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Bricked iPad using Walking Dead episode 2

posted by azthrillhouse on - Viewed by 290 users
I've now had to put my iPad into Recovery Mode and restore it 3 times in the past 3 days. Each time, TWD ep2 crashes violently midstream (not sure there is a pattern but in 2 cases I was navigating the menus, not actually in the midst of playing the game) and gives me the "black screen of death", never moving past the Apple logo, forcing me to recover the iPad and restore from backup.

Now, granted, this iPad is a replacement from Apple for my original that had a cracked screen. so a hardware problem is possible. But, each time TWD is the culprit for this problem - if I stay out of TWD the iPad appears to be just fine. iPad2, 64GB, at&t 3g, updated to latest iOS (5.1.1).

Anybody else had this (really heinous) problem?
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