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Bug ridden glitchy beta game

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Seriously, the amount of bugs in episode 3 is astounding, and they have not fixed the menu bugs that were present since the beginning. I could start a list, but I'm sure anyone have experienced most of these bugs by now (missing Duck, missing Lee on train, choices menu at end game display game variables instead of real text, choices from past episodes not remembered... that's just a few).

I'm on the PC and this game should never have been released in this state. I would get a refund if Steam would let me. Never again Telltale.
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  • Pound your chest a few times too, for effect.
  • Hmm, I played through Episode 3 just fine (On my other computer) and there were absolutely no bugs. Except one [SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ IF YOU DIDN'T COMPLETE EPISODE 3] When Lilly stole the RV she glitched...through the RV and it drove without her, but then a major lag spike hit and it fixed, that was the only bug.
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