“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)



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    Lilly survived?
    ah dammit!
    Great chapter!

    Sorry but she still gets trapped in that prison with no ammo and surrounded by hundreds of starving walkers.
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    Sorry but she still gets trapped in that prison with no ammo and surrounded by hundreds of starving walkers.
    ok, that makes me more happy.: D
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    I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Lilly ;_;

    Amazing chapter ! it keeps getting more and more interesting xD Can't wait for the next :D
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    I agree with other comments, good chapter!
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    Chapter Seven: Travelier

    It took over a month but Michael finally allowed me to come back to investigate this place. I wasn’t sure what I hoped to find. It felt like returning to the scene of a crime or your own grave.

    The Travelier Motel.

    The place was the same as I remembered it when we left it in a big hurry. I saw the gaping hole that Kenny’s escaping RV made in the hastily erect wall we built in front of the motel. Peering over part of the barrier that was still standing, my heart sank when I saw four walkers milling about on the inside of the motel parking area. It appeared no one had come back after we left.

    Slowly, I crouched back down next to Saul, Burt and Riley. They all saw the look of sadness on my face.

    “Nothing was touched,” I told them. “Everything looks just the same the day when we escaped.”

    “I’m so sorry Carley.” Riley whispered.

    “You don’t know,” Saul tried to offer me some hope. “Let’s get in there and get a better look for ourselves.”

    “Besides,” Burt added. “Just because they didn’t come back means nothing. They might have found that boat and they’re off to a better place. No, that better place… You know what I mean.”

    “I know what you meant but thank you.” I told him and he placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze.

    Burt looked to Riley. “You got the keys to get us in?”

    “I’ve got them right here.” The French woman readied her compound hunting bow, nocking the first arrow on the string and she was ready to shoot. Peeking through a crack in the damaged wall, she waited until none of the walkers were facing her direction. Then she stood up, drawing back the string, with her target selected before letting the arrow loose.

    Looking through another split in the wall, I was still amazed that the walkers barely reacted to one of their numbers falling to the ground with an arrow protruding from its head just feet from them. They heard the arrow striking and even stopped to look at their fallen comrade but its like they viewed it as something unimportant before continuing to shuffle about. It was just like on that night when I helped Glenn and Lee to try and save that girl not long ago.

    How the walkers perceived our world around them I always wondered. Are they only drawn to movement, sound and smell? Why on earth do they need to attack the living? Is everything purely instinct to them? Regardless, I was thankful they were as dumb as a piece of furniture or we would really be in trouble.

    I continued to watch Riley operate with the skill and precision of a surgeon. She easily dispatched the remaining three walkers in about a minute, never missing once and they had never clued in that we were here. She was amazing and I‘m glad she volunteered to help.

    With the area cleared, Saul returned back to the humvee parked just 200 feet from the motel and brought up into the parking lot.

    Being this close to the city of Macon, Michael and Burt made sure we were ready for trouble and gave everything we needed.

    Beside her bow and quiver of thirty arrows, Riley also carried a pistol and pouches filled with several extra clips on her belt giving her almost 100 rounds if needed for any serious trouble.

    Saul had his sidearm and his trusty M4 with every pouch on his carrying vest loaded with as many magazines he could haul. Altogether, he must have had nearly 700 rounds for his rifle and pistol.

    As for Burt, well he only had his Desert Eagle gun name after his former wife, Shirley. Besides being a former marine, the man was also a champion marksman during his civilian life on the shooting range and so far I never saw him miss a shot yet.

    For me, I still had my glock 17 with about 100 rounds for it but for added firepower Burt gave me an AR15 with my own smaller carrying vest with 300 rounds. It’s a civilian version of the military rifle, semi-automatic firing only but still uses 5.56 rounds. This rifle was also a gift from Burt to me for saving him from Ron during our run against Woodbury. The old marine may not be in the habit of saying thank you but when he did, he often said it with guns.

    I was a little worried in trying to use something so complex compared to a handgun that it would jam up on me in no time. Using anything with too many moving parts or requiring batteries could be my downfall in life. However, after Burt gave me a crash course in how to use and care for it, my new rifle didn’t seem as intimating.

    Now standing here in the park lot, I felt empty and as desolated as this place looks. I watched as Riley retrieved her arrows from the walkers giving them a quick cleaning wipe before placing them back in the quiver.

    Then I felt everyone’s eyes were on me. This was once my home and they were trying to be respectful, just waiting for me to give the word. Well, time to get this over with.

    “Food, weapons and medicine are stored in room 4. Fuel and engine parts will be in room 6.” I told them.

    Strange, I was in such a hurry to get here and now to find it empty of life to the people I cared for, I just want to leave it as quickly as possible.

    We did a thorough search and even though all the doors were shut and even locked we treated each of them like there might be a walker inside. One stayed on the roof of the humvee on lookout. Two would go into the room to sweep it and the last one remained in the doorway. No one gets out of sight of each other.

    We found the food, weapons, medicine, fuel and engines parts exactly where they were supposed to be. Nothing was taken, a sure sign of no one returning here after we were gone. I think the ten cans of gasoline we collected would be the greatest help along with the medicine. We had some canned food left, just a couple weeks worth for seven people if rationed carefully. As for weapons, we had four hunting rifles, 2 shotguns and six handguns with about 400 rounds of assorted ammo.

    Saul asked if we should leave something behind just in case. I just told them if they’re not back by now, they never will be. When those words left my mouth, it felt like someone else was talking, I need to get out of here but unfortunately I’m not done yet.

    We approached the last room in this motel, the one I needed to visit. Probably the last chance I’ll ever get close to them again. I opened the door and walked in with my rifle ready. Just behind me was Riley as we carefully searched the room for any walkers. Saul stood in the door to watch us and to remain in sight of Burt at the humvee. We stayed in sight of each other like an unbroken chain.

    The room looked clear but half of it was blocked by a curtain strung across it. The walls were covered with paper crayon drawings of sunrises, flowers, animals and people. One of the drawings looked like me. I felt my heart tightening in my chest. No, focus!

    I move past the first bed, and it was made all nice and tidy. This was Lee’s and that man could keep his room in way better shape than I could with mine.

    I dropped onto one knee and checked under the bed literally for monsters but found nothing. I stood back up and moved on to the curtain, walking pass a desk covered by more paper drawings and a crayon set. The chair at the desk had a brown leather coat hung over it.

    I was now within a few feet of the curtain and I glanced over to Riley. She had her pistol out and she nodded that she was ready. Behind her in the doorway, I saw Saul raising his rifle too. Using my own rifle, I quickly pushed the curtain aside with the barrel only to find Clementine‘s bed. It too was nicely made and was left like that since the day we fled from here.

    It was hard being in that room, their faces are haunting me. One more place to check and then I can finally relax. I stepped forwards and towards the bathroom. The door was open and I peered in. The shower curtains were thankfully drawn open too, allowing me a clear view. Empty.

    “We’re good.” I told Riley and Saul while lowering my weapon.

    There was a moment of silence and I felt their eyes on me again, waiting for me to do or say something. I needed to leave, too many memories for me to handle.

    So I turned to head for the door. “Okay, let’s go.”

    Riley looked surprised, stopping me. “Wait. Do you want to look around some more or take something with you? The way you spoke, these two meant a lot to you.”

    “We may not come this way again for a long while, Carley.” Saul added. “Take something to remember them.”

    “All the important stuff is already loaded into the humvee and the people who lived here are gone,” I told them, trying hard not to think or feel, just handling the situation logically. “And with everything that happened, I shouldn’t be clinging to the past. We all lost people and I’m no different. A lot of us didn’t even have time to mourn.”

    I started to leave again but Riley didn’t move, blocking my path. She looked at the all the crayon drawings adorning the walls. “She’s quite an artist. All of them bright and hopeful.”

    I just wanted to get out of there. Just too many painful reminders surrounding me, why won’t she let me leave?

    Slowly I looked at the drawings again and it made me think of her. My voice was a whisper. “She was. She… She was joy to be around and her optimism was infectious. She would brighten your day with a few words no matter how bad you felt.”

    “Then why do you want to forget that?” Riley asked.

    We were standing right in front of the desk and I found my hand resting on the back of the chair with the leather coat draped over it. It was Lee’s and on that day it was usually warm so he left it when everything happened. Slowly, I gripped the coat and lifted it up close to me until I found myself hugging it tightly to my chest.

    “If we were to walk into a singles bar at the same time before all this happened, we probably wouldn’t give each other a second look.” I said quietly. “Not there was anything wrong with him but we… you know, have our own idea in our heads who we might hook up with.”

    At the doorway, Saul lightly laughed. “What we want never matches with reality. Look at me and Lizzy.”

    I just had to laugh back at him. “Saul, she looks like a supermodel! Oh it must be just horrible for you!”

    “That’s not what I mean.” Saul said defensively. “Life can throw us curveballs. You never know what to expect.”

    I paused, feeling sad. “He was not what I expected either. I never told you but he was a convicted felon, responsible for the death of the state senator a few years back. I knew it right from the start when I saw him, being a reporter and all. I even told him I knew and warned him about causing any trouble for us but promising to keep it to myself.”

    Saul and Riley looked surprised at my confession, not that it mattered anymore. The French woman soon asked. “What did he do?”

    “He merely thanked me and surprised me repeatedly with his helpfulness and compassion to all of us. He even saved my life,” I admitted to them. “I knew his secret and if he wanted me gone, he could have looked the other way and let the walkers have me but he saved me. Later he told me when he got into that fight with that state senator who had an affair with his wife, didn’t mean for his death. It was an accident and I truly believed him.”

    “I remember reading a little about that cause,” Saul suddenly said. “Some thought that friends of the late senator were putting pressure to have the book thrown at Lee. Sure, a man died but the situation warranted perhaps manslaughter at most, not murder.”

    “Yeah,” I said and I continued to talk about him. Why do I feel the need to talk about him now? Do I ready miss him that much? Yes, I do. “We… We never, you know. We flirted and teased one another. I even found out that I have a thing for men who saved my life. First it was Doug, then it was Lee and I have to admit I have a thing for Angel now when you found and saved me that night.”

    “Oh?” Riley cocked an eyebrow in amusement. Angel had been busy trying to court the French woman for awhile now. “Do I have some competition?”

    “Me against your good looks and that damn sexy French accent that men drool over?” I commented. “I don’t stand a chance and to be honest, being single suits me for now.”

    I tried to smile but I felt incredibly depressed and I must have looked it because Riley suddenly hugged me. I returned it and even though I didn’t want to cry, I felt tears welling up in my good right eye. I glanced at the wall with all the pictures taped to it.

    “I would like to take Clementine’s drawings too.”

    Riley rubbed my back and released me. “Sure and I’ll help.”

    Riley was giving me a hand in pulling the drawings down when suddenly Burt called to us from the parking area, still looking out for any approaching walkers. “Hey! What is taking so long?”

    Still standing in the doorway, Saul got a devilish look on his face and turned to answer. “Quiet! Carley and Riley are making out!”

    There was a short pause from Burt when he finally hollered back. “Take pictures!”

    Saul was laughing until he turned to face our glaring eyes and he quickly tried to look innocent. “Come on, it was a joke. You know something you say to get a ha-ha? No? Oooookay, I’m just going to head around this corner and get out of sight because you are both armed and are starting to scare me.”

    Riley and I let poor Saul sweat it out for a few more minutes before letting him off the hook. I will admit the joke was a little funny. With all of Clementine’s drawings rounded up and with Lee‘s coat, we started to leave the room but I stopped and turned around to grab one last thing.

    We gathered around the humvee all set to go. Burt gave the items I was carrying a curious look.

    “A worn leather coat, a bunch of kid’s sketches and a box of crayons,” The old marine commented softly. “You got what you came for?”

    “No but this is as close as I might ever get.” I replied sadly. As I walked to the humvee with everyone else, the former marine gently patted me on the back. I really love old Burt. He’s the anti-Larry in our group.

    I couldn’t thank them all enough for helping me to come back here and at least settle this piece of the puzzle. I may never know what happened to them but I have to believe that they’re okay and alive somewhere safe.

    Before we departed for home, I finally agreed with leaving something behind in room 4. There, we left several cans of food to last at least five people for a couple of days, a pistol with thirty rounds of ammo, a can of gasoline and a two way radio with fresh batteries.

    With it included a note from Burt.

    To: Lee and friends

    We’re trying to find you. Head south towards Amercus on Highway 19 and until you reach the turn off to County Road 46. When there, switch on the radio to channel 9. We’re constantly monitoring the emergency channel 24/7 for as long as we can. Be warned, we will know if it’s you or not.

    From: Carley’s friends.

    We have to keep hope alive and it’s just as important as merely surviving. It’s what gives us the will to get through til tomorrow and the day after that. Without it, we will become the walking dead.

    Next Chapter: What was Lost
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    Very nice!
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    It is definitely getting better, a typo here and there but overall it was really good, don't be pressured to spell check it as that would be difficult.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!
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    as always, Great Chapter, and waiting for the Next!
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    Excellent, thank you!

    P.S. I like Burt too.
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    Be kind and leave some feedback. :)

    You're doing this for yourself so I don't get why you want feed back but I'll give you some.

    You write pulp fiction. Your characters are almost perfect. They don't have major flaws. The world gives them trouble sometime but they get out of it with little or no real trouble. And you use cliches a lot.

    Your writing is popular b/c of this. People like familiar. The say, "Oh, that's what I would do or would expect to happen." And they think it's great b/c it fits their thinking. It works for TV and movies but then again that's why TV and movies are kind of boring.

    There's nothing wrong with that but don't expect any Carley moments. Don't expect people to relate to your characters like the divide Lilly and Kenny created.

    If you write from a perspective of "what would I do or expect?" then your characters will have the same personality. Seriously, none of your characters have any real distinguishable personality traits.

    Hey man, all this is just advice. :mad: You can do whatever the fuck you want to do! lol
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    Red Panda wrote: »
    You're doing this for yourself so I don't get why you want feed back but I'll give you some.

    You write pulp fiction. Your characters are almost perfect. They don't have major flaws. The world gives them trouble sometime but they get out of it with little or no real trouble. And you use cliches a lot.

    Your writing is popular b/c of this. People like familiar. The say, "Oh, that's what I would do or would expect to happen." And they think it's great b/c it fits their thinking. It works for TV and movies but then again that's why TV and movies are kind of boring.

    There's nothing wrong with that but don't expect any Carley moments. Don't expect people to relate to your characters like the divide Lilly and Kenny created.

    If you write from a perspective of "what would I do or expect?" then your characters will have the same personality. Seriously, none of your characters have any real distinguishable personality traits.

    Hey man, all this is just advice. :mad: You can do whatever the fuck you want to do! lol

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    Oh, the irony.
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    Chapter Eight: What was Lost

    Winter came and went and despite the harsh temperatures and blowing snow, we received a much needed reprieve from the walkers. The drop in temperature froze them solid and allowed us to easily venture out more as long as the snow didn’t made the roads too impassable. The only danger besides the cold was the bandits and other survivors willing to fight over what was left which ended often in gunfire whenever we met. We suffered a few wounded from gunshots but nothing too serious except for one member from our group. His name was Andy, a middle-aged gentleman who was always eager to help out and we talked to each other often. He often said how glad he felt not to be worrying about walkers but instead he forgot to worry more about the bandits. Bastards.

    Food and gas are a few things that are becoming an increasing concern because we know eventually it’s all going to run out. With the approach of spring and warmer weather we’re outlining some plans to become more self-sufficient. Pegs wants to expand her garden which means perhaps building a new wall or barrier to keep any walkers from trampling it or bandits from raiding it.

    We’re looking at locating some solar panels or making wind turbines so we don’t have to burn precious gasoline running the generators. Michael is not crazy at the idea of sticking windmills high up in the air all around us. It could attract unwanted attention and a few of us tend to agree.

    Spring is not far off and I’m heading out with the others to do a quick grab for whatever supplies are left before the walkers completely unthaw along with the melting snow. There are a few places in the neighboring towns we haven’t tried yet.

    I still think about them when I’m alone with a moment to myself or lying in bed trying to sleep. Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, Duck and Ben, I hope you are all safe.


    Driving along the road to their next destination, they were forced to rely on the more fuel efficient vehicles. It was one of new Ford Escape hybrid SUVs. It definitely had better mileage compared to their gas hog humvee but without the protection and carrying capacity. Still, they have to make every drop of gas count now. The humvee will still be reserved for travelling into more dangerous areas.

    In places there was still snow on the ground but the roads were completely passable now.

    From behind the wheel Angel groaned as they drove around a bend in the road. “That’s not good.”

    From the backseat of the vehicle, Riley and Carley were chatting amongst themselves when they looked up.

    “What is it?” Carley asked when she saw it. “Damn.”

    It was a walker crossing the road. They were starting to thaw in the warming weather, a little sooner than they had hoped. Its movements were very sluggish. The cold was still having an impact on it as the lone walker struggled along as Angel just drove around it.

    In the passenger seat, Michael tried to remain upbeat. “We knew it was going to happen eventually but hopefully not all of them are mobile yet.”

    They were driving eastward on Road 27 when a few miles later, Angel spotted a small blue car parked along side of the road pointed west.

    “Hey, Michael I think that’s new.” He pointed out to the sergeant.

    “Yeah,” Michael replied. They droved along this road two weeks before and this car definitely wasn’t here last time. “Pull up and let’s take a look.”

    Angel stopped their SUV right beside the apparently abandoned car. They all got out with weapons at the ready. The hood to the engine was up and Angel went over to inspect it as Riley and Carley watched their surroundings.

    Michael checked the doors to the car to find them locked before trying to peer through the windows. “Definitely looks like someone has been living out of this vehicle. I see blankets, a few water bottles, clothes and canned goods.”

    “Looks like they had problems with the radiator,” Angel said before holding up a roll of duct tape he found lying just inside the engine compartment. “And they tried to fix it.”

    “So where are they?” Riley asked, eyeing the nearby tree line. “Did they try to walk out?”

    “I see some tracks here,” Carley pointed out, seeing some footprints in the remaining snow. Also listening, she could faintly hear the running water from a nearby stream before turning to the others. “I think they might have gone into the woods for water, maybe for the radiator.”

    Angel put his hand on the motor of the car and it was cold. “If they did, they must be taking their time. Think we should investigate?”

    Michael thought it over for a second before shaking his head. “No. The owners might return at any second and I don’t want any confrontations. Let’s go.”

    They started to return to their vehicle when Carley walked around the car but paused to look inside when her eye caught something familiar looking in the back seat. She leaned in closer to the car window when they all heard a gunshot ringing out from the woods in the direction of the sound of the running stream.

    Alert they lifted their weapons at the ready but they quickly realized they weren’t the targets.

    “That shot was in the other direction.” Riley observed.

    “Now should we check?” Angel asked.

    Then there was another gunshot, followed by two more. Michael didn’t like this and wasn‘t going to risk anyone’s life by walking into those woods. “Not worth the chance. Everyone back into the vehicle.”

    Carley didn’t move an inch from the blue car as she stared back through the car window again. Her eyes were focused on a very familiar looking blue and white baseball cap resting on the backseat. Carley felt the blood drain from her body straight down to her feet, when she heard the gunshots again.

    “Impossible.” Carley looked into the woods, towards the source of the discharging firearm. It was probably one in a million but it had to be hers! If she was here, then he had to be here as well.

    Michael, Riley and Angel were getting into the vehicle as the sergeant called out to her. “Let’s go Carley.” Then he watched helplessly as she took off into the woods, in a full run, towards the gunshots. “CARLEY!” He shouted after her.

    The running woman paused only for a second to yell back. “They’re out there!”

    A surprised Angel and Riley looked to Michael before the army sergeant just grimaced in confusion over Carley’s sudden rash behavior. “Shit! After her!”

    Together they chased after Carley as Michael wondered what the hell she was talking about. Whatever she was up to, Carley was putting herself and all of them at risk. There was no way of knowing what was waiting for them in the forest.

    Still pursuing Carley, they watched as she reached a sharp slope as the sound of the running stream growing louder. She disappeared out of sight for a moment as she ran down the incline. When they reached the edge of the slope themselves they all came to a halt at what they saw below them.

    There at the bottom of the slope, close to the stream was a little girl, next to the body of a fallen adult, concealed under a blanket with countless walkers closing in on them. The undead moved like a wave, shuffling forward amongst the trees and across the stream towards the child and the motionless adult. Charging to meet them was Carley, firing her rifle as she rushed to the girl’s side pushing her down to place herself between the walkers and the two helpless victims.

    Michael had a choice, either help or abandon them but of the two there was only one he could live with. He ran forward towards the undead horde with Riley and Angel just behind him. Together on each side they formed up on Carley into a defensive line before adding their firepower to hers into the mass of walkers at a range of barely hundred feet.

    On paper, Michael’s team held every advantage possible except for one, numbers. There must have been 200 plus walkers facing them and a lot of things could go wrong and Michael had seen it all happen countless times. The US military was wiped out within a couple of weeks of the outbreak trying to contain it and that was the problem, the outbreak couldn’t possibly be contained. By the time everyone realized the sheer magnitude of the situation they were dealing with it was too late.

    Smaller military units simply ran out of ammo quickly against the sheer numbers of walkers they encountered and were killed. Some of them didn’t have men or the firepower to stop the undead masses which advanced faster than they could kill them, overrunning their positions.

    Tunnel vision is another danger for individual soldiers, get too focus on what is ahead, you could forget to check your flanks and rear and the miss the one’s creeping up on you. Another is that people, even veteran soldiers could simply crack and panic from the stress because there are some things the human mind can’t simply handle. Like fighting walking corpses, day after nightmarish day. These are problems they were still facing today.

    Michael kept doing a quick check on their flanks and rear every ten seconds when his rifle suddenly ran dry. In one smooth motion, he ejected the empty magazine and slapped a fresh one in and continued firing.

    There were just so many of them but the cold was still affecting their movements and slowing them. Michael’s team was also managing to kill them fast enough that the bodies were piling up. So much that the walkers started tripping and falling over the bodies of their slain companions. Still, the undead kept on coming, either walking or crawling and a hit to the head was the only thing that would stop them permanently.

    After a while Michael started to feel more like a robot than human. A computerized firing control system might as well have been operating his weapon.

    Select Target… Lock on… Shoot!
    Select Target… Lock on… Shoot!
    Select Target… Lock on… Shoot!
    Select Target… Lock on… Shoot!

    Slowly, after what felt like forever, the mass of walkers slowly begin to thin out until his team’s guns finally grew silent. They all simply ran out of targets to shoot at.

    Lowering the smoking barrels of their weapons, just starting twenty feet away was a massive pile of undead. It was almost four feet high in places, fifty feet wide and nearly sixty feet deep. The silence was so deafening to Michael before he heard someone cursing.

    “Oh fuck, fuck,” It was Angel trying to calm his nerves. “Let’s never try that again!”

    Michael quietly nodded in agreement. If they had to fight walkers, it would be from strong defensive positions and preferably at longer distances, not in the open and at near point blank range. What they did was dangerous and stupid but at least they survived.

    ** “Je crois que je viens âgée de 10 ans en 30 secondes!” Riley uttered in her native language as she replaced a fresh magazine into her pistol, her hands trembling slightly. (** “I think I just aged 10 years in 30 seconds!”)

    Angel looked at her. “I don’t know what you said but I agree!”

    Then Michael heard another new sound, the little girl behind them was crying. He turned and saw Carley moving to check her but all he felt was anger at the moment. Carley took such a foolish risk rushing out here not knowing what was waiting for them and putting the rest of them in danger too. Michael opened his mouth to speak but he was instantly silenced when the little girl, dressed in winter clothing and cap cried out literally flinging herself into the woman’s waiting arms.


    Michael was taken back. What? They know each other?

    Carley dropped to her knees, embracing the little girl tightly. “It’s okay Clementine, we’re here. You’re safe.”


    Now Michael was staring at the situation before him in utter disbelief. Michael is an army Sergeant in the US military (or was) and is a very practical and realistic man. He doesn’t really believe in luck or even a guiding hand of a higher power. His experience in Iraq and the events of the last few months of the apocalypse showed him that things occur if you make it happen, let it happen or it will simply happen regardless whatever you do.

    However, the odds of them just stumbling across the very two people that Carley had been hunting for months in a state the size of Georgia is immeasurable. It would be right up there with, well the dead raising from the grave and now it looks like both just happened.

    For a moment, he wondered if something did guide them here because nothing else made sense.

    He turned his attention to the figure on the ground covered by a heavy blanket. He could see the person’s head and it was a black male.

    Lee Everett, I presume.

    Carefully he approached him and knelt down and checked his neck for a pulse and found one, it was weak though.

    “Michael is he?” Carley asked hesitantly.

    He looked up and found both the woman and the little girl, in her arms, were staring at him nervously. The little girl had the most intense brown eyes ever and they were now locked on onto his, with tears flowing freely, waiting for his reply.

    “He’s alive but barely.” He told them, grateful it was indeed good news. He kept checking him and found some bandages soaked with dry blood on forehead.

    Michael looked to the little girl again. “Sweetheart, what happened here?”

    “The car overheated and Lee fixed it. We needed some water but he was concerned about using our own drinking water because we had so little left,” Clementine explained as she struggled to compose herself, wiping her eyes. “We then heard the stream nearby and we tried to get some there but Lee slipped and hit his head. He wouldn’t wake-up and it was getting dark so I went back to the car and grabbed some blankets.”

    She protected him from the cold but a troubling thought occurred to Michael. “How long were you out here?”

    “Two days.”

    “You were out here alone for two days!” Riley gasped, imagining the two of them exposed to the cold nights and the walkers.

    Clementine nodded and a stunned Carley held her a bit tighter but Michael found himself admiring her. She was a brave and smart little kid, covering him trying to keep him warm.

    “Clementine,” Carley slowly released the young girl to talk to her. “Where’s Ben and Kenny and his family?”

    For a moment, Clementine looked sad again but she held back the tears and said softly. “Gone.”

    As Carley comforted Clementine, Angel spotted something on the ground close to him. It was an emptied glock and he picked up the discarded pistol. It wasn’t one of theirs. “Who fired this?”

    “I did,” Clementine answered quietly. “I knew the noise attracted them but one of them found us and I had to.”

    A look of shock came over Angel’s face that an eight year old was trained to shoot a gun but all he could say at the moment was. “Did you get him?”

    The little girl actually smiled slightly. “Yes.”

    Brave, smart and apparently very capable, and firing that gun brought us to the rescue. Michael thought.

    “Michael?” The tone of Riley’s voice alerted everyone.

    Looking up they spotted even more walkers approaching. Not as many they faced the first time but enough to get Michael and the others moving.

    “Everyone, back to the vehicle,” The Sergeant ordered as he reached down and grabbed Lee‘s unconscious body. “Angel, you’re on point. Riley, guard our rear and Carley and I will stay between you.”

    Scooping Clementine in her arms, Carley watched as Michael lifted Lee up into a fireman’s carry. She had to fight down the instinct to ask if it was safe to move him simply because they didn’t have a choice. They had to get out of here before they’d eventually be overwhelmed by walkers. No telling how many of the undead heard their gun battle and were now closing in on them from every direction.

    With Angel leading the way, they started back up the slope. Carley was following Michael and more than once she thought he was going to slip and fall. It wasn’t a steep climb but the ground was covered in a mixture of partially melted snow and ice but Michael kept his balance.

    Once on level ground, they all easily hurried through the woods and back to the road and their vehicle. By the time they placed Lee in the back several walkers started appearing from the woods on either side of them, drawn by their gunfire.

    Angel ushered Carley to the front passenger seat with Clementine still in her arms as he jumped into the back seat with Lee and Riley. Michael was already behind the wheel, starting the engine. They all got in and shut the doors. Putting it in gear, he hit the gas before quickly pulling a quick U-turn to put them on a course back for home.

    Even more walkers were stepping out of the woods and onto the road. By now and Michael sped up to escape before they could block their path. He was heading straight into a small group in the middle of the road and he had no choice but to go through them.

    Suddenly, Carley heard Michael exclaime. “Shit!”

    He immediately hit the brakes and slowed the vehicle down to a crawl and almost gently bumped into the walkers, knocking them down. Then he hit the gas again and they all felt the vehicle rocked as the tires went over the undead bodies. In moments they were all in the clear.

    Gasping and still tightly holding onto Clementine, Carley looked over to Michael. “What was that all about with hitting the brakes?”

    Michael actually looked a little pale. “I almost forgot.” He replied.

    “Forgot what?”

    The sergeant glanced at her. “Look at what you are both sitting in front of.”

    Carley glanced at Clementine who was seated on her lap before looking at the vehicle’s dashboard and felt a chill. She forgot about it too. On the dashboard directly in front of them was a large panel with small simple lettering in the bottom right corner, spelling out the word: AIRBAG.

    If Michael would have hit those walkers with enough speed to deploy the airbag with Clementine on her lap, Carley didn’t want to think about it.

    “Oh shit.” Carley muttered.

    “That’s a swear.” Clementine said, not realizing how close she came to being seriously injured or worse.

    Smiling, she quickly kissed the top of Clementine’s head before looking back. “How is he?”

    Riley was cleaning and changing the bandage to the wound on his forehead. “Vitals are still weak but he’s still with us.”

    “Keep checking his pulse every five minutes.” Michael ordered. “Angel?”

    From the back came his even reply. “I’m ready.”

    Carley grew silent as she knew what was happening behind her. With Lee between them, Riley would be monitoring his vitals to be sure he’s still alive. As she did that, Angel would secure Lee’s wrist together with plastic ties, while watching him closely keeping his sidearm at the ready.

    They all have seen how fast a person can turn, literally within minutes after death.

    Quietly, Carley tried to will their vehicle back to the Nest and to the care of Doctor Cottle faster.

    Next Chapter: Fatal Hope

    Yeah, so if Carley is alive in my story why not go all out and save Lee while I’m at it.
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    Chapter Nine... Oh, how I hate you. :) After a few rewrites and one computer glitch that ate two pages, it is done. I wanted to get this posted before Wednesday and see what happens in episode five of TWD game. What occurs there will probably effect want I will write in Chapter Ten. Anyways, thanks for the feedback and I will start Chapter Ten ASAP. ;)

    Chapter Nine: Fatal hope

    I found them.

    Carley continued to repeat the words in her mind. She could scarcely believe it even as she held Clementine in her arms. Driving through the main gate of the Nest, the exhausted little girl was fast asleep, her head resting comfortably against Carley’s right shoulder.

    Pulling up close as they could to the mansion, Angel and Michael carried Lee inside while Carley carried a still sleeping Clementine right behind them. Not too surprising, bringing in two survivors gathered much attention from the Nest‘s inhabitants, the especially the child that Carley held. One of the sad facts was that there were no children here. The youngest person they had was nineteen. It seemed that single people did better surviving than entire families, simply because the ‘lone wolf’ types could immediately pack up and run with nothing slowing them down.

    Once inside, Lee was taken to Doctor Cottle while Carley took Clementine to another room to wait. The little girl was still asleep as Carley gently placed her on a couch but she stirred as the older woman started removing her winter cap and heavy coat.

    “Lee?” A sleepy eyed Clementine whispered, looking around at her new strange surroundings.

    “He’s being cared for right now,” Carley assured her as she reached for a nearby folded blanket opening . “We have a doctor.”

    The little girl didn’t put up much of a struggle as Carley gently laid her down and covered her with the blanket. “I’ll be right back.” The older woman promised as she stood up.

    Suddenly, Clementine sat up and grabbed her arm, pleading. “Stay.”

    All Carley wanted to do was to check on Lee and didn’t feel confident in bring Clementine along in case his condition took a turn for the worse. But listening to the girl’s heartfelt plea and staring into those imploring eyes, Carley couldn’t refuse.

    “Alright,” The older woman smiled before sitting down on the couch next to her. Clementine moved closer to rest her head on Carley’s lap.

    Carley could see the little girl was indeed very tired after watching over Lee for two days and at the very least, she could return the favor and watch over her for a few hours. Carley gently stroked her fingers through Clementine’s short hair and in moments, the little girl was fast asleep again.

    It must have been a nightmare being outside in the cold and after dark with the threat of walkers possibly appearing at any moment. Carley thought with a shudder. She was an adult and just the idea of confronting that scenario by herself scared her.

    Carley really wanted to ask some questions, like what did Clementine meant by Ben and Kenny’s family being gone? Were they dead or did they somehow get separated? What the hell happened in Savannah? Well, the questions could wait a while longer and she would enjoy sometime with the girl in peace and quiet.

    Suddenly, there was a soft knock at the door and Carley looked up expecting it to be Michael or Dr. Cottle himself bringing news on Lee but instead it was Lizzy.

    The blonde woman grinned gleefully. “Oh God, its true!”

    Carley raised a finger to her lips, urging her to be silent and not wake Clementine. Then to her surprise when Lizzy walked in, she was immediately followed by Pegs, Kelly and Riley. They all wanted to see the Nest’s newest and youngest resident.

    “Just look at her.” Lizzy whispered excitedly.

    Pegs covered her mouth as she eagerly agreed. “She’s so adorable looking.”

    Carley just shook her head in disbelief, whispering sternly. “She’s not a unicorn! Get a hold of yourselves.” The last thing she wanted was for Clementine to wake up and find a bunch of strangers staring at her.

    “She might as well be,” Kelly replied matter of factly. “Unlike you, we haven’t seen a child in almost a year.”

    “I might be guilty of wanting to see her again too,” Riley said confessed. “But I also got news, Doctor Cottle said Lee is stable but he has a concussion.”

    Carley glanced down at Clementine to make sure she was still asleep before asking. “So, he has no idea when he might wake up?”

    Riley shook her head. “No but beyond being dehydrated the doctor said he’s okay for the time being but...”

    The French woman hesitated and Carley grew increasingly concerned. “But what?”

    “We have another problem.” Riley started.


    Michael was not having a good day as he approached the meeting hall. It was barely an hour after they returned to the Nest with Clementine and Lee when Burt notified him of some rumblings within their camp. Bringing in new people always raises concerns about the place being able to continue sustaining itself with dwindling food resources. Michael had to deal with it now before it got out of hand and he wasn’t surprised to find out who was stirring things up.

    Stepping into the meeting hall with Burt in tow, Michael saw Chad with his supporters, five men and three women. That was about a quarter of the total number of people here.

    Over the months since establishing themselves here, there was always a bit of a power struggle for control of the Nest. First it was Kelly with her objection over Michael’s leadership and him having the final say over everything. Michael even bumped heads with Burt on a few occasions over important decisions but since he started delegating tasks and responsibilities to everyone, things had improved.

    However, it still wasn’t good enough for Chad. Michael and the others could see that he wanted to be in charge and challenged Michael at every opportunity. Bringing in two extra mouths to feed was one of those times. There was some grumblings over the addition of Carley months ago but she was a woman and of the 32 people here, only 12 were female. As Burt put it, a dame famine can be just as bad as the lack of food over an extended long period of time.

    Michael knew that Chad was no fool and he was able to get people stirred up with fear mongering. Food was tight but it was far from critical, unfortunately empty bellies or the threat of it could get people to do things they wouldn‘t normal do. One concerned was that Chad wasn’t a good listener or team player with his own ideas of getting things done. Michael would hate to see if he was put in charge of the Nest and even Kelly recognized how unwise it would be with him calling the shots.

    Let’s try to keep it civil. Michael thought before taking in a calming breath to speak evenly. “What is the problem?”

    Chad just glared at the army sergeant before folding his arms across his chest. “Just how many strays are you planning to keep bringing in here?”

    Screw with keeping things civil!

    “Strange,” Michael said, returning Chad’s stare. “You were a stray too when we let you in with everyone else here in those initial weeks.”

    “That was different,” Chad retorted. “Food is getting scarce now and you are out there playing hero to every sorry soul you find.”

    “That’s right. I’m out there and risking my neck while you just stand there criticizing everything I do.”

    “What the fuck are you talking about,” Chad just stared angrily at Michael. “I go out there too.”

    “How many times have you gone out there in the last month looking for supplies?” Michael challenged. “Meanwhile, Carley, our newest member has constantly volunteered to go out there time and again and put her life on the line for the rest of us. If you had your way you would have kicked her out long ago!”

    “You’re changing the subject. We’re not talking about Burt’s little pet.”

    “What are you talking about?” Burt grumbled aloud, being suddenly brought into this argument.

    “You’re tight about handing out guns but she’s now permitted to walk around with a sidearm.” Chad said.

    “Because she’s responsible and I trust her which is far more than I can say about you, you piece of shit!” Burt fired back.

    Chad laughed “More like she willing to tow the line in your little empire here.”

    “Fuck you!” Burt moved to break the man in half when Michael stepped between them.

    “Enough!” The army sergeant shouted before focusing on Chad and the others again. “Yes, we found two survivors, an injured man and an eight year old girl that was with him. Are you suggesting we turn them away?”

    “Wait,” A woman in Chad’s group spoke up. “We’re just concerned about supplies. No one is suggesting throwing out a child...”

    “I’ll handle this,” Chad interrupted her. “Of course the little girl can stay but how many more can we take?”

    “We have enough food and we’re planning to help expand Peg’s garden.” Michael said. “There is no reason for you to cause a panic.”

    “Panic? What if we have a dry season?” Chad questioned tightly. “What good is her garden then? We sure can’t hunt because the walkers are busy eating everything living outside these walls.”

    “We have the pool and several rivers for water nearby.” Michael countered.

    “I say we can’t take the risk. We should put this to a vote if the adult can stay," Chad demanded. "From what I understand he isn‘t even family to the girl.”

    Michael took a step towards him. “There will be no vote because you are not throwing anyone out.”

    “You see!” Chad turned to face his supporters. “They behave like our overlords refusing to listen and putting us all in danger! We need to look after our own first because no one else will come to our rescue!”

    Chad suddenly saw that their attention was not on him but at the door entrance to the meeting hall. He looked to see Carley standing there holding hands with Clementine, as the little girl peeked from behind the older woman’s leg.

    “No, please go on.” Carley said dryly to everyone but her full attention was on Chad. “But while you are all debating the fate of this man, please know he risked everything to protect this little girl and he has a name, it’s Lee. You should all know that.”

    With that, Carley reached down and picked up Clementine before walking away. Michael saw that Carley’s and Clementine’s appearance took some steam out of everyone, shaming them a little, including Chad. He quickly took an advantage of it.

    “No one is getting thrown out and no one is going to starve. That’s my promise,” Michael said calmly. “Now, is there anything else?”

    Michael just stared at Chad, daring him to say another word. After a moment of silence, the army sergeant simply looked at everyone else. “Good, we’re done here.”

    Leaving the meeting hall, Michael was closely followed by Burt.

    “He has a point,” Burt said. “If we have a drought, it will make life a lot harder for us.”

    “You don’t think that thought has been on my mind all winter.” Michael replied under his breath. “We have been lucky so far and I would like to keep it that way. If things gets bad, people will start losing hope.”

    “You know what we really need?”


    “A few Amish survivors.” Burt declared.

    Michael gave the ex-marine a confused stare. Was that a joke? But Burt was serious.

    “I’m not kidding. Sure they dress oddly but their need to cling to the 1800 century sure makes them more adaptable to our situation without missing much of a beat.”

    “Or a library.” Michael suddenly uttered outloud.


    “On our next outing, let’s hit some libraries. Just a couple of the right books with the needed information might just save us in the long run.”

    “Hope to find the ‘Living in the Medieval Ages for Dummies‘?” Burt mused aloud.

    “Something like that,” Michael agreed. “We’re lucky to have people like Pegs, Datu and our doctor in our group. Food is important but what are we going to do when our vehicles, generators finally stop working.”

    “I might suggest using horses to get around but I think Chad is definitely right on one point, the walkers probably ate all of them.” Burt muttered. “Soon our light bulbs won’t have anymore electricity to power them and candles sure won’t last forever even though they are a freaking fire hazard.”

    Turning a corner in the hallway, Michael nodded. “Yeah, we could use the Amish saving us right about now.”

    “Or find a good how to book.” Burt chuckled as they entered Doctor Cottles little infirmary located in the corner of the mansion. There they found Carley watching as Dr. Cottle gave Clementine a quick examination. Seeing them enter, Carley walked over to them, looking anxious. Michael raised his hand to calm her.

    “Everything is fine,” He assured her. “You took some of the fight out of them. Thank you for that.”

    Carley smiled in relief. “Well, thank her too,” She gestured to the little girl as Dr. Cottle checked her pulse. “She wanted to help Lee just as much as I did.”

    “They won’t try it again?” Clementine asked worriedly from the chair she was seated on.

    “No they won’t,” Burt promised. “No if me or Shirley have anything to say about that.”

    “Or me,” Dr. Cottle spoke up, looking annoyed. “No one threatens my patients.”

    Clementine smiled at the reassurances as Dr. Cottle finished his examination.

    “There, you are fit as a fiddle.” The doctor declared as Clementine jumped off the chair.

    “Thank you,” The little girl said politely.

    “You’re welcome.” Dr. Cottle beamed with a rare smile.

    “Can we see Lee now?” Clementine asked.

    The doctor hesitated before looking at Carley. “Will you be with her at all times?”

    Carley walked over to Clementine and took her hand into hers. “Of course and I would like to see him too.”

    “He’s just two doors down on your right.” Dr. Cottle said. “Saul is for now watching him . When Chad started his ruckus, he came down immediately and volunteered to guard him as a precaution.”

    “Thanks.” Carley nodded as she led Clementine out of the room.

    Michael watched them leave when he turned to Dr. Cottle. “So doctor, how are our two new arrivals?”

    “The girl is fine,” Dr. Cottle answered. “Unfortunately, Lee is in worse shape.”

    “Considering he was unconscious for two days that is not too surprising.” Burt said.

    “Not just that,” Dr. Cottle replied. “Clementine has a healthy weight for a child of her size and age but Lee is badly malnutritioned besides being dehydrated and he couldn’t get like that in two days.”

    “What are you saying?” The army sergeant asked. “I looked inside their car and I saw cans of food.”

    “How much did you see?” Dr. Cottle questioned.

    “Hmmm,” Michael thought. “Not a lot unless he had more in the trunk.”

    Dr. Cottle nodded. “This Lee fellow had to be skipping meals to keep her feed.”

    “A standup thing he did,” Burt commented. “But a little risky, he would be no good if he became too weak to protect her.”

    “A tough choice but I understand,” Michael said. “Who of us would want to see a child go hungry?”

    “No argument there but it’s still damn risky to cross your fingers and hope for the best,“ Burt then grinned at an amusing thought. “Can we trade Chad in for this Lee guy?”

    Next Chapter: ‘Thirty-Four’
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    Chapter Ten: ‘Thirty-Four’

    As Saul stood guard outside of Lee’s room, smiling at the two figures approaching him in the hallway. “Rooster!” He called. “I see you located at least two of your lost flock from your nest.”

    “Yes I have,” Carley said happily before stopping in front of him to gesture at the little girl standing next to her. “Clementine, this is Saul. Saul, this is Clementine.”

    Seeing the tall black soldier in BDUs, Clementine gave a slight smile and a small salute.

    Saul laughed before snapping to an attention, returning it. “Specialist Saul Tink at your service, ma‘am.”

    “You’re protecting Lee?” Clementine asked.

    “That’s right ma’am,“ Saul nodded. “Nothing is getting by me.”

    “Thank you, Saul.” Carley said gratefully. “I don’t think we have anything to worry from Chad for now but its comforting seeing you here.”

    “Chad is nothing but a …” Saul eyes darted down to Clementine for a moment. “… P.O.S.”

    “Quick save.” Carley smirked.

    “The story of my life,” Saul grinned before jabbing his thumb towards Lee‘s room. “You want to see him?”

    “Please.” Clementine asked politely.

    “I‘ll give you all the time you need but please know that only his right leg is secured to the bed and his arms are not,” Saul warned Carley while gesturing to Clementine. “Just don’t let her get close unless you’re there right beside her.”

    “Thank you again Saul.” Carley nodded before leading Clementine into the room. Inside they found him, seemingly asleep on the bed with an IV unit hooked into his arm, giving his body needed fluids. Lee’s forehead was wrapped with fresh bandages, covering his head wound. Glancing at his chest and even under layers of blankets, Carley could see his chest rising and falling as Lee breathed. Only then she allowed Clementine to get closer.

    Standing next to Lee’s bed, the little girl only stared at the unconscious man and it unnerved Carley a bit. She expected Clementine to cry or say something to try and wake him up but she probably did all of that during the two days they were trapped out in the woods.

    Slowly Carley knelt down next to Clementine and gently hugged her. “He’s going to be okay, Clem. You have to believe it.”

    Clementine just stared at Lee‘s still form on the bed. “I asked your doctor if he’s going to be alright and he only said he’d do what he could.”

    “He’s like that, he doesn’t like making promises,” Carley told her while quietly cursing Dr. Cottle’s inability to lie for once.

    “I understand,” Clementine said softly. “I don’t like it when people lie to me when bad things happen too.”

    Carley looked at the little girl in surprise, seeing how quickly she had matured and changed since the last time she saw her. “You have to hope that he will get better.”

    “I know.”

    Slowly, Clementine sadly turned to face Carley before wrapping her arms around the woman’s neck. Carley held her but the little girl didn’t cry and that greatly bothered the former reporter greatly. She knew it was impossible to shield Clementine completely from the horrors of their new world. She was so young but so far, the little girl seemed to be enduring it. Probably, thanks to Lee.

    Carley gently pulled back to look at her. “Clementine, maybe you should get some more sleep. You’re still exhausted and they’ll come for us if Lee’s condition changes.”

    She shook her head, almost pleading. “No, I want to stay here. Don‘t make me leave.”

    “I won’t. You can stay,” Carley promised remembering there were two furniture chairs in the corner of the room. “But let’s sit over here.”

    Carley led Clementine over to the two chairs before sitting down into one. “Here Clem, lets rest here. I’ll take this one and you can…”

    Before Carley knew it, Clementine climbed right up to sit down on her lap and resting her head on the older woman’s shoulder.

    “… make yourself comfortable.”

    This was a surprise to Carley even though she always had been friendly and helpful to Clementine and even looking after her when Lee was away during their time at the motel. Maybe after being out there for in those woods on her own and with Lee being unavailable perhaps Clementine was seeking anything to make her feel safe.

    For a long moment, the little girl was so still and quiet that Carley thought she might have instantly went to sleep but then Clementine spoke, her voice hesitant.

    “Does it hurt?”

    Carley glanced down at Clementine. “What?”

    “Your eye.”

    Carley self-consciously touched her eye patch. “Uh, not anymore. Sometimes I forget about it.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “No, don’t be.”

    “Lilly did that to you. We all thought you were gone.”

    Carley paused, swallowing hard before gently stroking the little girl’s hair. “I don’t want to talk about it Clem. Just go to sleep.”

    “I understand. There are things I don’t want to talk about either,” Clementine whispered, giving Carley chills. Then Clementine closed her eyes saying, “I’m glad you’re here.”

    “I’m glad you’re here too.” Carley said softly, suddenly feeling more protective of the little girl. Holding Clementine, she sat there for several minutes before her body determined that it needed sleep too and Carley slowly closed her eye.


    He slowly became aware of the world around him but his thoughts remained trapped elsewhere in a partial dreamlike state.


    They risked everything to reach it and to find safety, whether it was a boat, food, other survivors like them. Something just to give them some hope, anything but what they found instead was a nightmare, the graves for many in their group before even reaching the city

    He wanted to forget everything. He watched so many people he cared about dying before him and being unable to do anything to prevent it. Clementine was all he had left after escaping that place. What will he do if he can’t protect her? They were running out of food, water, gas and places to run to. They barely survived the winter and now there was nothing left. The dead were everywhere and any other survivors they encountered were just as bad.

    If he could only go back and fix everything. If only…

    Lee opened his eyes and once the haziness cleared from his vision, he found himself in a room and on a bed.

    No. He had to be dreaming still.

    His eyes darted to an IV hooked to his left arm. His throat felt parched as he tried to move and found his body weak as he tried to even lift his head from the pillow. He quickly gave up and tried to speak.

    “Hello?” He called weakly.

    Then Lee saw movement to his left and standing in the doorway staring at him was a black soldier who looked to be just over twenty. The young soldier appeared to be a little startled to see Lee awake. On his belt, he carried a sidearm.

    “It’s okay,” The black soldier said. “You are safe.”


    Lee could scarcely believe in such a thing now. He struggled to clear his throat. “I had a little girl with me…”

    “Clementine? She’s safe and right here.” Then the soldier looked down to the foot of the bed before calling out to the sleeping forms on the chair. Lee had failed to notice yet. “Clementine! Carley!”

    Lee eyes widened in confusion. Did he just say… ?


    Carley woke to the sound of Saul’s urgent voice. She lifted her head as her good eyelid flickered open when she felt Clementine’s weight suddenly shifting on her lap as the girl leapt off.

    She heard Clementine exclaiming. “LEE!”

    Now fully awake Carley saw that Lee was indeed conscious. Saul was standing over him, smiling as he watched Clementine jumped on the bed, almost landing on their recovering patient.

    Relieved at his recovery, Carley stood up and approached the bed, even as Clementine excitedly hugged a still partially drowsy Lee. In the back of her mind, she was curious how he would react to her.


    For a moment, Lee thought it had to be a dream. He remembered walking into the woods to get some water for the radiator to their car, then slipping on that icy slope and hitting his head. Now, he was someplace else, somewhere maybe safe with Clementine here with him. It was almost too good to be true.

    The little girl jumped up on his bed, hugging him, saying his name over and over in her happy sing song voice. Clementine sounded happy and looked well cared for. Almost overwhelmed, Lee returned Clementine’s hugs when he saw her approaching into view and time froze.

    Her hair was cut a bit shorter now and dressed in jeans and wearing a purple sweater that looked a few sizes too big on her lithe frame. However, his attention was draw to her face. Where her left eye once was is now covered with a black eye patch and along her left cheek was an ugly looking scar.

    As he stared at her, all he could think was. God! We left… I left her behind alive!


    The moment that Lee saw Carley, he looked like he saw a ghost. Then the look of shock turned to horror and grief within seconds. Carley knew what he was thinking and quickly hurried to him, kneeling down beside the bed, grabbing one of his hands.

    “No, do not blame yourself Lee,” She told him firmly, “I know what happened and it’s not your fault.”

    He gripped her hand, as if to make sure she was real. He looked closed to tears. “I didn’t… I didn’t even bother to check you before we left.”

    Carley shook her head. “If you had, what would you have been able to do for me,” She told him, tearing up herself. “As hard as it is to accept, leaving me there allowed Saul here with his friends to find me and bring me here to their doctor.”

    “She was in bad shape,” Saul told him. “There would have been very little you could have done for her in your RV. Don’t beat yourself up over it. She’s alive, you are alive and so is this little girl here.”

    Carley gently squeezed his hand as Lee looked back at her for a long moment and whispered. “Still, it doesn’t make it right but I’m glad to see you again.”

    After a moment Saul looked to Carley. “I’m going to get the doc.”

    Carley stood up and carefully sat on the edge of Lee’s bed with Clementine. “We’re not going anywhere.” She replied.

    “Water,” Lee said, feeling his throat was still parched. “I could use some water.”

    Saul nodded. “I’ll bring some right back.”

    Lee watched Saul leave and when he looked back at Carley, that’s when he finally noticed that she was also carrying a gun holstered on her hip as well. Feeling it was safe to talk alone, Lee asked softly. “Where are we? Who are these people?”

    “We’re in this walled up fortified mansion just a few miles outside a town named Americus.” Carley informed him before grinning, “as to who are these people, well they’re my new friends.”

    Much to her relief, Lee smiled for the first time. “I guess any friends of yours are friends of my. How did you find us?”

    “We were doing another fuel and food run when we came across your car. No one was there but I spotted Clem’s hat in the backseat, then that’s when we heard the shooting.”

    Lee gave a puzzled look. “Shooting?”

    Clementine and Carley shared a glance when the little girl spoke. “Walkers came and you were still unconscious. I got your gun when one of them found us and I shot him.”

    “That’s when I ran into the woods following the shots and found you two just as a horde of walkers were closing in.” Carley added. “Luckily, the team I was with followed me and we had what could be described as one giant shooting gallery of life and death against two hundred walkers.”

    “Shit…” Lee muttered.

    Clementine gave a disapproving look. “That’s a swear.”

    “Sorry,” Lee answered apologetically before asking Carley. “Was anyone hurt?”

    “No,” Carley answered. “After that we brought you both here.”

    Slowly, Carley glanced at Clementine before focusing on Lee again.



    Carley had to know. “What happened to Kenny and the others?”

    Lee closed his eyes and slowly shook his head. “Duck was bitten back at the motel and we couldn’t do anything for him.”

    “Oh God…” Carley gasped, still holding Lee’s hand while Clementine remained perfectly still and merely listened as Lee explained.

    “I don’t feel like going into much detail at the moment but we eventually not only lost Duck but Katjaa too. It almost destroyed Kenny. After that we met up with some other survivors like Chuck, Christa and Omid. When we finally reached Savannah, it was nothing what we had hoped for. Within two days of getting there we lost Chuck, Kenny and Ben. I was… rescuing Clementine when I got separated from Christa and Omid. I told them I would meet them outside the city afterwards but we couldn’t find them. There were so many walkers in and around Savannah by that time that we had to leave before it became our graves as well.”

    Lee paused and quietly looked at his left wrist where that one walker almost got him. It jumped out at him while he was picking up Clem’s radio in that alleyway in Savannah. It tried to bite down on his arm but it was cold that day and he found a jacket to wear and that little extra layer of clothing he had on saved him.

    He was lucky that day but sadly others were not.

    “I just hope they managed to escape as well.” Lee finished, praying that he was right.

    “I’m so sorry Lee,” Carley said. “I wish I had been there to help or something.”

    Lee gripped her hand a bit harder when he looked at her and said with complete conviction. “If you had been there, that city would probably have eaten you up as well.”

    The way he looked at her, Carley believed it.

    Next Chapter: Another Day
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    Zeruis wrote: »
    Nice! I loved how you portrayed Carley's emotions, while at the same time focusing on the zombies. Hope she's going to be okay...After all, this is an interesting way how Carley could have survived!

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    This chapter was so cool. I really liked how Lee reacted to seeing Carley alive (with an eye patch). It's good that they're back together again. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next.
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    Holy fucking wall of text, probably a nice story, but I don't have the time to read it.
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    Very good work, thanks a lot. Though i think Carley would rage because she lost her eye and was almost killed rather than because of her scar face (I'd like to see a picture btw^^). Who cares about looks in this fucked world... ;)
    btw it's "to shoot" not "to shot" ;) there a some more mistakes but i saw this one quite often

    And I hope the end is not like:
    And suddenly Clem woke up, alone and surrounded by a horde of walkers, realizing that all was just another dream and they're still all dead :(
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    Very Good. Keep up the good work!!!:D
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    I do not like it.
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    It's just too convenient, and predictable.

    Like for example, the one zombie that caused Lee's downfall missing his wrist. It's fine if Lee is alive but at least have them struggle, and squirm. Like Lee getting bit then severing his arm and surviving the infection.
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    Nice job!
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    Can't wait till some more!
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    As always, an interesting alternate universe, thank you!
    Tyrant wrote: »
    It's just too convenient, and predictable.

    Then write your own.
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    Cyreen wrote: »
    As always, an interesting alternate universe, thank you!

    Then write your own.

    Relax I'm just giving some constructive criticism. I'm not saying ARGH THIS STORY SUCKS!
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    That was was relaxed. It's easy to criticize, lets see you do better.
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