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The Walking Dead - PC Version download issues

posted by MaxxPower on - last edited - Viewed by 490 users
Ok, why is the download for the non-steam PC version so incredibly slow? I'm on a 100MB internet connection and everything else downloads at full speed. When I launch The Walking Dead and use the in-built downloader to try and get Episodes 2 or 3 though, I'm lucky to get 1% every 10 or so minutes.
Also, every 30-40 minutes or so, the download disconnects/errors, so I have to go back into the game and click to get the episode again, which rolls the download back by a few percent as well.

Can we please just have a direct download for the episodes or something like we got for Sam and Max? The in-game downloader just isn't up to the job. Hell, if it at least just automatically tried resuming when it detected there was a 'problem' (and any problem is happeing within the game, not my computer or internet connection) then it wouldn't be so bad.
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