“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)



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    But Lee forgot to mention that taking from the car nearly killed all of them, just after saving them.
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    Love it! After reading your story, I listened to We're Alive. Even better that I know more about the others :-)
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    Take a look at this fan art I found that is dedicated to this story.
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    Sorry the delay but I have been very busy this summer. Also, I wasn’t sure how to bring this story to a proper conclusion. I rewrote sections of this chapter more times than I care to admit. This story should be finished by chapter 18. I appreciate all the feedback and I was the one who commissioned that picture to have it posted for later at the end of this story. How did you get your hands on it? No worries. ;)

    Chapter 17: Ashes and Blood

    The afternoon air was perfectly still with not a single breeze to be felt. This allowed the line of dark smoke to rise into the clear blue sky like a hanging thread. They were busy hitting new areas for possible supplies when they first spotted the column of smoke to the north. It was like a beacon for anyone for miles around to see, more than enough to draw them in to investigate. It was a ten minute drive before they arrived on the scene.

    “Another fortified town,” Carley muttered to the group as they stared at the undefended wall before them and behind it, the rising smoke that brought them. “And no one is home.”

    They honked the horn to their vehicle repeatedly when they first approached the wall with no response from anyone inside. Every so often, they’d drive into a town and find at least one section, or street walled off. Most of the time, it would be abandoned or overrun by walkers. If they did find people, they tend to open fire first. With survival becoming more difficult and bandits being a constant threat, mistrust, suspicion and hostility is now the normal attitude held towards all strangers.

    Standing next to Carley, Burt and Lee also eyed the makeshift wall before them. Just behind them as a precaution, Angel remained at their vehicle, covering them with his rifle.

    Someone had positioned a semi trailer length wise across the main street of the town before overturning it onto its side. Then they used it as a foundation to construct a wall from two by fours, corrugated steel, and plywood, anything to make a sturdy barrier. Definitely not pretty but the hastily built wall was ten feet tall and more than enough to keep any number of walkers out.

    “We’ve came this far, might as well see what‘s inside.” Burt suggested to everyone.

    “Who wants to go over the wall first?” Angel commented aloud as he scanned left and right along the surrounding roof tops for threats.

    “I’ll go.” Carley and Lee said in unison.

    The two immediately looked at each other and for a moment it appeared that they were about to argue. Burt watched and considered the wisdom of letting them work together outside the safety of the Nest. While Clementine might be safe behind the walls of the Nest, Lee and Carley worried about each other when one of them left the compound and something might happen to them. So naturally they often went out on the same patrols when possible to keep an eye out for each other. Unfortunately, some worried that they might end up putting someone else in jeopardy while trying to protect each other.

    It would be smarter and safer to just keep them apart on patrols but they didn’t have that luxury with manpower. Carley was a good soldier with a deadly aim and Lee was very resourceful and handled pressure well and most of all, Burt trusted them both. They were dependable and he couldn’t see them letting their feelings for each other get in the way for the safety of the group.

    At this moment, Burt just hoped they won’t fight over who goes over that wall first because he was in no mood to climb up it at his age.

    Thankfully, Lee decided to avoid any fights between him and Carley. “Just be careful.” He told her.

    Slinging her rifle, Carley smiled with relief. She appreciated that Lee cared but she‘s not some poor damsel that needs protecting.

    “I’ll be quiet as a cat.” She told him.

    “I thought you were a rooster.” Lee teased but still looked a little worried.

    Standing at the base of the wall, Lee and Burt helped to boost Carley up. Peeking over the barricade, she carefully looked around making sure all was clear before pulling herself the rest of the way up onto the wall.

    “I see the source of the smoke, a building caught fire.” She called down.

    Carley found an aluminum ladder on the other side of the wall. She easily pulled it up and dropped it over the other side to allow Burt, Lee and Angel to climb up.

    Now inside, they inspected the place together. Of all the spots inside a town that the residents could easily fortify, it would be the main street. Store buildings in a town’s core are usually built side by side allowing no gaps like alleyways. So boarding up any rear windows, doors and securing both ends of the street can do the job in building a defensive perimeter in keeping walkers or anyone else out. That’s what the people here did.

    Moving cautiously down the street, Burt, Lee, Carley and Angel passed a small variety store, a couple restaurants, a hardware store, an insurance building, a pharmacy and a grocery store. Some of the buildings were boarded up in the event that if the walls blocking the streets should be breeched the people would have a secure place to flee to. The street was even fairly clean of trash. The people here tried to keep care of their home.

    There were a few vehicles parked along the street. A quick check showed each car was working. Keys were in the ignition, the battery had a charge and the tank held a bit of gas.

    Finally they reached the source of the smoke, a burnt down church. There wasn’t much left, most of it appeared to be made from wood and the flames consumed the building right down to its very foundation. If it wasn’t for the windless day, the entire block could have gone up.

    Built behind the church, the area was walled off using three overturned tractor trailers forming another wall running between the neighboring buildings on either side of the church.

    As they drew closer to the smoldering ruins, the question if this was an accident was quickly answered.

    “An emptied gas can.” Lee commented, kicking the metal container close to the destroyed church. He looked around, getting a bad feeling about this place.

    “Got another one over here,” Angel said, finding another emptied container. They all gripped their weapons a little tighter and glancing over their shoulders more. The ashes weren’t even cooled off yet.

    For a moment they all stared back at the smoking remains of the church before Burt finally moved towards the cement steps, one of the few structures remaining of the building. Slowly, the rest of the group followed him.

    Some of the ashes piled on the top of the steps were still glowing red hot. Burt looked carefully until he spotted something in the smoking debris at his feet. He pulled his knife out before kneeling down, probing the ashes with the long blade until they all heard a faint chink of metal. Slowly, Burt lifted up what he had found for all to see. Hanging from the end of his knife was a chain looped around two metal door handles, secured by a padlock.

    “Oh shit.” Carley cursed. “Please don’t tell me that people were inside.”

    Lee stepped pass Burt, moving closer to the edge of the church’s foundation to look down. There was nothing but smoldering ashes and scorched heavy support beams left but he could just make out charred remains of bodies, all piled together just below him. When the fire started, a lot of people were at the door, trying to get out but failed. Lee hoped they had succumbed to the smoke quickly and didn‘t suffer. The only other good thing was that there wasn’t much left for them to turn into walkers.

    “Don’t look, Carley.” Lee whispered when he sensed her approaching from behind.

    She heeded his advice and stepped away but Burt and Angel moved to Lee’s side and peered down. Angel didn’t say a word but he, Saul and Michael had seen situations like this many times after the first few days of the outbreak. People just went insane. Mass suicides on a scale never seen because everyone believed it was the end of times. God was finally passing his judgment on the human race and people were ending their lives because of that fear. Unfortunately, unless they ended their lives that also destroyed the brain all they were doing was making the situation worse by becoming walkers.

    Angel remembered the number of walkers he’d spotted with slit wrists or people hanging themselves only to become walkers later, struggling at the end of a noose. If people knew what they would become after they died, they probably would have avoided committing suicide or at least waited until they could end their life gathered cleanly with a bullet. However staring at the charred bodies that spent their final moments trying to escape and the chained door handles, he knew this was a murder scene.

    Burt just stared at the remains of the victims before muttering angrily. “This looks like it happened a little more than two hours ago. There might be a chance the people who did this might be around.”

    “If they’re here,” Lee nodded, on the same page with Burt. “Then let’s find them.”

    Moving carefully, they continued their search until they reached a street junction. The people here blocked two of them off. The one to the right was walled off like the street behind them. Straight ahead, they had a wall with a heavy barn door large enough for vehicles to drive through. The street to the left went on for about six buildings before it too ended at another wall.

    Walking down this new street, their attention was drawn to the town bank that was heavily fortified. The windows were all bricked up and the glass front doors were replaced with heavy metal fire doors. Parked in front of it was a heavy pickup truck.

    “That place looks like a castle.” Carley commented about the opposing bricked building.

    Burt nodded. “Of all the structures here, a bank would be the sturdiest built.”

    With weapons up and moving in two by two covering formation they approached the bank. Burt was in the lead while Carley acted as his wingman. Trailing just behind them, Angel and Lee provided cover.

    The former marine checked the door and found it to be unlocked. With a nod to Carley and the others, he went inside. A second later, Carley followed him with Angel and Lee not far behind. The interior was dark with no apparent source of light inside, so Angel left the door open to let in the daylight.

    He stood there surrounded by a blackened void with no care or fear. In fact he felt nothing or even remembered who or what he once was. No emotion, a single thought or even a pulse coursing through him. Then he heard the sound of a door opening and a faint light now lifting the darkness. It was then he became active. A single thought, no more like an instinct, a need to seek prey that was driving him now.

    The inside of the bank was dark and even with the front door open they had to use their flashlights to see. Once switched on, the glow from their hand lanterns revealed a treasure trove of supplies and equipment all arranged neatly on tables and shelves. Generators, hand tools, car batteries, spare parts for vehicles, right to down to light bulbs and wood screws. The people here turned the bank into a secured storage depot.

    Carley shined her light over several small boxes of fresh batteries of various types. “We could use much of this stuff.”

    “They’re definitely well equipped,” Lee commented before he thought back to that station wagon. “We need to make sure there is no one left here before we start helping ourselves to their stuff.”

    He heard sounds of prey. They were close and their flashlights and voices were drawing him closer.

    “We would have encountered someone by now,” Burt replied. “Still we’ll do a thorough search of this place. No telling what else they…”

    It then they heard something moving in the darkness further back into the room. They all turned their flashlights towards the direction of the sound as they raised their weapons.

    “Who’s there?” Burt commanded. “Come on out!”

    He moved from behind a shelf and spotted them. The way they moved and smelled. Prey! The mere sight of them triggered an aggression, a uncontrollable hunger. He must feed. He charged a dark skinned man who was the closest to him. His physical appearance meant nothing, just like the shotgun the prey was now aiming at him.

    As soon as the walker appeared, Lee calmly leveled his shotgun at it. Just as the undead creature started to charge, Lee pulled the trigger. Buckshot at close range can just about stop anything even the dead if your aim is high enough for a headshot.

    “On me!” Burt shouted just as the walker fell.

    As one, they closed in with Burt who was in the center of the room and together they formed into a defensive circle, aiming their weapons and lights outward. They waited and listened for a minute.

    “I think that was it.” Angel said.

    “Okay,” Burt nodded forward. “Let finish our sweep. Everyone stay in sight and no wandering off.”

    As they continued their search, Lee moved back to the walker he had shot. Kneeling down next to the body, Lee began to check him for anything of use. First removing a handgun holstered on his belt. Lee then noticed that this walker looked fresh with a single gunshot wound to the chest but he also smelled of… smoke.

    He heard Carley’s footsteps as she knelt down to inspect the walker herself. “You have that troubled look, Lee.” She observed. “What is it?”

    “I‘m not sure,” Lee commented softly. “I don’t think this guy was dead for long.”

    He started to check the walker’s coat pockets. “Son of a bitch!” He cursed as he pulled something from the right pocket.

    Carley tried to look. “What?”

    He held up a used pack of matches, showing them to Carley.

    “You think he started the fire?”

    “He smells of smoke and has matches,” Lee said before shrugging. “What I think no longer matters. He’s dead.”

    Suddenly they heard Angel voice calling to them. “Lee! Carley! Get over here!”

    In the back of the bank, they found Burt and Angel standing to the entrance of the vault that was wide opened.

    “Is everything okay?” Carley asked as she and Lee approached.

    Angel glanced at them before stepping away to permit them to look inside. Shining their lights into the darken interior, they spotted three bodies lying prone on the floor but it what was lining the walls of the vault that finally caught their attention.

    Lee’s jaw dropped and Carley’s good eye widened.

    Hastily constructed wood shelves ran along the three walls of the vault and all filled with canned goods almost right to the ceiling.

    “This is good as gold.” Lee whispered. Although they weren’t staving, food was always up high on their list of priorities, along with just staying alive. Then he aimed his flashlight on the three bodies. “Who are these people?”

    Burt’s attention never left them, keeping a watchful eye as he held his gun at the ready if they should turn. “All three looked to be shot in the back, probably by their friend who you just shot, Lee.”

    “What makes you think that, Burt?” Carley asked.

    “The first two are face down with a bullet in their backs but the last one is on his side with several bullet wounds. He might have had time to turn and get his gun out to fire a shot off, scoring a hit. Look,” he pointed to the heavy metal door. “There’s blood splatter on the inside door of the vault.”

    Lee agreed. “Considering they haven’t turned yet, they weren’t dead for long.”

    “Why would bandits turn on each other?” Angel wondered, not that bunch of bandits killing each other off wasn’t a bad idea.

    “I don’t think these are bandits.” Lee said. “We haven’t seen any other bodies besides the ones inside the church. These people here would have had guards on the walls protecting them. Where are they? They would have put up a fight if they were any good.”

    Angel looked at Lee then back to the three bodies with disgust. “They murdered their own people?”

    Burt muttered darkly. “Probably the very guards met to watch the walls and protect the rest of the people here.”

    Carley looked pale. “They herded them into that church and set it afire?”

    “Probably not by force,” Burt said. “You know what day it is?”

    Carley shook her head. “Sorry, I have lost track of the days.”

    “It’s Sunday.” Lee said quietly.

    “Yeah,” Burt grunted. “They waited until they were all inside the church then chained the door and took gasoline and a lit match to it. After that they came in here to help themselves to the supplies but one got even greedier and shoots his three accomplices when their backs were turned but one managed to get him too.”

    “If this is true then I hope this will give their victims some peace.” Carley said slowly, thinking of the people back at the burned down church.

    As they watched, one of the bodies suddenly twitched.

    “Ahhh,” Angel said aloud, lifting his rifle. “Anyone else see that?”

    “Yeah, I saw it.” Lee replied. “We’d better put them down before they all decide to turn at the same time.”

    “I hate wasting three perfectly good bullets on these guys.” Burt complained sarcastically.

    “Who’ll do the honors?” Angel asked. “I guess I will.”

    “I’ll do it.” Lee offered.

    “No,” Burt shook his head. “I’m in charge of this little group and I should do it. I just hope my bullets will forgive me.”

    “I’ll do it.” Carley readied her rifle and when she saw the three men opening their mouths to speak she quickly added. “Ladies first, remember?”

    She didn’t wait for any replies before walking up to the bodies and fired a single round into each of their heads. And with each pull of the trigger, her thoughts were on the victims at the church.


    Afterwards, they decided to drag the four bodies outside onto the middle of the street. Lee glanced at the four corpses for a moment before asking to the others.

    “Are we going to burn them?”

    “Fuck them,” Burt said. “Let the rodents have a meal for once.”

    “They’ll stink up the place,” Lee explained to him. “Also, we still don’t really know if they’re responsible for what happened to the church.”

    “It‘s good enough for me,” Burt answered. “Besides, I’m not going waste time or fuel to burn them.”

    “There’s a lot of stuff here and it’ll take a few trips to haul everything back to the Nest,” Angel reasoned. “Let’s burn them and be done…”

    Angel turned his head just in time to spot two armed figures moving down the street towards them, darting around the parked vehicles. One appeared to be lining them up for a shot with a rifle.

    “Watch it!” he shouted, raising his M4 and fired a quick burst. He missed, shattering a vehicle window but it forced their attackers to dive for cover behind the car.

    Burt ducked seeking shelter in the doorway to the bank while Angel, Lee and Carley huddled behind the nearby truck.

    “How many?” Burt asked.

    “Two!” Angel replied. “Both armed with rifles.”

    From the doorway of the bank, Burt dared to glance around the corner to try and survey their attacker’s locations. The moment he did, there was loud crack of a rifle and a bullet struck the wall inches from his face.

    “They’re good shots.” The ex-marine commented, moving further into cover trying to think of a plan to get them out of this mess.

    “We can’t stay here.” Lee said. “We’ve got to get out of this dead-end street.”

    Carley eyed a furniture store across the street from them. It was boarded up but the store front was about three hundred feet long. It easily dominated everything on that side of the street. It even had two different entrances on oppose ends. One doorway closest to them looked ajar, the other door was located down the street close to their attackers.

    “If we can reach that furniture store, we could use it to flank them!” Carley said.

    “Then do it! You and Lee flank them,” Burt ordered. “Angel and I will cover you and keep them pinned down.”

    More gunfire was hurled dow
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    I was the one who commissioned that picture to have it posted for later at the end of this story. How did you get your hands on it?

    I found the picture on Deviantart.com and wanted to show it here. :o Just saying. :D
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  • **Chapter 18: Survival **

    At the scene of the massacre, they stood on the top steps of the burned down church. The raising smoke brought them here to this very spot. Since the start of the outbreak, they all been through hell, seen more than they like to admit and had even done horrible things in the name of survival but nothing they did ever approached to this bloody scale and cruelty. Staring at the victims remains amongst the ashes in silence, they were all thinking the same thing. Who did this and where do we find them?

    Their attention soon focused back on the fresh footprints they had found when they first came upon the destroyed church. The moment they found the vehicle outside the town walls, they had been on the owner’s trail ever since.

    “The footprints head further in.” Daryl said, slinging his crossbow for his AK-47 rifle instead.

    Rick turned away the church, some of the ashes were still glowing hot. “Do you know how many?”

    “Four.” the young southern said, inspecting the tracks in the soft sandy soil.

    “Are we going after them?” Glenn asked, still bothered by what he saw. There could be a hundred bodies in that church.

    “We are and to get some answers.” Rick replied, the lawman part of him was looking for the truth as to what happened here and to hand out some justice.

    Michonne stepped up next to him. “And if they’re responsible?”

    Rick looked at her, knowing what she intended to do if they did catch up with them. “Let’s just find them first.”

    They moved forward, not sure what they’d find further ahead. More carnage like what happened at the church? A possible ambush by the people who did this? Survivors that escaped the church massacre and are in desperate need of help?

    They just reached a boarded up sub shop when they heard a gunshot.

    “That was close,” Daryl said. “Down the street to the left.”

    By the time they reached the street corner, they heard three more shots, one after another. These also came to their left, down the only street remaining that was not blocked off.

    Rick and Daryl were on the left side of the street as they approached while Glee and Michonne moved up on the other side of the street, creeping slowly and sticking close to a couple of parked vehicles.

    Just ahead a heavy door opened to a building that looked like a fortified bank and several figures came out dragging bodies behind them.

    Rick and Daryl ducked behind a car. Across from them, Michonne and Glee only had a street bench for cover. It was then she tried a door to a furniture store than stretched down the street almost across from the bank. Michonne signaled to Rick that she and Glenn were going in to use the building to get in closer.

    As this happened, Daryl watched and counted four people, three males and one female. One was in full military gear and the others were dressed in a mixture of civilian and military clothing. Weaponry wise, they were well equipped too, with military looking rifles, handguns and a single pump action shotgun. They were busy piling four bodies into the middle of the street and talking to each other.

    Crouching from behind the car, Daryl raised his rifle to use the scope to take a closer look at the corpses. Studying the bodies through the hunting scope they looked too fresh to be walkers with gunshots to the head.

    Suddenly, the one in uniform spotted him. He lifted his rifle, shouting out a warning before opening fire.

    The windows in the car they were hiding behind were instantly shattered out by a three round burst. That little display of firepower told Rick that they did have at least some military grade weapons.

    Rick had limited options with the bullets already flying. They couldn’t figure out who they were and Rick sure wasn’t going to take a chance and wave the white flag just to introduce themselves. He sure wasn’t going to let another Woodbury happen either. If they belong to a larger group, they can’t afford to let these people to escape and tell about them. Also, they couldn’t retreat with Michonne and Glenn in the furniture store and they needed supplies.

    There was only one choice they ever really had since the first outbreak. Survival.

    “Let them have it!” Rick told Daryl as he popped up and took aim at the old man peering at them in the doorway of the bank and fired. Missed!

    They continued to exchange gunfire for several moments when a sudden fury of increased gunfire poured down, forcing them to duck further behind the car for cover. The vehicle protecting them quickly became riddled with bullet holes.

    “Two of them are running for the opposite door of that furniture store!” Daryl shouted as he peered around the car.

    “Stop them!” Rick yelled back.

    Daryl tried to aim without getting his head taken off. It was a black guy and a spooky chic, with an eye patch darting right across the street. He took a couple of quick shots but missed. When the black guy reached the door, he stepped in but he held it open like a perfect gentleman for the spooky chic. By the time he retook aim, ‘Spooky’ just raced inside but the gentleman’s arm and shoulder were still partially exposed.

    He took a shot just as another hail of bullet struck the car close to him. Daryl’s aim was thrown off as he fired, missing again.

    He cursed, hopping that Michonne and Glenn could handle them. Who is he kidding? Michonne would make short work of the two that just went inside. With luck, Glenn wouldn’t slip and fall on the bloody mess she’ll leave in her wake.

    Inside the furniture store, Michonne and Glenn made their way through the building. The place had been turned into living accumulations and blankets were hanging from the ceiling to create makeshift rooms that were slowing their progress. The last thing they wanted was to hurry and run into a hidden walker as they tried to reach other side of the building.

    Then they heard the gunshots from outside. Rick and Daryl were in obvious trouble and Michonne and Glenn moved quicker.

    Up ahead they soon heard a door open and the footsteps of people rushing inside. Michonne signalled to Glenn to slow up as she advanced further ahead. She heard the voice of a man and a woman just on the other side of a suspended bed blanket in front of her. Michonne listened as the female was concerned about her male companion possibly being injured.

    She decided now was the time to strike while they were distracted. The fighting had already started outside and now it was them or us. In this new world those who hesitate usually don‘t survive long.

    Michonne peered behind the blanket and spotted the female standing with her back to her. The male was standing further away and in front of the woman who was blocking his line of sight to anything behind her. They were both vulnerable.

    Gripping her katanna, Michonne pushed the blanket aside to attack. Her plan was simple and very direct. Kill the woman before pushing her lifeless body into her friend. This would prevent the male from using any of his weapons for a few seconds giving Michonne enough time to deal with him next.

    Halfway to her target, the man spotted her and shouted out a warning. The female reacted quickly, spinning about face her.

    Too late for you, Michonne thought as she drew back her sword before swinging her bladed weapon straight at the woman’s neck. There was no way the woman could bring her rifle around in time to shoot.


    Michonne felt the jarring impacted through her arms. Either through perfect timing, dumb luck or the grace of God, the woman’s rifle saved her life. The female held her weapon just high enough as she turned with the barrel pointed upward to block Michonne’s attack at the right moment.

    For the first time, she and the female eyes met, no, one eye. Where the woman’s left eye should be was only a leather eye patch. All that Michonne saw in her expression was shock and confusion.

    She’s obviously wondering who the hell I am…

    Who the hell is this?!!

    Before Carley even finished that thought, Michonne attacked again. In a flash, she spun about in the opposite direction, crouching down low, her sword blade aimed for Carley’s legs.

    Carley reacted by pure instinct and almost threw her rifle to block that cutting blade.

    CLINK! The blade struck Carley’s rifle again but she was a split second too slow and Carley felt the blade biting into her lower thigh, drawing blood.

    FUCK! That hurts!!

    Michonne then jumped into the air and brought her weapon up and over her head, bringing her sword down on Carley like she was about to chop firewood. Carley didn’t have time to even consider trying to shoot her. She was too damned fast and too close. All she could do was protect herself by raising her rifle up over her head to block the strike. Michael and Burt taught her some close quarters combat for fighting human opponents, like fighting bandits but against ‘Samurai Jane’. This was a whole new level.

    “Lee! Shoot this bitch!” Carley screamed, having frightful images of herself being sliced up like a tomato if something wasn‘t done soon.

    Lee was moving, but found himself shoving and kicking over furniture trying to get around for opening to use his shotgun as the two women fought. He was so focused on coming to Carley’s aid that he failed to notice the dark figure closing on him from behind.

    Lee felt something slamming against the back of his head and he fell, dropping his shotgun as he hit the floor. He was trying to shake the stars from his eyes when he heard a demanding male voice shout.

    “Don’t move!”

    Turning his head slightly to the right, Lee saw a pair of feet standing close. Lee didn’t need to lift his eyes to know there was a weapon trained on him. Not far away he could hear Carley still fighting for her life against that sword wielding manic. He had to save her!

    Still gathering his wits, Lee tried to think of a plan and maybe get this fellow talking to get his guard down. “Who are you? Why are you attacking us?”

    “Shut up!“ The man snapped back. “We saw what you did at the church.”

    You got to be kidding! We’re getting the blame for that?

    “It wasn’t us.” Lee replied, trying to turn his head to see the man’s face.

    “Eyes down!” The man shouted.

    Carley felt that she was trapped in one of those horror movies and someone even scarier than Michael Myers was coming after her. She blocked several slashing attacks but polymer plastic parts of her rifle were flying off it now. More worrying, Carley was expecting at any moment to lose some fingers while holding her rifle up as a shield.

    She kept retreating, backing up and hoping for Lee to come to rescue but he had seemingly disappeared. He never would have abandoned her, so something must have happened. Samurai Jane had to have a partner.

    If they did anything to him!

    Suddenly, Carley backed right into a wall and Michonne was right on top of her, with her sword raised and ready to finish her off. In one swift motion, Michonne lunged forward plunging her sword straight for Carley’s chest. She tried to block the attack with her rifle or to move out of the way but it was coming too fast to react in time. Carley watched as if in slow motion, the sword piercing the center of her carrying vest, right for her heart.

    Carley screamed.

    Lee heard Carley’s scream.

    Fucking bastards!

    She was being murdered! His blood boiled as his rage clouded everything in red. He was going to make everyone of them pay for harming her.

    They’re all dead!

    With a roaring shout and total disregard to his life, Lee stood up like a shot, lashing out against the man who was holding him at gunpoint. Swinging his arms out almost blindly as he rose, he felt his right arm come into contact with a shotgun barrel. He pushed it up and away just as it discharged harmlessly into the ceiling.

    With both hands, he grabbed for the weapon and with enraged strength he pulled it from the shocked man’s grasp. Now, in control of the shotgun, he slammed the butt plate of the weapon into the man’s chest, knocking him flat.

    Lee moved over the fallen figure, aiming the shotgun before pulling the fore grip back to chamber a new shell and eject the old one. His finger tightened on the trigger when he finally saw the man’s face. Lee paused as his eyes widened in disbelief.


    The young Korean looked up in surprise, seeing the face of the man standing over him for the first time. It felt like another lifetime ago since they last saw each other.

    “Lee?” He coughed, holding his hands up defensively.

    Lee was nearly too stun to speak. For a moment, the shock and confusion of the situation helped to contain his rage. “Glenn… What the fuck? Why?”

    Glenn was just as shocked, coming face to face with someone who he thought he would never see again. “We spotted your vehicle outside and found the church…” He tried to explain. “Then we heard the gunshots and saw you dragging out those bodies from the bank. We thought you did all of this…”

    “We didn’t!” Lee shouted angrily.

    With that, he turned and raced to try and save Carley.


    The plunging sword was stopped cold as the razor sharp point struck something metal under Carley’s carrier vest. For a moment, the short brunette couldn‘t believe that she was still alive. Michonne was equally surprised that her sword failed to strike home.

    *She’s wearing ballistic armor! * Michonne realized.

    With a sudden surged of fresh adrenaline flowing through Carley veils, she screamed again but in fury, slamming her rifle into the black woman’s face.

    As Michonne staggered backward from the hit, Carley stepped after her and rammed the butt stock of her rifle into her face again. At that moment, Carley wished she had the heavier and the solidly built AK-47. Its steel and solid wood construction makes for a better clubbing weapon for close fighting. Much better than her light weight metal and polymer plastic AR-15 which feels like it was going to come apart any second in her hands. However, the last hit got Samurai Jane to drop her sword.

    Carley tried to swing the barrel of her rifle around to shoot and end this nightmare when Michonne lunged at her, snarling in defiance with fists raised. She struck Carley on her right cheek, setting her world spinning. As the smaller woman hit the floor, her rifle slipped from her grasp. However, Carley still had enough her wits about her to kick her feet out, striking the other woman in the left knee. Carley heard the woman cry as she fell close next to her.

    Carley right hand immediately reached for her holster. With my luck I might need silver bullets to stop her!

    Still wincing from the kick to the knee she received from Carley, Michonne looked over and spotted her sword almost within reach. A short lunge across the floor and she had her katanna sword in her hand instantly.

    The one eyed woman’s luck will end! Michonne promised herself.

    Carley pulled the flap to the holster open and her hand closed around the comforting handle of her glock.

    Michonne rose to her knees, ignoring the pain in her left leg as she spun to drive her sword home and finish off her opponent once all for all. The one eyed woman’s chest was protected but her neck is not.

    Carley rolled, flipping the safety off in one quick motion as she brought her gun up to shoot and prepared to empty the entire clip if needed.

    In that moment, they both froze. Carley had her glock pointed right at Michonne’s chest while her opponent had the point of her sword a mere inch from her neck.

    The two women almost sneered at one another, exchanging fiery and defiant stares.

    “Drop it, Samurai Jane!” Carley growled.

    The Michonne almost cracked an amused smile, not flinching for a second in their standoff. “Willing to grant me mercy like those in that church you burned down!”

    “Listen dumbass! We didn‘t… ” Carley started to say.


    Finally, much to Carley’s relief, Lee appeared leveling a shotgun at Michonne. Then everything got more confusing when she heard a second and familiar voice.


    Glenn? Carley couldn’t really tell because she and Samurai Jane were locked in a staring contest and had no intention of blinking first.

    The young man appeared next to Lee, gesturing to everyone with outstretched hands. “Oh, God… Carley? Everyone, just STOP!”

    He turned his attention towards the black woman holding the sword at Carley’s throat. “Michonne! We made a mistake here. These people didn’t do it.”

    Michonne’s eyes never wandered from Carley’s. “What makes you so sure?”

    “I know them, both of them.” Glenn told her. “I met them over a year ago. They wouldn’t have done that.”

    Michonne was skeptical. “A year is a long time for people to change, especially now. How can you trust them now?”

    “Because Lee could have killed me a minute ago.” Glenn said.

    Michonne paused as the logic to Glenn’s words finally registered and to realize they might have been wrong. Still staring intently at Carley, Michonne finally lowered her sword. Both Glenn and Lee started to breathe easier.

    Carley however kept glaring angrily at her but she also finally lowered her gun, letting Michonne stand up and limp away.

    Lee also lowered his shotgun as he hurried to Carley’s side, while keeping an cautious eye on Michonne and Glenn.

    “Are you okay?” He asked the short brunette.

    Carley struggled to her feet, still feeling the stinging cut on her left leg. “I’m fine Lee.”

    He finally saw the blood on the floor and the dark stain running down her left pant leg. “You’re bleeding.”

    “I said, I’m fine,” Carley repeated. “It’s just a cut. Just slap a band-aid on it and I’ll be good.” She then cast her attention to the young Korean. “Good to see you Glenn but can’t say the same for the company you keep.”

    “I have no excuse for what happened,” Michonne simply said. “I am thankful no one died but that might change soon if we don‘t get the others to stop shooting at each other.”

    Outside, gunfire continued to erupt.

  • Okay, I think I broke this part of the forum. I have my story posted over at fanfiction.net for easier reading. Last Survivors This part of the story is turning out a lot longer than I thought. Expect a few more chapters before the 'ending'.

  • Looks like the shit has really hit the fan now. Please continue writing.

  • Can't wait to see what happens next!

  • You all remember this fanfic right? Well, Chapter 19 has finally been posted.

  • Tldr.is this a crossover of the show or the comic?

  • Sorry for the delay. The helicopter crash scene was from the comic because the third episode didn't aired yet in my area and I couldn't wait. The rest of it will follow the tv show.

    Tldr.is this a crossover of the show or the comic?

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