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Prevent Kenny's Death or Clem's Kidnapping?

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The mysterious walkie-talkie man has grabbed Clem, but Lee and Kenny have him corned, his defeat all but assured.

Then a walker grabs Kenny. He is struggling to get it off and more are coming.

You could prevent Clem from being kidnapped, assuring Kenny's demise.


You could prevent Kenny's death, allowing the walkie-talkie guy to kidnap Clem. Savannah is a big, dangerous city that nobody, including Lee, is familiar with. The chances of finding Clem once he takes her are practically none.

Which option do you choose?
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  • Question is invalid. Following the advice of some random stranger I cut Clem's hair because he said that's one of the three must-do's in a Zombie Apocalypse. Therefore, she cannot ever be grabbed again, thus not kidnapped. :D
  • zivi7;673049 said:
    I can't decide
    It's a hard decision.
  • Kenny..
    NO Kenny. Yep, Kenny wins.
  • Kids first. Sucky choice but Kenny is on his own for this one. I gotta save clem
  • Clementine, hands down.

    1. She's just a child, and probably unable to defend herself against a full-grown adult man. Kenny can take care of himself, and if he got into a situation like this, I'd assume he could at least attempt to defend himself. Clem stands no chance.

    2. Who knows what terrible things Clem would go through once he's got her. The worst that would happen to Kenny is he's eaten alive. Both options are psychologically and physically traumatizing to the victim, but at least Kenny would get the sweet release of death fairly quickly. I'd then go out of my way to make sure I shot him if/when he turned.

    3. Yeah, Clem has been a detriment at times, but Kenny has done some pretty stupid shit himself, and who knows what kind of shit he'll pull now that he's essentially got nothing to live for.

    Then there's the probability that the choice won't even be up to us in a situation like this. Clementine has invincible plot armor at least until the last episode. Every time she dies, it's game over. Kenny, however, is ripe for the killing, especially now that he's a broken man. I'd also wager that Kenny himself would agree that saving Clem is more important.
  • It would be a tough one, but I would have to go with Kenny. Kenny and I would then crack some skulls. Unfortunately I have a feeling that if this scenario did take place it would be another 'all for not' situation. If you save Clem, Kenny dies there and then. If you save Kenny, he helps you rescue Clem and then bites it during the rescue.
  • Im gonna save Kenny cause I been tryin ditch that kid from the jump, not even mine.
  • Kenny FTW! We can just get Clem later :p
  • first save kenny, then after,we rescue Clem and spank the kidnapper: D
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