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Carley saved in Ep.1, seen in Ep.2 but is substituted in Ep. 3 with Doug?

posted by countrypetinn on - last edited - Viewed by 230 users
I've played through Ep. 1 and saved Carley cuz I dig tough chicks. Played through Ep. 2 and she saved my ass. Now when I started Ep. 3 Doug shows up? WTH? Wheres Carley? Anyone else have that glitch? I even reran through Ep. 2 to see if I could get her to show up in Ep. 3...but she's gone. And I don't get why every time you begin the next episode it asks you that yes or no question on whether or not you want the game to substitute decisions for missed can't even play unless you answer yes. Would really like to have Carley back, but hey at least it will be an easy decision when I have to choose between Doug or Lilly.
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