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[SPOILERS]So... what do you think is gonna happen to Kenny?

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I'm pretty sure I didn't see a thread like this about Kenny (most are about Carley and Ben), so I was wondering, what do you people think is gonna happen to Kenny from now on?

I mean, the man just lost what was the most important thing to him. All the choices he ever made, he had his family's safety in mind, and now they're gone.
I've seen people saying he might commit suicide, but really, that would make it an overplayed card in the game, and although he is fairly depressed, Kenny doesn't strike me as the kind of man who would just kill himself... but I'm pretty sure that since he has nothing left to live for, he is gonna do something stupid.

Some people have said that Kenny might snap at Ben if the latter tells him what he did, and I can actually see that happening. If it came to that, though, I'd have to try and calm him down, and if it became worse, I'd have to take Ben's side, because I don't wanna see that kid dying anytime soon, don't want Doug's sacrifice to be in vain...

Personally, I think Kenny will stick around for a while, even though he's probably gonna do something that might jeopardize him or the group...

So... thoughts, speculations? C'mon people, this is my first thread =]
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  • If he finds out about what Ben did, he'll flip shit. Otherwise, I can see Kenny being the 'noble sacrifice' of the group, considering, as you said, he has nothing to live for.

    To be entirely honest though, after sometime, he seemed to collect himself pretty well. He may be a bit darker morally speaking, but I don't see him getting himself killed.
  • Kenny without his family lost alot of his motivation until he finds something to protect he won't be as jerkish as he was before. Once he finds something to love and protect again he will die which will most likely be episode 5
  • Also, from the trailer for episode 4, I remember Kenny telling us to just leave Omid behind, since he has broken a leg or something, I could see Christa starting an argument with him for obvious reasons, but it probably wouldn't get as bad as the "Kenny vs. Lilly"
  • This defense of Ben is the most mind-boggling turn of events ever.
  • Xarne;668984 said:
    This defense of Ben is the most mind-boggling turn of events ever.
    Haha, what do you mean?
  • Ok, this guy gets brought into your camp out purely out of pity for what happened to his teacher. He's timid as a mouse, scared of women. All he does his sit on that RV and they still got ambushed...this whole story with the bandits? This dude is scared of his own shadow, but had the balls to single-handedly work out a deal with bandits in the dark (Im assuming since no one had any idea of this, he did while they were asleep) but wait...on top of all this: He tells no one.
    So in a ZA where resources are already tight, he didnt think Lily the control freak wouldnt notice a single pill missing?
    Or maybe he just thought those supply runs were so easy and plentifulthat no one would ever notice this is going on?
    Or maybe he just figured he could handle this on his own?
    So on top of timid, he's a liar, untrusting of the group and was willing to let someone else take the fall rather than own up to his own blunder.
    None of this is worthy of death (in Lee's eyes, Kenny may have a different opinion) but he has now earned himself the lowest spot on the totem pole.
    He definitely killed D/C with his silence at the RV and if he didnt get mixed with those bandits, the ambush and ensuing walkers at the motel could have been avoided, saving Duck which would have saved Kat
  • Xarne;668984 said:
    This defense of Ben is the most mind-boggling turn of events ever.
    wrong thread?

    Anyway, I think he's gonna go full emo, everyone's gonna get pissed that he's dragging his feet and he just leaves, maybe steal the boat or something.
  • Googolplexbyte;669027 said:
    wrong thread?
    um...ya. weird hth did I end up in here?

    Ah I remember now- one thing I keep forgetting about Ep3 is that only Lee knows about Ben.
    So ya, as soon as Ep 4 starts up, Im running right over to Kenny: "Dude, remember that raid where we got ambushed and Duck got bit?" Then I'll step back and watch Kenny go medieval on Ben,
    but I for some reason I see Chuck getting into the middle of all this and killing Kenny...why?
    Cause it would be the least expected thing out of Chuck
  • That's one way to see things. My point of view on his actions is completely different... well, I did ask what you meant, but I won't defend the boy and make this a Ben thread, and while I do enjoy seeing people talk about their points of view on a subject, I was kinda hoping there would be more speculation about Kenny's future, but it doesn't seems to be working very well ._.
  • I honestly think Kenny is now a lost cause. He just doesn't care anymore. He's practically a walking bag of meat. I mean he's had everything thrown at him and he combated that with denial and anger. (Hell we all have our ways coping with stress.) But losing his wife and son was the final thing that made him snap. I honestly believe he's dying in the next episode, maybe to save Lee and Clem. Or maybe because he's just had enough.

    Either way I think its going to be a bloody end to Kenny.

    Which I guess you could say is a mercy considering what he has to live with.
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