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A new Gabriel Knight game by Telltale is coming?

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As you may know Jane Jensen, had a successful Kickstarter campaign. During her campaing, a "deal" with some company showed up, and allowed her to develop a new "Mystery Game X" along the others planned.

Now, in her last Kickstarter campaign video update she says :
[about Mistery Game X] Unfortunately the publisher still has not announced this title... um... it's a big publisher and they've got a lot of big titles are coming out so it's sort of sitting on the runway in the queue waiting for the p.r. resources to really make this a big deal...uh...
I am pushing for some teaser materials for the csg
(Kickstarter supporters) and i'll let you know how that goes this month.
We are still slated to ship that product in December so in any case won't have a whole lot of time to wait before you're bound to see something about Mistery game x.
Now once it has announced I'm anticipating it's going to be a lot of press about that game so we'll be share saving up our links to interesting press articles with you and posting them in our csc form on our kickstart a page
and will be sure to get some exclusive materials that the normal process not get that we can share with you.
Now this month we are heavily in uh... development of course and i'm gonna be going personally to the studio in San Francisco to do voice-over recording which is always really fun, and I'm looking forward to that.. And a great deal and i'm gonna be sure to take my camera along and get some B-roll that i can share with you exclusively once this game is announced.
Now Bob wants that be a mention that he's already done thirty pieces of music for Mister game X so you can look forward to lots of new Bob's music one second comes out

(sorry for the trascription, I'm not english :P)
I'll tell you, now I'll start speculating.
Now, giving that:
• TT is play-testing an upcoming release on 9/9, and thay didn't provided the Title (why?)
• Telltale has entered into an agreement with Activision, current owner of the rights to the classic Sierra On-Line adventure franchises like King's Quest and Gabriel Knight
• The license is BIG, and the press will be heavy, so it's a famous one.
• Jane Jensen has to flight from Pennsylvania till San Francisco, very near to TT offices (as far as I know) to do some voice over (promo-trailer?)
• She says:"it's a big publisher and they've got a lot of big titles are coming out"; and giving that some time ago Mrs. Jane Jensen said that "It will be a 3rd person mistery adventure game", there are few BIG adventure publishers that got BIG adventure game titles in queue
• She says: "so it's sort of sitting on the runway in the queue waiting for the p.r. resources to really make this a big deal...uh..."; well we know who has such "queue delay" lately...
And, BTW, the original plan was to tell what Mistery Game X is only after the Kickstarter Campaign ended, on 18 May. Whe know the mess TT had during that month, delaying everything...
• Walking Dead Game will be already finished by December, so resources are free.
• 30 tracks made by Bob: It's a huge game and the publisher must have a top-seller license in their hand, so... which is that big adventure company that uses big licenses... :P
• UPDATE: The game will be episodic.
• UPDATE: The game will be announced just before it's ready to be released... the usual TT way to proceed! :D
So, after all...
Am I still reading too much in to it?
Some kinda Straandlooper deal with mrs Jensen?
I'm positive that Jane Jensen will have another Gabriel Knight.
What I don't know if it will be with Telltale...

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