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I don't even know what this problem is, help?

posted by jonny126 on - last edited - Viewed by 325 users
Hi everyone. I literally don't know what more I can do at this point, I played through Walking Dead ep 1 & 2 within a day or so of getting them with no problems. I boot it up one time before the episode 3 update, then when said update finally gets downloaded I get this...

I honestly am out of ideas, I've gone through every FAQ I can find, I've messed around with caches, I've uninstalled and reinstalled (both the game and steam) completely deleted everything having to do with TWD. I'm accepting that I won't even have my saves any more, I'm fine with that, I just want to run the damn game. On an early 2011 Macbook Air. Any suggestions at all?
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  • Since this looks like a graphicial issue, have you tried updating your intel video drivers?
  • Thanks for the tip Super-Tron, tried it still nothing though. Any other advice?
  • Yea it's 100% graphical issue. Either graphics card or gfx-drivers. If you fully updated them then there's nothing you can do. Mac isn't very good to play games on. Almost 90% of videogames have huge troubles running flawless on mac. It is not the developers fault tho...

    So my advice: #1 update ALL of your drivers,esspecially the gfx-drivers. If that doesn't fix it contact mac support. If that doesn't fix it..... get a PC because in the long run you will always run into troubles with a mac. Doesn't matter whcih game. I can't honestly name a single game that a mac ran without tons of problems.
  • All right, I'll give it one last shot here, I really don't know any more. I've updated every single driver I've got, everything is in line there. I have no problem running any other game, Civ 5, FTL, BttF, Trine 2, Diablo III, literally everything is working except for The Walking Dead. I'm getting a nice high end gaming rig but that's not happening until December.

    I'll take any last ditch advice if anyone has any ideas otherwise I'll just drift off.
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