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Kill Kenny or Pregnant Christa (hypothetical)

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In ep 4 you find out Christa is pregnant and Omid's leg is infected. He's sick and getting weaker.

Kenny does what he does and is about to kill Omid because he thinks he's going to die and turn.

Christa is pissed and aims a gun at Kenny with the intent to kill and Kenny doesn't see her.

If you try to warn Kenny he'll look at Christa and get shot. Killing Christa is the only way to prevent his death.

You have to take out Christa or let Kenny die. What do you do?
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  • Considering the fact that even if you play a Pro Lilly game at the end of Episode 3 he says that he's going to bury the hatchet cause Katjaa would want him too I'd side with Kenny. If you back Kenny he"ll back you up.
  • well if christa is pregnant she's not going to be much healp to you in later months... as a matter of fact she'l just be a burden, so yeah kenny, i'd save kenny...
  • I'd save Christa because Kenny has nothing but Clem and Lee to live for anyway, and if hes going to be murdering people-- I Dont want him around.
  • Kiel555;670344 said:
    Is there a way to push Ben in the line of fire and thus save Kenny with Ben's heroic sacrifice? If not, then I'll go with "...".
    I'd have gladly shot Ben just to distract the two of them. I loved letting him get turned into a human happy-meal.

    Seriously, Ben would have been dead the moment I found out he ratted the team at the hotel, had the game a "homicidal" option.
  • I'd go with Kenny.

    I mean, Christa's a snitch. >_>
  • Well, Kenny DID sacrifice himself for pregnant Christa, so I guess that question answers itself.
  • Why not just take out Christa by taking out the gun, then make Kenny think it through and wait till Omid would die before jumping to things? Jeez, all I need to do is disarm her, not kill her. It doesn't even make sense why I would. That being said, Kenny is my homeboy, and I'm with him to the end.
  • I'll just let Kenny shoot Omid, let Christa shoot Kenny, Lee shoot Christa and have Clem shoot me. And we all die and leave Clem by herself :D
  • *pulls Kenny out of way
  • I'd kill them both because I'm badass.
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