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Shooting the Girl in the street

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Okay so when Lee and Kenny are out hunting for supplies and the girl comes out screaming, and you have the choice to either shoot or not shoot, what did you decide and how does it effect the story?

I chose to leave her as a distraction, I thought the zombies might come after me.
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  • I started picking off the zombies one by one. Kenny interrupts and tells Lee to cut it out and pulls him up. Not sure how many items I got but I felt like I didn't have a choice in the matter.
  • I shot the girl the first time - and I got a decent amount of stuff.

    I left her for bait the second time - and I got more stuff.

    If I have another choice, I'd shoot the girl. There seems to be not much difference in the number of stuff retrieved.
  • shooting the girl helps nobody

    Helps the girl.
  • Watching other people's playthroughs, I've found that if you shoot the girl, Kenny gives you shit about it during the discussion with Lilly afterwards, regardless of whether or not you're on good or bad terms with him.

    Can anyone tell me what happens during that conversation if you don't shoot the girl? Does he mention the incident at all?

    It's a powerful moment in the game. You're essentially making a choice between pragmatic survival strategy or performing an act of mercy for a total stranger about to suffer a gruesome death.

    In the game I shot her and have no regrets. Were I to face that same situation in real life, I'm not sure what I'd do.
  • So did anyone else think perhaps, they could shoot the zombies at least to save her in that way? :S
  • Initially I did. Then she got bit' on the ankle and it was all over. :(
  • I was appalled about how cold they are about it.

    They never really consider trying to save her. In my world that would be the most obvious. Instead it's just a matter of cold calculations. In the end I shot her by accident because I was aiming at a zombie, but the bullet magically curved to her head. Apparantly it didn't matter anyway.

    But that thing kinda hinted at how cool Lee is about his possible future girlfriend being shot. Doesn't seem to bother him at all.
  • she was a dead man walking, she got bit 2x before you even lowered the scope.
    Were you going to shoot all 10 walkers and risk a herd? Maybe drag her into the drug store so she can turn while you're looting supplies, or maybe drag her back so she can turn in the compound, with walkers in tow.
  • Xarne wrote: »
    My record is 16 items, who can top that

    I got 20 items, which is the limit.
  • I saw her get bit, so I used her as a distraction.

    Wasn't kind, but I had people to feed.
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