteamApps\common (E: being my second hard-drive which steam files are located in, it may be different on your PC's).

With both files gone and it's contents along with the game uninstalled I then proceeded to re-install the game again (in my case via Steam) as though it was from fresh.

Once re-installed I then verified the game cache once again via Steam, to do this (steam users only) go into your library right click The Walking Dead game then click properties, you'll get a box with three tabs click the tab called LOCAL FILES the click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE it may take awhile but only took me a few seconds, once done start your game from episode 1 and all should be fine, you may need to change your settings again as everything will be restarted.

I have now gone through season 1 to 3 with absolutely no problems what-so-ever.

The problems it has fixed for me are the following..
  • 101walkingdead.exe Stopped Responding
  • prefs.prop file
  • Saves randomly disappearing and reappearing
  • Game saves showing a different episode number to the one your actually on
  • Episode 3 “coming soon” when exiting to the main menu
  • The stats disappearing from episode 1-3
  • Decisions from previous episodes not continuing to the next
  • The "Are you sure you want to rewind to this checkpoint?" message on Episode 2 along with the black screen at the beginning
Everything seems to be at 100% now so if people out there are loosing faith and patience try this and see if it works for yourselves, like I said there was nothing else I could think of or was willing to hold out for.
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