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Ios download issues!

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Since early last week I've been trying to download ep. 2 of the walking dead yet to no avail I've been unable to. I've sent TTG several emails regarding this, explaining the situation and like many on this board that are still having issues, I'm getting annoyed. I've asked for a refund as I've not been able to use anything I've paid for even after a week and yet I've received no contact from them. If you too are having issues, please post here, and if like me you too are unsatisfied with the lack of support for the product you've paid for, please notify the BBB. You may visit their website and file an online complaint and it only takes a few moments (much like getting a proper response from the company should have).
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  • Me, too. I just bought the multiple episode pack for iOS and I can't even get the download option to turn up! Still says coming soon. What gives???
  • I had the same problem. Try connecting your iphone directly to your internet modem. I did this and the download increased from 15% to 95.5. After FOUR attempts, it increased 1% each time. Finally on the fourth try I was able to get the complete download.

    Make sure each time you do it to turn it off completely (log out), than restart.

    Episode 2 was WICKED. I can't wait to get 3 on my phone. Just hope that it does not have the same problem.
    Does anyone know when it is coming out?
  • Freder58;673365 said:
    Me, too. I just bought the multiple episode pack for iOS and I can't even get the download option to turn up! Still says coming soon. What gives???

    Same here,bought the entire series and cant get episode 2 to download all the way.stops and says connection failed,nothing wrong with the connection

    ipad 2 3g----- cant seem to get to their email as it says outlook express failed. Are we going to get any help on this??
  • 62879 my issue id. I buy multiple pack about 4-5 days ago but until now i still can't dowload the episode 2, still say coming soon.

    Very disappointed with teltalegames support, until now i still haven't their response about this problem and how to solve this problem.

    Very disappointed,Just wasting my $15 for nothing. I hope telltale games will fixed it soon and for the last please give ur attention about ur customer , you have a great game but have a lack of support...
  • having same issues with it saying 'coming soon'

    please 'come soon' or give me a 'refund soon' since im paying for a service im not receiving
  • This just gets better and better. Not only am I not able to download the next episode, but when I finish episode 1 the save doesn't complete. It puts the save back to the motel to talk with everyone, so even if I get the next episode I'll be playing on their randomly generated script rather than the 2 hours I spent playing it... Wtf, seriously!? And of course still 2 weeks later and no response!

    Please, if you are like me and having issues, I think enough people sending complaints to the bbb will make them at least notice and possibly send at the very least a reply out. All you need to do is go here ( and click on file a complaint. Takes 5 minutes and it'll let them know real quick that we're not going to put up with their deception.
  • yeah, it does the same thing for me. but i assumed that was normal
  • i filed the complaint with bbb
  • Guys -
    The issue may be from the amount of users attempting to download during the day. I was finally able to get Episode 2 around 10 or 11PM. It was a huge pain, took several trys, but once I connected directly to my modem the download time increased. Episode 2 is GOOD. But does anyone know when Episode 3 - 5 will be available for IOS?
  • I'm having this problem too, its still not resolved?
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