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So what did you do with the season 1 dvd / case file / soundtrack / goodies

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I put all my stuff on top of the big whiteboard that I have in my office, my colleague doesn't get what all the fuss is about, but I like it! :)


I'm wondering, now that most people have received the dvd, soundtrack, case file and more stuff, what did you do with it? Put it away in a dusty place, or...
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  • Still in shipment since the 13, I hope it's very long because I'm in France (and as there is no real tracker, can't really know ^^) but when i'll get it, I think it will cover my little computer desktop (except for the magnet, who'll go on the fridge, and maybe the Alien Love Triangle which will be like in your pic, under the magnet ^^)
  • I'm waiting for mine to be shipped, but I'll let you know. :)

    Probably put the magnet on my fridge holding up the postcard and/or Alien Love Triangle Times. Not sure about the other stuff from the Case File. Soundtrack will probably go with my CDs, and the game will go with my... you guessed it, games! :D
  • Both sketchbooks are now part of my artist morge for refferances on design should I need inspiration (which I do now more than ever, apparently)...

    the case file is still in it's original bag awaiting to be put into either my collection (PKA "The drawer that rarely opens") or actually put on display somewhere. Unfortunately, my room does look like Sam & Max's office, so if I put it anywhere, it will get lost fast...

    The CDs are on my iTunes and my "gettho" iPod...

    And the DVD is currently sitting in my game drawer on the top of a stack containing mostly PS1 games that I've forgotten I own.
  • The buttons on my Max & Crossbones hat, the magnet's on the fridge, and all of the other case file stuff is in the bag that I keep in the DVD case. The case is right here on top of my tower, and the disc is in my DVD player.
  • Well, the DVD is in ther computer room as is the CD, and the case file w/ all the goodies (cept the magnet) are in the DVD case. The magnet is on the refrigerator. :D
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    I like that jos! It looks very stylish up there. :)

    Right now, I have everything (sans button/badge) in the DVD case. It'll get put out at some point (when I've cleaned).
  • All of my stuff is in with my telltale/purcell collection in a glass display case in my den.. if its a poster it awaiting framing and matting .. this costs ALOT. Now that I have my collection pieces.. think its ok to order again and get the ones for just use? I didnt want to order a lot and have some not get stuff...but I do want more.... maybe I should wait and hope purcells new line comes out via your store? WINK WINK .. common hats n shirts OORah!

    Ps woulda loved to see the art for the soundtrack.. anyone even have a picture of the sketches purcell was doing at the san diego con for that?
  • DVD: DVD shelf.
    Fridge Magnet: Fridge.
    Rest of Case File: Bookshelf.
    Soundtrack: Next to sound system.
    Poster Print: Sitting on a dresser, placement pending.
  • I built an altar, of course, and am worshipping every day.;)
    Oh and how many days in a row can I wear the Max-Shirt?

    Just kidding, everything is where it belongs (Soundtrack with the other music, DVD with the games, books with their fellow books, shirt worn..). Well, mostly. I haven't put the print in it's frame and can't figure out where to put the case file. It's to big for the DVD case.
  • my dvd, case file, signed print, and effigy mound are in a box for now. I'm planning on getting the print framed
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