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Chuck (Charles if you're fancy)

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As requested. Nope, he's not Terry St. John and no, that wasn't his family picture in the cab of the train. What's your take on the man of mystery, our bum guru, the candyman? Theories and predictions on his past, future and ETD?
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  • Well, he obviously wants to stay in the group, considering he mentions it when you ask him where he's going once you hit Savannah. And despite his words to Clem, he only meant well and I think he'll do his best to look out for her. He'll probably continue being a sort of adviser for the group, like he was with Lee. And in the end, I feel he'll die protecting the group.

    Don't quote me on that, though...
  • I hope he stays around. Out of the three new characters, he's the one that interests me the most. I'm intrigued to find out about his history and a bit more of his personality. He seems pretty wise and he must've gone through some sort of trauma.

    I sort of took note of this when he said, "And seeing another little girl die might just do me in." Got me wondering who the other girl was. Made a bit more sense as to why he was overly concerned with Clem as well.
  • Chuck's cool with me. He was right regarding Clem and seems knowledgeable enough to make him a good adviser for Lee. Since he said he didn't want to see another little girl die, I suspect he might've been with another survivor group before, if so he'll be able to keep us from at least making the same mistakes his past group did. I'm thinking he'll continue the adviser role in Episode 4, maybe help Kenny as well. As for survival chances, while anyone can die, I think he has the best chance out of the new characters.
  • The walkie has a short range..... I still can't shake the feeling he's on the other end.
  • I'm not sure that's reasonable... I mean, Clem's been talking to it for some time. She claims it's pretend, but I'm pretty sure that when she says she "needs it" in episode 2, she's already been in contact with the person on the other end. The "pretend talks" may have been a lie. But then again, we won't really know until Clem admits it.

    Besides all of that though, the guy on the other end doesn't really sound like Chuck.
  • Maybe it's Doug?

    He's pretty tech savvy.

    And who knows, maybe he didn't get eaten alive after getting pulled out of that window.

    *and yes, this was humor.

    Edit: I just don't like the idea of some new "OMG THIS CHARACTER REALLY WAS FOLLOWING YOU SINCE DAY ONE" pull at the last moment... Chuck's entrance could be a cowinkydink... or more...
  • DreadMagus;672733 said:
    The walkie has a short range..... I still can't shake the feeling he's on the other end.
    That's an interesting theory - but I think the group would have found the other radio if Chuck was involved.

    Also, in the beginning of Episode 3, I believe we see Chem talking to someone on the walkie talkie. So, quite unlikely that it is Chuck in my opinion.
  • This guy is pretty laid-back. I don't think he cares what happens to him or the group. Definitely like him better than the other two we met.
  • RedKoolLoops;672710 said:
    "And seeing another little girl die might just do me in."
    That made me wonder, too. I'm wondering if Charles may have lost his daughter fourteen years ago, and blamed himself for it. That might explain why he chose to outcast himself. Heck, maybe in some manner, he was to blame for his daughter's death (Or it was an accident) and has the same wrap as Lee (In a different sense). That might explain his quote. :O

    I smell drinking buddies! :D
  • Or he wants a replacement.... "don't trust Lee, come with daddy chuck"
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