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Episode 3, Things that don't add up.

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Detective Mode:You go on a simple hunt for chalk and find medicine for people who aren't even sick. Bandits are supposed to pick up the meds in broad daylight? Episode 2 Carley/Doug spots Danny and Andy in an instant when they're freaking out over being infected.

Shooting:Then there's the gunfire, okay so you got two people shooting semi-auto guns at bandits and walkers. And there's apparently tons of bandits in the woods shooting way more guns, but the walkers want you instead? And when the walker goes after Kat and Duck, clearly it doesn't bite duck where they show him getting bit.

Roadside confrontation: In any real life situation I doubt people are going to go crazy and shoot someone over stolen medicine. "You have til' three", what happens at three? She didn't have a gun in her hand when she was about to start counting. And it seemed like Ben was about to admit he did it before Kenny hits a walker. About that, how do you hit a walker in the street like that? He clearly had headlights and was paying attention to the road. The random accusations in the RV as well, "I've had my suspicions", okay why?

Tanker Problem: Clearly the tanker was in the way, but when you cut it down, there's no way that the tanker magically moved out of the way, or wasn't damaged and leaked, with probable explosion.

I don't know, I paid attention to this episode after I was upset that nothing seemed to be going in any right direction for the characters/story. So I stared at it for every possible scenario that didn't make sense to me.

Honestly, people argue that "in a real life situation" and stuff like that, yeah well it's a game. It's a fantasy land.
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  • As far as the meds go I remember she said they were basically taking anything with opium in it.
    The roadside thing was just bottled up crap exploding everywhere. Lily reached for her gun behind her when Kenny conveniently distracts everyone. Cant explain the how that falling tanker was out of the way.
  • or didnt explode...c'mooon
  • I think they came to pick up when Ben was on watch. When the bandits came over again, he thought his package was still behind the grate.

    The walkers do grab bandits too. They keep coming in after the remaining bandits have fled, or have been killed.

    If the real life situation was a ZA, I'm sure they would be angry at stolen medicine, not only for the trust issues. Medicine would be pretty important, as there would likely be no-one to manufacture more or anything.
  • I remember Lilly talking about keeping medicine in stock so if someone gets sick, they have medicine available. In a zombie infested world, waiting to get medicine after getting sick isn't a good idea.

    I think your looking for something to be wrong so hard that you are making yourself believe there is something wrong when there isn't.

    The only thing I can agree on is the suspicion about the tanker being on the rails after it's cut loose, but I can't recall what happened clearly enough to comment on that.
  • What I didn't like was the investigation part.... I checked the glass the chalk and spoke to all. It was 100% clear to me that it was Ben immediately. He is a terrible liar. But I can't do anything. I can't talk to anyone about Ben, I can't tell Lilly that I think I know who it is, I can't do anything. Then Lilly accuses him anyway later and you can side against or for him and you can't state anything you noticed during the investigation. It was so annoying and could have been wayyy more fun and interactive.
  • well, I have no idea how anyone though just dropping it was a good idea, but...

    even petrol does not just randomly explode like in movies. gas/petrol fumes in the air are often very explosive, but gas in the tank is not.

    however how the thing fell to the side was plausible albeit lucky. It falls to the track and then to the side, sliding off the track (which is realistically slightly raised). It totally punctures and leaks, which you can then set on fire.

    in reality though, there would have been a fair chance the thing stays partly/blocking the track. in which case you would have to get lucky (but possible) to very slowly push through without sparks igniting anything.

    other thoughts I had though was that they would have had pretty good chances in a Walking Dead World, to simply lay flat on top of the overpass, or even to get inside the boxcar and shut the doors tight and be quite for about 5-6 hours.

    but whatever, I'm in the camp of its a game and it is in many ways more fun to not have the choice to do the ideal/right thing. It's the walking dead, you make good choices that get you screwed, and sometimes you have no good choices, or you make a bad choice and people die.
  • or back in ep1 DUCK WAS BITTEN and that means larry was right !! but because it was just a nip of the teeth with only a little cut it took all that time to incubate the virus..

    bit of a reach but still i agree in ep3 the walker was actually closer to katjaa as she was on top of duck..
  • Yeah, albeit a fantasy based game, I'll add my bits and pieces that don't add up to me, as well. Remember, it's only a game, so don't think too hard on these little tidbits I'm about to point out. :D

    Guns: Okay, they're in Georgia. Being from a gun happy state myself, this bugs me a little. In Episode two, when the camera pans on Lily's face as she's staring off into the woods, before Lee and company bring Ben and his friend in, you can see her weapon. Now, I may be wrong, but judging by the size, magazine (It looked like a magazine at the bottom of the rifle), and so on... You mean to tell me Lily was using a .22 rifle? Really? That's all they could find? Even in Episode three, when Carly helps you in the Motor Inn raid, she seems to be using a 9mm semi-automatic (Pistols are harder to identify in games, but it looks like a 9mm to me). Is this all they could find?

    In reality, they should have been tripping over guns, especially in Georgia. Southern states are known for their gun toting citizens (And there's nothing wrong with that). I find it really hard to believe that, with the majority of the population decimated by the outbreak, they only had those certain weapons after a 3+ month stay at the inn. Even one of the bandits had a shotgun, but Lee's crew are carrying light arms. Wow. :rolleyes:

    Food and Supplies: Again, this is another one that doesn't make sense to me. Even small towns have multiple eateries and stores to shop at, but after three months they still don't have squat for supplies. There doesn't seem to be too many other survivors in the immediate area, so I'd assume they'd be able to sneak around and gather much more food and supplies then they already have.

    Gear: They have... nothing! Even Christa and Omid struck me as odd, walking around with nothing to their names, but these guys only have ONE backpack and no batteries. I'm sure the town wasn't cleaned out, especially with the lack of people, in three months. Speaking of the gear. Why does it look like they're using stuff from back in the early 90's? Incandescent bulb flashlights? No L.E.D.s? Nobody else carries a backpack? There should be tons of gear laying around. Same with food, and the other things.

    The Chalk: What was the point of that? One "X" on a wall and some smashed chalk under the dumpster? Huh? :confused: Was Ben marking the building, or something? Why? They already shot the crap out of it with bullets and arrows. I'm pretty sure they knew what motor inn they were at (Considering I didn't see another one). Besides, where did they get the chalk? I've never seen a pharmacy carry sticks of chalk before. :p

    The Motor Inn: Okay, you mean to tell me that out of ALL of those vehicles, not a single one was operational? Was the inn run down and abandoned to begin with? The RV had to have worked at one time, and I assume no one did any real damage to it after the ZA broke out (People were too busy being dead :p), but Kenny had to make major repairs to it. Right. I guess that would have been too easy for them, considering the story has to make it seem that they're hard-pressed. :)

    The Tanker: This one struck me as odd for a few reasons. First, even though there weren't too many people out and about, there was still fuel in it. I would have thought that people would have stumbled across it, by now, and emptied the contents from the tanker at least. I would think that some survivors would have generators, and such, and would need the fuel. I'm surprised nobody stumbled across it.

    Secondly, it seems to have been in an accident. However, looking at the scene, there's no evidence that that was the case. The vehicle (The one with the tape in it) was blocking the tanker's path, implying that it showed up afterward, but I saw no damage to the front of the semi pulling the tanks (Correct me if I'm wrong). How on earth did it go over the edge? When Lee was trying to cut through it, and it shifted, that went to prove (Since the tires rolled) that the brakes weren't on. Why didn't it just roll over the edge, as well? Lastly, on a small note, it would have taken them a lot longer to blowtorch their way through that hitch. :p

    Duck Being Bitten: I just wanted to say, on this one, that it was possible. On my game, the Walker did land on them, and it's mouth was around Duck's waist when Lee looked up. Kat was just struggling with it, which caused it to move. What I don't get is, if it bit him, why wasn't half his side missing? :D

    As stated, I know it's just a game. I just added these to add to the fun of the thread. :)
  • the chalk was a sign that the drop off had been made (bag in the grate) and the bandits should come and pick up, but when they arrived saw the sign but no delivery they attacked, the tanker could be there for any reason, think of a plausible one and it's probably that, and duck being bitten probably happened in the seconds we didn't see, as for the stuff they dont have but should, i blame lilly, she was in charge and she must not have thought looking for food, guns and vehicles was a good idea
  • @Dead__Man__Walking: I didn't ever think about that, good catch haha
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