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How to start ep. 2 on IOS?

posted by Polin on - last edited - Viewed by 260 users
After trying to download episode 2 on Ipad for 2 weeks, I finally succeed to download 100%...yeay!!

But...after the download was done, it only said "installed" and no option or button to click to start episode 2...

Can anyone help?
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  • Go to the main menu, click Play, choose the savegame you want to continu, and then you'll get the option to start episode 2.
  • I cant even get episode 2 to download been trying for 2 weeks now. I want my money back!
  • Thanks Jordy !

    Marie, this is what i might think this is dumb but it works for me...i tap on my ipad screen many times while the file was being sure was a pain for my hand but whenever the download was getting slow or almost stop, i tap faster and it came back up...silly huh...
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