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The cause of the zombie apocalypse?

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Anyone have any ideas what could have caused it? I know Kirkman has said he won't reveal it but when can still guess right? :)

i think its something religious, only because they mention religion many times in the comics and TV show
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  • WowMutt;676184 said:
    Ok that's reasonable but then the same could be possible for any planet or a meteor or comet that got too close. How about a great underwater earthquake that releases unknown gasses that mix with our air creating a toxic gas? Or how about global warming eating away at the Ozone making solar flares more able to affect our atmosphere and cause some weird poisoning?
    Anyone can sit and invent the reason for a fictional monster and really you cant be wrong. Could be something as simple as a kid playing with his Jr scientist lab toy mixes a few chemicals together pours it over a pile of dog poo and POOF!
    Sure but an agency like NASA adds a lot of credibility to this explaination. NASA created the probe and sent it into space on a mission of exploration. Contact was reestablished and the probe was now different in that it is emitting high levels of some type of radiation that NASA is unable to identify. Then NASA self destructs the probe as the best course of action before it reached earth. These are people who know what they are doing and they decided the best course of action was to blow it up...and that all that is said during a time when the dead begin to rise.

    Any of the above reasons you provide could be explained by an army of experts in favor and an army of experts opposed to the more earthly explaination.

    No one disagrees with NASA and all they are saying is that they never have seen that kind of radiation and rather than let the probe return to earth so they can study this new radiation they blew it up.
  • Terrorists in the middle east developed the virus, or what they called "Their gift from their god" They released a package in the U.S, containing the virus. They knew it would engulf the world, so to prevent becoming zombies themselves, they stuck magic pencils in the sand all around their country borders. They believe to be safe now .
  • My vote: a huge fart from Larry.
  • It's all a soap opera dream
  • "I am legend" had a nice theory. I kind of think something similar would happen.
  • Xirsche;676763 said:
    My vote: a huge fart from Larry.
    LOL!!! Then I guess Kenny did the right thing. LOL!!
  • So many people are saying "virus." Why? A virus exist only to replicate, and it can't do that in dead flesh; it needs living cells in order to copy itself.
    This is The Walking Dead, not 28 Days Later. There are no "infected." These are zombies of the Romero type which are, in my opinion, the only zombies, ya heard?
    My explanation: I think there's just no room left in the hell.
  • Yeah, people have been a little over programmed to think virus when they see zombies now. Damn you, Capcom!
  • Solanum Virus is the cause of the ZA.
    You asked for it? Boom there you go.
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