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The game won't go past the starting screen

posted by Goethe on - last edited - Viewed by 236 users
I've downloaded the standalone client for Windows, but it won't start. I've tried enabling compatibility mode and administrators mode to no effect. What happens is the game starts and it asks me to click to continue. I click and I'm prompted to login to my Telltale account. I login and the window disappears and then nothing more happens. All I get is the running advertisement at the top of the screen along with the actual startup screen.

What is wrong?
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  • I don't know but it's been happening to me too since saturday. The game 'lost' my saves ( so I backed them up, uninstalled, grabbed latest from telltale (WalkingDead100_v2_Setup.exe), installed. Then as above, nothing. Even if you enter random stuff into the login

    Lost saves, no activation :(

    Late edit: I got it working but I can't really say how for fear of ban. Lets just say the absence of DRM makes this issue moot. I suspect there is a problem with the v2 setup you get from the telltale site, but with silence being the only response I'm not sure what else us paying customers are supposed to do. I'd like to extend my thanks to the fellow community members who figured out how saves could be restored.

    I don't regret the purchase as I love the game, but it's a bit depressing to be using such extremes just to play it :(
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