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Taking Food: a Moral and Positive Act

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I found it interesting, how some folks have just assumed that taking the food from the unoccupied vehicle in Episode 2: Starved for Help was wrong. They may have taken it anyway, but no one seemed to want to argue that in fact taking the food was morally right.

I took the food, and what taking the food does is teach Clementine a utilitarian viewpoint that's absolutely essential to learn in the zombie apocalypse. It's also a positive act in that it makes optimal use of a resource that has been very scarce to at least some folks walking the ZA,

There are three likely outcomes wrt the car and the food in it:

1) You leave it alone, continue on without it, and
a) its owners return at some point and eat the food
b) its owners never return and the food spoils

2) You take the food and eat it.

The result of 2) is superior to the cumulative result of 1) because, with 2), the food never goes to waste.

It's not even the case where by choosing 2) you're implying that you're more important than the owners of the car. It's simply by choosing 2), you're ensuring that valuable food does not go to waste.

And that doesn't even take into account the likelihood that the car owners are beyond aid and won't return. After all, under what circumstances would you leave a vehicle open and unlocked like that? The chances that the food inside would spoil are good.

Finally, there's another scenario in which not taking the food is a genuine mistake, namely: it's value to you is enormous. The value to its owners, if they're even alive and still in the area, may be comparatively insignificant. The food may have been only a modest part of their total supplies, an amount they won't inordinately miss, whereas you are certain of it's substantial, even critical value to you and your group. In short, this food cannot be of greater value to the owners of the vehicle than it is to you.

In contrast to what I've seen written elsewhere, by taking the food you've taught Clementine a valuable, positive, moral lesson that will go some way towards increasing the chances of her survival. Later that evening you will, of course, sit down with her and explain the choices and outcomes wrt the car. You'll also be clear with her that if the owners of the car had been present you would not have done more than ask for some of their food.

I'm morally certain that simply leaving the car and its contents alone and taking the good chance that the food will spoil is a profoundly foolish act.
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  • you shouldn't waste food (any parents advice) and in the zombie apocalypse unattended food is potential wasted food, i felt like it was a good lesson for Clementine, by telling her the world has changed and that she should take supplies when she can get them
  • Morals ≠ pragmatism. It is morally wrong to steal. In the car situation, it would have been pragmatic to take the food.
  • It's only stealing if you get caught....
  • Awesoke wrote: »
    Morals ≠ pragmatism. It is morally wrong to steal. In the car situation, it would have been pragmatic to take the food.

    as far as i am aware they didn't steal anything, you cant steal something that nobody owns
  • I figured there was nothing wrong with taking the food. In fact, I said to my fiancée who was sitting beside me, "It has to be done, I've got to take the food, I can't let it go to waste."

    In a ZA it's survival of the fittest. We already know we were low on rations, and the last meal got rudely interrupted. Leaving the food in car to me would have been signing your own death warrant by making our party weaker than it already is.

    If the previous owners did happen to come back to the vehicle, you have taught them a very valuable lesson. One that they surely will not repeat.
  • Make 10 people fast for three days prior to playing the game, I'm willing to bet 100% take the food.
  • I think that's a safe bet.
  • as far as i am aware they didn't steal anything, you cant steal something that nobody owns

    The food didn't magically appear. Someone owned that car and food.

    It's smart to take the food but it doesn't make it right.
  • the reality was that they needed it. it doesn't have to be right. Survival above all else :D
  • You got that right.

    Besides, who runs off and leaves a well stocked vehicle?

    My guess is they became fast food for zombies.
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