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Why telltale ?

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Hello there everyone. I'm Gabriel

As you might know Episode 3 has been released for the PS3 (finaly in EU too)
I didnt had a problem with the delay but.. with the episode it self
Its hella buggy and we dont get trough the game.. Sometimes the sight is somewhere it isnt supposed to be.. after talking to clementine about some stuff (wont spoiler) the sights been outside, we didnt know what we were doing IN the train.. we saw it moving.. but we couldnt see/do anything about that.
So far so good we overcame that obstacle. But then, talking about something again.. we couldnt do anything to progress further.. we couldnt get trough any doors nor talk to people. Its REALLY annoying, and I wanted to ask why the hell is it as it is ? Is it going to be fixed ? Soon I hope. If not I would wish never to have bought that game.

Did you met any of those bugs ? Gabriel.
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  • I encountered some bugs. Just quit the whole game and restart it. It fixed everything for me
  • ^ What he said.

    I had a nasty camera bug - exiting the game and starting back up fixed it for me.
  • Worst bug I encountered was a disappearing Duck once. As they said restarting the game should solve most of your problems.
  • Me and my brother did restart it everytime we faced one of those bugs.. they appeared again and if they didnt something new came up.. I honestly want the money back I spend for this game.. -_-
    and yeah, we too tried redownloading the episode
  • Every ep has been glitchy as f, not just for EU.
    Ep 2 was so damn glitched when they released it that NA couldn't even launch the game, they got sent back to the XMB when they clicked Ep 2, which is probably a reason to why SCEE doesn't want to put up each ep right away, they're a all so damn glitched.

    The lag in the cutscene, really annoying.
    The camera not being in the characthers face when you talking to them. Like Chuck when I talked to him the first time. The camera was in his belly region.

    And this

    Oh yeah, I experienced that one of the characthers disappeared in a cutscene, in ep 3.
  • you're on a PS3; if the problem is constantly happening did you try clearing out some files for memory increase? just a guess; im playing on PC
  • Um, I had the Duck Missing bug too.
    Restarting the game usually fixes it..
  • Dildor;673285 said:
    Worst bug I encountered was a disappearing Duck once. As they said restarting the game should solve most of your problems.
    I got this glitch too. Was it when you had to free the train for Kenny?
  • Hopefully TellTale will eventually make a patch for all the glitches...
    If not now, hopefully after all the episodes have been released :confused:?
  • Enjoying the game for what it is, personally, although I do feel like I paid to become TTG's beta tester. One gamebreaking glitch in 3 episodes, plus a lot of graphics issues.

    I guess this is one way to handle the game testing, huh. Like I said, I enjoy the game with all it's flaws. Under all that dirt, it's a little gem.
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