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The cause of the zombie apocalypse?

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Anyone have any ideas what could have caused it? I know Kirkman has said he won't reveal it but when can still guess right? :)

i think its something religious, only because they mention religion many times in the comics and TV show
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  • well its gotta be Supernatural :D
  • It was the hippies man...... They did it!!!
  • Ja1862 wrote: »
    But that was just a theory, come Dawn of the Dead nobody had any idea about how this all got started.

    True, every idea will be just a creative theory until Kirkman tells us what caused the walking dead ZA. I just don't want to take credit for a creative idea that was presented to us in a zombie movie is all.

    If you think about it, the "cause" of the ZA in Night of the Living Dead actually satisfies Kirkman's unusal requirements for walkers in the walking dead.

    Here in sunny California, scores of people die every day. Let's say Kirkman's ZA begins on a Thursday. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lots of people died and did not come back to life as walkers. But on Thursday, all the people who died that day, except those who suffered massive head trauma, got back up and were called "biters".

    So what happened between Wed. and Thurs? How can everyone be "infected" and turn into a walker when they die? As described in the movie, a probe returning to earth from venus was emitting high levels of some unknown radiation and NASA blew it up....a little too late though.
  • I thought I saw Kirkman interviewed and asked this once and he said he had no plans on ever giving a cause for the outbreak. He wanted the focus to stay on the world created by it.
  • AsariTears wrote: »
    Nope, it came from outer space :D

    Nope, depends on the universe :) :)
  • Outer space/universe? Am I hearing inconsistency?
  • I'm a detective. Clear the crime scene and let me think. Meteors did it. That'll be $20.
  • Cheapest detective ever! But he stole everything from the liquor cabinet and spirited off with my daughter!
  • Uh, I know what canon universes are. I was just being silly. Saying Universe and Outer Space in the same sentence is a funny coincidence.

    Sorry, too much caffeine over here.
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