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Need Purchase twice?

posted by Barlanian on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I had bought the walking dead multi-pack 2-5 on my iPad before,
But while I reinstall the app, the purchase was gone,
I need to pay twice? or is there anyway to bring my purchase back?:confused:
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  • You will need to reacquire it if you reinstalled the game, but you won't be charged twice if you're logged in with the same account you made the initial purchase on.
  • I have a similar issue.

    I purchase WD and the 2-5 ep pack on one of my iPad's. I've then gone to the store, using the same account I made my purchase on, and installed it on my other iPad. I enter the game and it asks if I wish to buy the other episodes.

    No, I don't want to buy them a second time. Does that also mean if I put it on my iPhone I'd have to buy it a third time?

    I'm not willing to hit the buy again button just to see if the dialog says "You've already purchased this" without clarification - or the chance to get a refund if it takes my money twice.
  • I, like many others had to uninstall TWD app from my iPhone 4s. I had previously purchased the multi episode pack for $14.99, but upon reinstalling the app my purchase did not register. Per the mods posts I just purchased the second chapter, but I am fearful of being charged again. I just want to know, if on the off chance I incur another charge, with whom sould I speak so I can get a refund? I just want to be proactive (just in case). thanks for the great game, keep up the good work!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The issue you are describing is the same as the original post. As long as you are logged into the same account you used to purchase the multi-pack, you will not be charged a second time. According to Apple's website, you are allowed to install the game on up to 10 different devices, however you should confirm this with apple if you have any concerns.

    In regards to refunds for multiple charges, if this does in fact occur, you will need to contact iTunes support for assistance.
  • I went through the motions to a point, where it wanted me to confirm my payment method and if I was sure that I wanted to pay for the content - which I admit I stopped at.

    So I contacted Apple Support regarding this and the reply was as follows.

    "Replenishable In-App Purchases and subscriptions cannot be downloaded again for free, and must be repurchased. Non-replenishable In-App Purchases and auto-renewing subscriptions can be downloaded again for free. To download an In-App Purchase again, you must download it from within the installed app using the same iTunes Store account name for the original In-App Purchase.

    The developer of the application may be able to assist you to determine the In-App you purchases is replenishable or non-replenishable."

    So.............which one is it, as I'm really unhappy about hitting a button that says "Pay more money for something you already bought once."
  • Again, if you're logged into the same account that you made the initial purchase on, you will not be charged a second time.
  • I appreciate that Mike, but you have to admit it's unnerving when it asks if you want to pay twice!

    I have gone ahead and hit the buy button and it then tells you that it knows you've bought it and would you like to download it again - so for the other posters above, if you are wary, I tried it and it's fine.
  • I did everything Mike said and I was indeed charged twice. I used the same account from the original purchase and sure enough I was charged again. This is frustrating to put it mildly. I would love to continue playing this game, but I'm going to need some help from Telltale in the mean time. What actions can I take if iTunes will not initiate the refund? This is a great opportunity for Telltale to either provide world class customer service or lose a lot of potential long term fans. I really hope it is the prior and not the latter.

    My original itunes receipt order: MGWFVBF40J - I purchased both the app and the multi pack

    Next itunes receipt order: MGWG38QM70 - charged again

    What would you suggest to quickly fix this issue? Thanks for responding to my posts, I genuinely appreciate it.
  • I just went in and tried to purchase the multipack again and it did indeed recognize that I already purchased it and didn't charge me. Mike is absolutely correct here. My fear caused me a few days back to only buy episode two. That did cause me to get charged since Telltale didn't recignize that purchase. Am i eligible for a refund for that since I had already purchased the multipack? Thanks again for your help! I really apprecaite it.
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    MattP Telltale Staff

    I'm sorry to hear you were charged twice for episode 2. Please contact iTunes support, and they will happily offer you further assistance with your refund request.
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