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TWD PS3 Episode 2 and 3 +Update = still not working!!!

Enjoyed episode 1, so i naturally puchased EP2. I downloaded it and installed simple process, but cannot get EP2 to play. I did notice a patch for the game, so i installed that also. No go! I rebooted the PS3, No Go. I even thought that EP3 might have a solution so i purchased EP3. No Go. Its frustrating the hell out of me. So i read some forums but they are all confusing. Simply download the patch from PSN and it should work... Duh, i've searched PS3 Network and there is no way to redownload the patch without uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I've seen on many forumn threads that also does not work.

I can clearly see that EP2 and EP3 are "Installed" as the game indicates. How do i transition to EP2? I played the game EP1 again from scratch, but it ends by going into the trailor of EP2, then to credits.

Does anyone have a solution that actually works for the PS3???
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