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Am I being thick?! Can't get episode 2 to start on iPhone.

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Am I being thick?! Can't start episode 2 on iphone
I successfully downloaded episode 2. I have finished episode 1.

In my play screen options I only have 'game 1, episode 1' or 'new game'.
If I click game one and choose continue I just keep playing the final scene of episode 1.
If I go into the episodes menu and choose episode 2 it doesn't seem to be a continued game as it asks if I want to use random choices from episode 1.

Am I missing something?
How do I get it to continue my game with my choices?!

Any help appreciated and feel free to call me a f**kwit! 😉
Love, love, love adventure games!
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  • Hey jacks, the game will load into the last chapter of the selected episode if you hit continue, by default.

    You need to play through that last part of ep1 till the credits roll, then you can go to the episode 2 menu on that same save file and hit play. It shouldn't ask you about generating random options then.
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