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Continued lack of support response for Mac

posted by kgruscho on - last edited - Viewed by 142 users
I find the still existent errors related to downloading for both Episode 2 and 3, combined with many quirks and glitches related to "carried choices" shameful. My suggestion is that people get off these forums and contact other people in the mac community.

I.e. having to try more than 9 times to download the game and it fails for both episode 2 and 3. I only successfully installed episode 2 a week before episode 3 launched. As well as the game bringing Carly instead of Doug or later saying I sided against Kenny in episode 2 when in episode 1 he and his wife said thanks for helping us in game. And Hershel never acknowledging that I said the straight truth regardless of what I say to him (according in-game play or post-game stats).

TTG is clearly not responding on the forms or acknowledging these problems other than a dismissive post that a few mac users are having problems.

I really think TTG is only going to start supporting their mac users if they start getting public bad press about their phenomenal lack of support for the platform. And yes, the lack of response is truly phenomenal. It's just a game, but how can something as basic as downloading the game still be so thoroughly broken after months of public outcry?
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