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Truck at hotel

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I'm playing from my iPad and I'm stuck at the hotel outside the truck. I believe I'm trying to get a screwdriver from inside the truck and find a weapon. But I am stuck. Help!
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  • Take the pillow from where you started the whole scene. (press A-look left of wall!): Use the pillow on the zombie that sits infront of the car (on the right side of the screen). Now you have acess to the car. Take the sparkplug. With the sparkplug you can break the glass of the car/truck on the very right to get the screwdriver. With the scredriver you can kill nearly everything. Also kill the zombie at the axe by pushing the car. You will lose the screwdriver but get a fireaxe instead. With the fireaxe you can kill the 2 zombies at the top infront of the motel room. Done. Or, just watch any of the hundreds of youtube videos to see how it's done. It is seriously extremely simple.
  • This part took me a while to figure out as well. And then when I replayed the episode to see how different decisions would pan out, by the time I got back to this spot I had already forgotten the solution and had to figure it out all over again!

    Anyway, thanks, dubesor. Good luck, Courtleo.
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