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Purchased, still says buy now - PS3

posted by shadowhawk749 on - Viewed by 125 users
Ok, so about 2 weeks ago, I got a yellow light of death and I sent my ps3 off to get fixed. They corrupted my hard drive, and I reinstalled nearly everything I had, lost all my data. I had purchased the season pass for The Walking Dead, as is proven in my psn account, I beat episode 1 and 2, trophies can show that. I finally got to re-downloading this game when I saw episode 3 was released. I downloaded it and the prior episodes along with the season pass and installed all of them, along with the updates it demands I download. When I go to play Episode 1, it goes into the demo mode where you start off by the fence being chased, as if I didn't purchase it. If I select "buy" on the main menu, it tells me to "get" episode 1, even tho it lists episode 2 and 3 as already purchased. That's amazing, since you can't download 2 and 3 without having already purchased 1 (I believe). I've downloaded and re-downloaded all the files, I have plenty of HDD space, it's not my system, nor is it my internet.. Nothing along those lines. What can I do? I'd really like to be able to play what I paid for..

- I'll provide any more information should it be necessary, otherwise if this doesn't work or is taking too long, I'll try contacting Sony..
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