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What is not a spoiler?

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It seems like almost a paradox to discuss the game without discussing it. Can someone clarify what is considered a spoiler and what isn't?

Right now, it seems a little arrogant to me for someone to come to a forum that does nothing but talk about the game and expect people not to talk about TWD in any meaningful way so it's not ruined for them.

Here's a simpler solution: stay off the forum. Episodes come out like 2 months apart, so it's not like there's much more to discuss anyway about the last episode at that point.

What could you talk about without spoiling it in some way?

"Hey, played TWD?"
"Like it?"
"Loved it!"
""What part did you like?"
"Can't talk about that. It would spoil it."
"Um, ok... Let's talk about ep 1!"
"No, it might come out on Android so we shouldn't ruin it for people."
"But it's not even in the works..."
"But they might. Plus, some people haven't bought the game at all. Let's skip the details."
"Who is your favorite character?"
"I love Carley! She's so..."
"You're about to spoil it. In fact, you kind of spoiled it by mentioning Carley. If you haven't played ep 1 you wouldn't know she exist."
"Fuck this. I'm leaving."

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