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Carly/Doug [Episode 3]

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I feel that the game is very misleading as basically what you say and do will change the outcome of every event/scene that comes about. There must have been a way to save her. Some how to persuade Ben. There must be something or the whole point of what you choose will effect the outcome is a complete bs stunt for buyers.

Put out a DLC or update the game so it is possible to save this character. It would end a lot of arguing and disappointment among these gamers. Thank you.

Doing that would basically tell us gamers/ Walking Dead fans that you as a company actually care about the product and it's consumers. Respect and gratitude will come from this!

Just please let that crucial moment be altered so we can choose the fate of her/him.

Now that that's out there. What do you guys think about the matter?
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    It wouldn't be The Walking Dead if she came back as anything other than a zombie, but seeing as she was left as roadkill with a bullet in her head, I don't see that happening.

    Consider this grief counseling.
  • *sigh* like this isn't the hundredth thread to say the same thing
  • 'fraid that you 'ain't gonna get that happy ending you were hoping for champ. You kinda should've figured that out when you noticed it wasn't a game about princesses and bunnies.
  • Matrox Yang;674692 said:
    'fraid that you 'ain't gonna get that happy ending you were hoping for champ. You kinda should've figured that out when you noticed it wasn't a game about princesses and bunnies.
    maybe the op needs someone to hold their hand while playing too..

    i wonder if these 'bring back carley' people have read the comics or seen the tv show..

    or are single loners...cos they are desperate to cling on a mere hint of a virtual romance that still wouldn't of happened.

    seriously get the 'bleep' over it..
  • She's... Dead... Please... No more Carley alive Threads...
  • To be fair people are still discovering this game and finishing the current episode and it will be upsetting to them as it was to us. If you don't like the Carley Alive threads then don't click on them or bumping them to the top to say you hate them. ;)
  • I liked Carley but all this complaining is starting to taint her for me.
    I'm now starting to wish that Telltale would of kept her alive only for her to meet up with a third survivor at the end of episode 3.

    Dr John. A funny,friendly,handsome and brave man who,a big bonus, brings his vital medical skills to the group. He saves Clementine's life when she gets injured and even risks his own life to save Lee at the beginning of episode 4. Gradually Carley stars to fall for him and by episode 5 they are in a relationship. So Carley first fancied Doug then started to have feelings for Lee but has now found her true soul mate in Dr John.

    I wonder how many would feel satisfied that their favourite character has found true happiness?
    I'd bet the forum would be full of "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yooooooooou Telltale", "WTF, Carley was MINE!!!,"What is this shit, patch it NOW so that Carley loves only me you FUCKING STUPID BASTARDS", "I'm never buying your SHIT AGAIN!!!!" and
    1.I'm murdering John when Carley isn't around
    2.John is walker bait the first chance I get
    3.Fuck John and Carley. I'm leaving them both to the herd.

    I'm really starting to wonder if not being allowed the chance for Lee to get his leg over, before Carley died, is fuelling the rage of most of these complaints?
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    Why everyone love Carly ? because she was a woman ? she was just an ordinary character

    If you looking for a woman for the sake of God don't play this game
  • Because she's cooler than Lilly.

    /runs from Team Lilly.....
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    DreadMagus;675698 said:
    Because she's cooler than Lilly.

    /runs from Team Lilly.....
    So why cooler than Lilly ? why not cooler than Kenny ? are you just looking for a woman ? :D
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