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Clementine, Duck and Katjaa.

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Guys lets face it Duck and Katjaa were there more for Clementine then you could of been up to ep 3. Yeah you were the one protecting her but when you were gone who did she talk to and play with? Duck and Katjaa. I'm sure Katjaa has told more stories to Clementine then you have and ducks made her laugh more. They're gone now...What do you think of this?
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  • i think Duck mostly annoyed her :p lol
  • I think that hobo better come up with some more candy and roadside stories for the campfire: pronto. I cant be babysitter and zombie-defender at the same time!
  • I was sad when Duck died because I knew that he was really Clementine's only friend. Now she's alone :(
  • I felt that their deaths were very abrupt and, wholly apart from representing a sort of "no one is safe" mind-set, they seemd (to me, at least) very indicative of a "we have absolutely no idea what we're doing" attitude from TTG.

    I don't know. I haven't exactly lost faith with the series or the company, but they murdered every single character that I had any real connection with aside from Clementine in the space of twenty minutes. Is life fair? God no. Is life cruel? Oh, absolutely. This is a videogame, though. Bad things should happen that make us feel awful, but killing off half of your cast is just bad storytelling, not "gritty realism."

    Mostly, though, I think I'm frustrated that, throughout this episode, they proved several times that almost every single decision I had made in Episodes 2 & 3 were wholly irrelevant and pointless. Why is a game touted as "tailored to the player's actions" doing this? Does that make any sense to anybody else?

    Oh, well. I guess I'm just parroting the same pains that a lot of players are. It's just very frustrating - especially when I stop to consider that I waited two and a half months for what amounted to a little over half an hour of gameplay and no real plot movement (except a little geographical shift, the death of everyone I give a shit about - Clementine aside - and one half-second flit of new information about a radio), and now I'm going to wait another two or three months for my next teeny bit of game.

  • Not all stories can have immortal characters walking away from multiple near-death situations just because...
    And you didnt complete Ep3 in 30 minutes.
    someone's mad
  • Xarne;667909 said:
    Not all stories can have immortal characters walking away from multiple near-death situations just because...
    And you didnt complete Ep3 in 30 minutes.
    someone's mad
    yea there is no way you complete Ep 3 in 30 minutes. i felt like it was the longest episode actually
  • Zombies are Awesome!;667888 said:
    i think Duck mostly annoyed her :p lol
    I wouldn't disagree, but I would say that he annoyed her in the "big brother" sense of annoyance. She seemed truly heart-broken at his passing, and I think the loss of both Katjaa and Duck will weigh on her heavily in the next episode.
  • it should, that was practically her surrogate family...but as coldly as TTG handled the D/C death, they'll probably just enter a few lines of speech to acknowledge her distress before moving into Ep 4. If they really want to develop it, Clem has the potential to get into a lot more trouble now since she doesnt have them to be socialize with
  • I think Duck and Clementine were teasing each other with bugs - they seem to be in good spirits, so yeah... I think Duck was good for her.

    I LIKED Duck in Episode 3. I think TTG did a good job endearing him to us before killing him off the way they did. Duck was annoying, and lots of us talked about wanting to throw him to the walkers. Still, it was the emotions in there were pretty intense when it happened, and I was quite sad to see him go.

    Same reaction to Kaatja's death - she complemented Kenny very well, and she was the calm voice in the midst of the crazies. Will miss her actually. And Carley too.
  • Heck, I miss everyone. Wish we could go back to the good ol' days of Larry trying to kill us, and Lilly and Kenny yelling at each other over every little thing that came up.
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