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[Ep. 3 - Spoilers] Anyone glad about the changes to the group?

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By changes I mean that we've a completely different group from the end of Ep. 1.

Seriously when I saw what a drama bomb my group had become at the end of Ep. 1, I begged the game to let me go with Glenn, rather than stay with that lot.

The tension between Lilly and Kenny's family + Carley, The unmovable wrench in Lee's relation with Larry, the fact Lee does all the work yet it's a power struggle between Lilly and Kenny to be in charge.

Wish I could've just grabbed Mark, Carley, & Clem (Maybe Ben?) and just left at the beginning of Ep. 2 when everyone told me fuck myself for not wanting to go to the dairy. I mean Clem wanted to find her parents and satting about for 3 months in Macon wasn't helping.

But nope, Death has to be the solution...
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  • It's a zombie apocalypse... an episode without a good death is somewhat dull.
  • I don't think "glad" is the right word.
  • Pissed off more like it. I don't care that they killed of most of the group, its just that now my Lee couldn't give a shit about the new members. i only care about Clem and my boy Kenny. Screw the strangers
  • Cyreen;670574 said:
    I don't think "glad" is the right word.
    As someone else said here, replacing nearly the entire cast of characters doesn't do much to help the story halfway into it.
  • I'd say I'm glad with the changes in the group. In a walking dead ZA I expect to lose good people, even damn good people, in horrible ways. It never was a question of IF but WHEN. Now that it's over, kinda feels like a fresh start. The last chapter has been closed and a new one begins.

    I only wish my list of allies were a little longer. I'm trying my best to be allied with Christa. Kenny and Ben are dead to me. Another concern is that I think Lee is the only one who is armed in the group. That and were on our way to a city that was at last report a stage 9 catastrophy....mabe things are all better now.
  • ZombieGoBoom;670631 said:
    As someone else said here, replacing nearly the entire cast of characters doesn't do much to help the story halfway into it.
    ^ This. I've been playing the games without ever reading the comic, so all my lore is coming from the game. Buying a zombie game I was of course expecting dirt and grit, but I never expected this dark of a game from Telltale and I applaud them for taking this route (hopefully some of that grit will transfer over to The Fables game, the series I'm REALLY wanting and waiting for). When I first bought this game I never expected that I would be more concerned and nervous of the survivors that I would be of the walkers. But episode 3 made me feel like season 1 ended half way through and we're now in season 2 with a new story arc and a new cast. Making choices has less impact with newer characters than with older ones.
  • ZombieGoBoom;670631 said:
    As someone else said here, replacing nearly the entire cast of characters doesn't do much to help the story halfway into it.
    That's not what I meant.

    The story is still evolving, we're only in the middle, it's a zombie apocalypse, I expected people to die. That doesn't mean I didn't like the characters and I'm "glad" to move on. Episode 3 made me genuinely angry, shocked, and sad, but that exactly what I signed up for, so kudos to Telltale. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes and expect it to be increasingly dark and disturbing.
  • I still want the Going Merry back.
  • Actually, yes. I am thrilled. And that's not sarcasm.

    Don't get me wrong. Carley was an alright lady and Doug had me cracking up pretty much every time he opened his mouth. Lilly and I didn't see eye to eye, but I respected her as a character. And Katjaa and Duck's deaths... I may have shed a tear. Or fifty.

    But keeping a story with characters that Lee gets along with would be extremely boring. Although I got into the comics after playing the first episode, I am a huge fan of how the comics introduces and kills off people periodically. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you hate them, sometimes you haven't even gotten to know them. And you get stuck with people, in the same way... and your relationships evolve. The game picks up on this trend within the comics and goes with it quite well.

    I am not sure, in terms of story, what use there would have been keeping some of the characters for much longer. Mark was a red shirt. Glenn needed to go to Atlanta to match up with the comic/TV canon. Lilly needed to leave for the same reasons, but even so, her role within the plot was done. I can sort of see people complaining about Larry dying, but he was a pain in the butt so I don't mind that much. I don't think the implications of Lilly killing Ben over Carley/Doug would have been as drastic, and it would have completely ruined a potentially EXTREMELY interesting relationship. I really hope Telltale does something interesting with this. And Kenny... well, I honestly am not sure that he's going to live much longer, but I'm hoping because he's my buddy.

    I will admit I was sort of hoping for Doug to do something geeky to save the day in a later episode but... oh well. Omid is a bit geeky so I hope he survives this next episode.

    For the record, I like both Omid and Christa... especially Omid. I'm kind of curious as to why they're joining a group after Christa kept saying "no" for months though... although I think we all have our suspicions. That are probably correct. About buns and such.

    Another thing that happened in this episode, or I think this episode is implying, is the strengthening between Clem and Lee's relationship. I'm sorry but I would have every other main character die if it created interesting possibilities for their relationship to grow and become more nuanced. I don't mind losing some people if there's going to be more focus on Clem and Lee, as it's one of the most interesting adult/child relationships I've seen in a while.

    So yeah I am happy that this episode in particular was a catalyst.
  • Master of Aeons;670780 said:
    I still want the Going Merry back.
    Dammit. Now I'm sad about that again.
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