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Best moment of the series so far for you ? and Worst moment ?

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Out of the 3 episodes that have been released what is the best moment out of the 3 episodes for you ? or funniest? me it would have too be when Larry and Kenny are arguing in the drug store , just the dialogue in the scene cracked me up " We got to throw him out , or smash his head in" haha

and Worst moment so far?
Probably when you find out the st johns were cannibals in ep2 , i dunno i mean i liked the episode but i thought the whole idea of them eating people was old and didn't do it for me like i know it was a good change from the zombies but just didn't do it for me was boring ,

Whats your best and worst moments so far?
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  • I liked the end sequence to episode 2 the best. The dark atmosphere, breaking out of your holdings, fighting and killing the brothers, the epicness of it all and the energy it brought with it- just awesome. That, and episode 2 on a whole made me glad I bought a season pass and listened to the word of mouth.

    Worst moments so far are the times you have to fight. The geniuses at TTG forgot that most console players use controllers, not a mouse! A zombie is attacking, of course I'm fighting back, but first I have to line up a part of the cross with this small thing on a zombie here before I can hit a button to kill it- all very tedious with a controller!

    Then the escape from the barn, I have crazy hillbillies eating people over here and I come across 3 weapons. Although Kenny is about as useful as a summer breeze in the situation, you would think you'd at least give him a weapon right? Noooo! Well if Kenny doesn't take one, how about you take another weapon, or hell all three? That way if you lose one you got a back up. Nooooooooo! Who the hell wants to do that when going up against cannibals with guns in a ZA? I tell you who, someone with an f'ing brain!

    And finally, finding out that our choices don't matter. I tried 5 times to save Carley before I gave up. To some people having a great story without choice is acceptable, but to me it is one of the worst moments because now i know I have no reason whatsoever to play this game again ever. I bought this game not only because your choices mattered, but because of the inherent replay value it offered. I was looking forward to teaming up with Doug, trying to win Lilly's dad over, saving Shawn, not cutting off the teachers leg, shooting better so duck isn't bit, and talking to Katjaa about guns while keeping what Kenny did in the barn secret so she won't kill herself and live. Now I know there's no point because the same thing will happen to them, and nothing different will happen to Lee or his crew other than what is set in stone. This is the worst of the worst moments.
  • Best moment (in regards to most memorable in a positive way) - Kenny saving me from the zombie when I was knocked down flat in episode 1. That was way too cool. B)

    Funniest moment - The kids laughing about doodee. And probably Clementine licking a salt lick.

    Worst moment - Episode 3, Duck's death, Katjaa, and Kenny's emotional breakdown

    ..I'm a female player...soooo I don't really care too much for Carley. In fact I kinda avoided her at all costs when she was getting fresh with me, lol.
  • My favorite moments have to be the subtle jokes tossed in during intense moments. Like while on the train and clem mentions about chuck talking to her, Lee curses and even depressed clem still has to correct him about it. :D (Just a mix of cute and funny I guess)

    Worst moment, guess I gotta agree with choices not making a big difference, only temporary. However gameplay wise, has to be the fight between the brother and lee, I died way to many times because I couldn't line up in time and this was on a PC, I can only imagine on console.
  • Best moment:

    When I finally got to shot Duck in the head! (I've been wanting to do that ever sins Duck drove over Shawn's leg, which resulted in his death.)

    Worst moment:

    When Lilly told everyone I was a convicted murderer...

    (I got rid of Carley because she knew who I was, I help Kenny get rid of Larry because he also knew)

    and now I have to figure out how to kill:

    Clementine, Ben and Kenny without it ending up biting me in the ass... (god damn it!)
  • The best moment so far was when Lee first met Clem.

    The worst moment was when Lily shot Carley in the face :( it was so sudden
  • Best: "Don't you walk away from me, Lee!" The fight with the St. John brothers was the best, but I loved the delivery of this line the most.

    Worst: Carley's death.
  • if you guys think Carley's death is suddent and unexpected, you should really see Doug's... you can't even compare em! (in Carley's you see Lilly pulls out the gun slowly, in Doug's, we just see him from behind and then BOOM! his head just exploded!)
  • Best?

    Every time Lee does a Chuck Norris on a zombie, be it with hands, feet, guns, axes or screw drivers.



    *I haven't worn that out yet, have I?
  • I was quite sad when we have to leave hershel's farm but my favourite was larrys death >:)
  • Best:Fighting Brothers St John!: D
    Worst: When Carley Die!: (
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