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Would you leave Lilly if she had killed Ben?

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If, instead of Carley or Doug, Ben was killed would you leave Lilly by the road or taker her with you?
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  • Rock114 wrote: »
    I don't think "Keeping watch" should count in Ben's favor. The ONE time we saw him on watch, not 10 minutes later were bandits inside the walls and had taken almost EVERYONE hostage. Without a sound, too, until the leader started yelling.

    Lol I know, but I couldn't think of anything he's actually contributed to the group before. Kenny did say "I see you got the kid on watch again." So he must have done it before.
  • You forgot that he also equated Ben being on watch to inviting the bandits to come in and rape the women and children. Not exactly an endorsement to be proud of.
  • I'm not, but other then taking turns on watch all he's done was just hang around.
  • No, he's also gotten several group members killed. It's not the greatest thing in the world to be able to do, but what else can you expect from the son of the Grim Reaper.
  • You're mistaking me for trying to support him, I'm not. I'm just trying to name a way he helped the group, if there is one.
  • Yertos wrote: »
    You're mistaking me for trying to support him, I'm not. I'm just trying to name a way he helped the group, if there is one.

    He told everyone about how you turn when you die. That had some consequences but it was probably a positive thing overall.
  • Mornai wrote: »
    He told everyone about how you turn when you die. That had some consequences but it was probably a positive thing overall.

    You're right, forgot about that. Meat locker scene might have gotten even uglier without that info.
  • Considering I made Lilly get into the RV after she shot Carley, I don't see why I wouldn't have let her in for shooting Ben.
  • i wouldent take, cant risk she will kill carley ;)
  • To MerakMissile2
    To be fair, the Mr.Parker/Travis scene was probably just an oversight with the scene directors or whatever, as Kenny does nothing to help Kat in that scene either, even though he was standing literally 10 feet away.

    Also, I thought it was pretty clear with the St. Johns that Lilly didn't want to kill them, just . If sided with in the meat locker, she nods in agreement to Lee's decision to spare Danny (even if you don't side with her, she never ends up killing him either). If you do kill Danny, she seems upset with it no matter what. If you spare Andy, she makes no moves to kill him either, even though she's holding a rifle and she has every reason to want to.

    Like you said, he was standing 10 feet away, Lilly on the other hand, was closer and had a gun.

    She didn't have the guts to kill the St Johns. Judging by the way she murdered Carley/attempted to murder Ben when their backs were turned, I'm guessing the sight of the St Johns frightened her. Plus, it makes her look worse knowing that she'll be happy to murder her fellow group member that cares about her for no reason but will spare a duo of murderous cannibals that caused her dads death.
    It could also have been avoided if Ben wasn't a complete twat and done his job. Besides, according to Lee she hasn't been sleeping much due to trauma (which is understandable), and a sleep deprived adult wouldn't make for a very good lookout.

    Granted Ben's an idiot but why was he instructed to do watch in the first place? what was wrong with Carley/Doug? This is the guy that just joined the group, they knew him for a week, did she assume he knows how to shoot?
    I understand her sleeping problems, but you got to remember she is supposed to be the leader and other characters went through traumas as well and they still did their job to protect themselves and the people around them, not staying in doors and keeping themselves safe from danger.
    Er...I'm pretty sure Lilly was the one who trained all the adults to use firearms. Lee says something about that in ep 2 unless I'm mistaken. Also, when does Doug ever kill a zombie? I'm kinda curious.

    Lee states Lilly keeps them on a training schedule, that's all he says. Doesn't specify whether Lilly taught him how to use the rifle or whether she's an expert at using these weapons, who knows, maybe the training schedule was for her also to practice her shooting. Maybe Mark probably taught them, the rifles do show up in Episode 2 where he first appears, unless they found it somewhere, it's safe to assume they belong to him and he must know how to use them and Carley may have taught the others how to use the gun because she seems to be an expert at it. There's nothing to suggest Lilly knew how to shoot before the apocalypse.

    If you save Doug, in Episode 2, after Larry's death where Lee goes outside, he sees the zombie by the fence, Doug arrives(with idiot Ben) and kills it in the back. He didn't use a gun but still one more than Lilly.
    Difference with Tyreese and Andrea is that their families weren't directly killed by a group member. Tyreese's daughter committed suicide and Andrea's sister was eaten right? Larry, on the other hand, was (debatably) killed by Kenny. Whether or not he was really dead isn't even the point; in all situations, a group member either splatters his brains all over Lilly's face, or two group members gang up on her from her point of view to kill her father. Pretty understandable why she would become a crazy, extremely paranoid wreck who doesn't trust her group.

    Tyreese's daughter was killed by Chris, a group member, a shot was heard, he had the gun in his hand, he was the one that killed her, you see how disturbed the guy was when he shouted "TOGETHER FOREVER", Tyreese put two & two together and figure out he was the one that manipulated her into doing it due to his hostile and aggressive attitude and desperation into learning how to use a gun.

    I might have understood Lilly's action if she killed Kenny or Lee(Depending) but killing Carley/Doug who never did anything to her and leaving the group for dead after they were kind enough to take her with crossed the line. There was no excuse. She knew what she was doing, she showed her true self to be a weak-minded, selfish, cowardly, murderous bitch that she is. There is no understanding that just like there's no understanding The Stranger's action.

    To Inferuz
    Andrea didn't have no skills at first. Lilly is ex military and her father too, Larry most likely teached her how to use guns.

    Lilly worked at a Desk Job for the Air Force. Her so called "Military Experience" didn't help her one bit as she runs to strangers to help her dad, stays out of sight from danger, shoots someone in the back and leaves people for dead to save herself.
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