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Dear telltale games I've sent multiple emails stating that during the purchase of your game the walking dead I was charged 2 times and on both instances did not get followed through with download links because of trouble verifying my credit card. So since eother the issue is on my end or yours I would like my card refunded the amount of 24.99 times 2. The charges are still posted to my account after having sent multiple emails onthe issue. please fix this i would greatly appreciate this.
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    MattP Telltale Staff

    Your card will not be charged as your order was not completed. What you're seeing is a Pending Authorization Hold. With this type of hold the funds are generally put back into your account in the next 2-3 business days. If you're not familiar with Pending Authorization Holds, you can contact your bank and they should be able to provide you with more detailed information.
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