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Bug in the game - help!

posted by Duffys on - Viewed by 213 users
I purchased the game and I just loved the way the story is told and how it is developed.

However, the game has a bug that makes me loose the will to play it again.

I started to play the first episode and when I went to an apartment to save an woman the game had no way out. The pillow I had to take was not selectable. I tried to play this part again but nothing worked. So, I had to restart the episode to continue the game.

When I finally ended the first episode, the second brought me a surprise: the woman I chose to save was dead and the other character, Doug, was alive, as if I had chosen Doug instead of the journalist. I tried to do everything, but it did not work and once again I had to restart the game.

This is very annoying and it is a serious bug tha must be fixed as soon as possible. I do not want to play the fifth episode and loose everything I chose.

The game programmers are great and I know they can fix this bug. I believe the problem is the saving system. Something is happening and changing our choices. I hope to see the problem solved.

Thank you.
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