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(Spoilers)My thoughts on episode 3, and some theories for later episodes

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Firstly, I know this thread is late due to it releasing late on PSN EU I couldn't play it for a duration of time as I was waiting for its imminent release, which I was greatly anticipating. I thought it was the best episode yet, although I was unhappy with the loss of characters it was still a great episode and I'm looking forward to ''Around Every Corner''. Anyway I have some questions for you all, if you'd be nice enough to asnwer them, I'd appreciate it.

1. Am I one of the only people who likes Ben? I mean...what he did was bad, but he didn't mean it, I mean if you put Kenny or Lee in his position and they thought the bandits had Clementine/Duck they would do the same, or atleast I think they would. I just think Ben is trying to prove himself, because he wants to help and he wants to be noticed. At the moment in the game Ben and Kenny are my main men.

2. Do any of you think that there will be newcomers to the group in episode 4 or 5?

3. Can anyone else see Clementine departing from the group during episode 4, and then Lee finds her again in episode 5?

4. Who do you think will die in episode 4? do you think it will be a Carley/Doug scenario, if it is I think it will be between Ben/Chuck, as Kenny has been confirmed for episode 5. So one of the two would have to be chosen.

5. Lastly, if Lee survives the last episode, I think it would be nice if you could choose two of the other survivours to come with you through to season 2, where you'd save them at the end, although Clementine would already be with you so it's 2 of the other survivours out of the people that are left, I'd choose Ben and Kenny, Why? Because even though Kenny may do the wrong thing, he gets the job done and he has always been there for my Lee and is still by his side, and my Lee is by his. As for Ben, I just think he has potential and will grow into a strong and good survivor, also my Lee trusts him and Kenny. If somehow I couldn't choose one of them it would be Chuck, as I don't like Christa and Omid. Who would you choose, and why?

I apologise for the variety of questions, it would be nice if you could share your thoughts with me. Also, if Lee were to pass away I'd like to either play as Kenny or Ben in season 2, how about the rest of you? Thank you for reading:)
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  • Hmm,

    I don't really like Ben tbh , The only reason Carley/Doug died is because they thought he really was innocent but he wasn't. Even If it were Lee/Kenny is the situation I think they would run it by the group first.

    I don't think Telltale can introduce anymore characters that will join Lee this late into the season. I'm having trouble accepting Chuck , Omid and Christa already. So unless they kill off the 3 early on in episode 4 then I believe we"ll just be seeing character development for the newcomers.

    Maybe Clementine will leave if you were a total asshole to her throughout the episodes. But who knows , kids do some dumb things , she might believe the guy actually has her parents.

    I don't see there being a choice for those 2 you mentioned , Maybe a choice to leave Omid cause of his leg?

    If Lee lives past Season 1 , I see definitely see Kenny and Clementine joining him for Season 2 cause even if you side against Kenny at the end of episode 4 he says to move on and that he knows that Katjaa would of wanted him too. (Found that out in my 3rd save)

    I would enjoy playing as Kenny since he's strong physically like Lee , I think Ben's a little to small to do anything. :p
  • I agree i thought it was the best episode so far , i knew Carly or Doug would die and that Lily would leave just sensed it but didn't know about Kat and Duck that was a shocker ,

    1: Well i gave food to Ben in episode 2 i don't hate the kid i just think what he did was wrong ,when he admits on the train he was one who did it i tried to be as nice as i could we need everyone to stick together but i think something might happen to Ben in the next episode seeing how Lee , Clem and Kenny are the only one's so far confirmed for both episodes 4 and 5 ,

    2: Hard to say , i doubt there will be in episode 5 because there won't be much time to build a storyline maybe in episode 4 seeing how Omid seems almost dead and Christa might kill herself over it maybe , and Ben or Chuck might die but it will probably be like Mark for example , in the new episode but dies half way or at the end of it ,

    3: Maybe , depends on what the writers go at, maybe this "stranger" kidnaps her at the end and you have to try and find her in the last episode i know the last chapter in the last episode is titled "The Mersh House" so maybe that could be something too do with it , who know's at this stage , TTG has a habit of doing stuff that you least expect,

    4: A lot of people have said that there would be a fight between Ben and Kenny because Kenny finds out that Ben was the reason his wife and kid died but i think it would be between Chuck and Ben maybe , but most likely there will be a moment where you have to save one of the characters ,

    5: I would pick Kenny , because i seem him and Lee has best mates and they have a good connection , i've always liked Kenny and i hope that he makes it through to the end , well i don't think Christa and Omid will make it anyway , Omid is always dead with his leg, Christa kills herself according to a lot of people , and Chuck is the main one , his either going to get killed or surprise you by surviving , and a lot of people think Ben will die in episode 4 but i wouldn't be shocked if he didn't .

    I'd pick Kenny if Lee died , i am very keen for the next episode i think it will be the best one of the series :)
  • 1. Ben was an idiot. He fell for the deal on a story that only the most gullible would buy. Then, for whatever reason he never told the group that he was sending out small bits of supplies so that the bandits would lay off. Then he failed miserably at watching and warning the group of anything approaching. Heck he must've seen Lee rummaging around with evidence and the brown bag and thought "I'd rather have bandits come raid us then tell anyone what I'm doing". He's an idiot with a second chance that he doesn't deserve.

    Bandit raid, the resulting bite of Duck and suicide of Katjaa, Lillys violent paranoia, Carley/Dougs ventilated head. All could've been prevented with some common sense on his part.

    2. In 5 no. You can't have a finale without a lot of death. Though they may set the stage for a sequel series at the last minute if that counts as newcomers. With 4, yes. This series hasn't explored the possibility of "unlikely allies" yet. I bet we'll see someone who is going to uncomfortably stick to us like glue until the story is over.

    3. With the lack of Lees appearance in the Ep 5 pic, there's the possibility that Lee won't even make it that far. I'm half expecting that we'll be exploring Clems mind much more closely. See how our past choices have shaped her. Maybe even see her as a playable character.

    4. I bet we'll lose most of everyone. Kenny will sacrifice himself as the man with nothing left. Omids leg will catch up to bite him in the ass in an emergency. Christina won't cope with the loss of Omid as she never wanted a big group to begin with. Chuck, seeming to be a bold but compassionate character, with a lot of fog around his past may return as a sequel (or even prequel) character. Bens survival might hang on whether you can keep his secret. Kenny lost a lot because of him.

    Like I said in the last point, Lee might not even make it. He would die for Clem. Imagine the fantastic drama of Clem shooting zombie Lee. What a way to come full circle. But now that I think about it, my answer may encompass both 4 AND 5.

    5. Chuck and Kenny if they were actually still with me. Both resourceful and able-bodied. Chuck already seems hardened as will Kenny if he manages to hold on for a while. Both would be a safe bet provided they're loyal.
  • Cooperal;674747 said:
    2. In 5 no. You can't have a finale without a lot of death. Though they may set the stage for a sequel series at the last minute if that counts as newcomers. With 4, yes. This series hasn't explored the possibility of "unlikely allies" yet. I bet we'll see someone who is going to uncomfortably stick to us like glue until the story is over.
    Season 2 has been announced and from the sounds of it it will be using the save file from Season 1.

    1) Ben was an idiot. If he fucks it up again he is dead. Ether I kill him or I leave him for the walkers.

    2) Episode 4 yes. Episode 5 no.

    3) I do not see that happening at all. I think no matter what happens Lee and Clem will stay together till they find the truth about her parents.

    4) If it is between Ben and Chuck I would choose Chuck because he has not fucked us over

    5) I do not think it will be a case of you choose who comes over to Season 2 it will be a case of whoever is left alive will be in Season 2. But if I had to choose it would be Chuck and Kenny without thinking about it.
  • Zargus;674751 said:
    Season 2 has been announced and from the sounds of it it will be using the save file from Season 1.
    Doesn't strictly mean it'll use any of the same major characters. Any choice as little as swatting a fly can have future, far reaching effects. Forward compatible saves are just as likely to include survivors as they are altered environments.

    For example, if a future group comes across the train, they'll be limited to grabbing the two tools that Lee chose not to take from it, which was a choice that so far seems irrelevant to us.
  • 1. Can't beileve that I'm saying this, but I won't kill Ben. However, if Kenny wants to do it, I'm not stopping him.

    2. Other then Clem's parents, no. They'll probably come in episode 5.

    3. I don't think so...

    4. Christa, Omid, and Chuck will die. Where has it been stated that Kenny is confirmed for episode 5?

    5. I want Lee and Clem to return for another season. It was even stated that your saves from season 1 will affect your season 2.
  • It's stated on The Walking Dead wiki that Kenny is confirmed for episode 5:)
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