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Kill Kenny or Pregnant Christa (hypothetical)

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In ep 4 you find out Christa is pregnant and Omid's leg is infected. He's sick and getting weaker.

Kenny does what he does and is about to kill Omid because he thinks he's going to die and turn.

Christa is pissed and aims a gun at Kenny with the intent to kill and Kenny doesn't see her.

If you try to warn Kenny he'll look at Christa and get shot. Killing Christa is the only way to prevent his death.

You have to take out Christa or let Kenny die. What do you do?
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  • I'd have to back my bro, Kenny. We've been at odds, but we bonded over me shooting his kid in the head. Good times.
  • I'd kill Kenny, it would be the humane thing to do, no person can live after what has happened, Lilly has shown that it's best to put someone out of their misery before they snap like that.
  • I'd kill Christa. Kenny and I have had each others' backs since the day we me ton Hershel's farm. We started growing apart at the start of 3, but me and him are Brothers to the End. Christa has done nothing but yell at me, for how I'm teaching Clem to defend herself and SURVIVE in this new world. I saved her at the train, and she said it was the "wrong choice" and I should have saved the other guy. Don't worry Chrissy, i'll make the "right choice" this time around.
  • I'm a bit surprised. Kenny potentially almost lets you die twice. Plus, he has an itchy trigger finger. And Christa is freaking pregnant. You're killing her and her unborn child.
  • Kenny is one of the people I can trust, he has helped me many times, and we are friends for months.
    I do not think 2 times and shoot Christa.
  • I'd have to back my bro, Kenny. We've been at odds, but we bonded over me shooting his kid in the head. Good times.

    Man you killed his son in your first date ??? bold move !!!!
  • Xarne wrote: »
    pregnancy is hypothesized, you'd kill Kenny after all you been through with him?
    We had our ups and downs, but thats what friends do...
    maybe because he lost his family or maybe because he's the only familiar face I've got left, but I've got his back to the end- at the very least I wouldnt side with a stranger over him. (A rude one at that)

    Considering the fact that Kenny left me to die at the hands of some walkers, Yeah. I don't feel like I owe him anything after that. He saved me once, and left me to die once. That means we're square in my book.

    I'd rather keep around someone that I don't think is going to have some huge episode because they didn't get their way. I get it, I didn't side with you but you wanna let walkers fucking eat me? That's not cool man.

    I repaid him enough by doing the deed for him with his kid. Christa may be a bit of a bitch but she likes that I'm a straight shooter with Clem. I think we'll get along okay in the 2nd episode with her (because I helped Omid on the train too).
  • Better the devil you know, than the devil you dont
  • Despite everything, I want Kenny to last till the end.... and beyond!
  • Gotta help my boy Kenny!
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