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“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)

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This is a crossover fanfic with the “Walking Dead” game and “We're Alive” a podcast show. Those who are not familiar with We’re Alive, it is more like survivors battling the monsters from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead than facing the undead in a typical zombie apocalypse movie.

Unfortunately, the characters from We’re Alive are all situated in Los Angeles and I had to move them into Georgia to make this work.

And yes, Carley survives the gunshot in this one. If you don’t like it then write your own story. :p

FF.Net Link: Last Survivors

Feedback is needed. ;)

Chapter One: Wounds

"She... She.... She's dead! Why did she shoot her?"

"Get in! We're leaving this crazy bitch."


"Lee, she's gone. You heard Ben, you can't help her. Get in or do I have to drag you!"

She woke as if coming out of a deep sleep to find herself face down in the dirt.

What happened?

Almost immediately she felt a painful burning sensation in her left cheek and eye. Her head started to throb as she tried to move her limbs.

Shit. I feel like crap. What happened?

Slowly she pushed herself up and that's when she noticed something else was wrong. She couldn't see out of her left eye. It was night but the moon and stars were out and giving off enough light to see out of her right eye but something was wrong with her left.

Fighting down her panic, she reached up and touched the left side of her face. When she pulled her hand back she found it to be covered in blood. Almost shaking in fear now, she looked around to find herself on the side of a long stretch of a road, lined with trees on either side.

How did I get here?

Then she heard them, the slow shuffling of feet through piles of fallen leaves and the bone chilling constant low moaning. Like right out of a foreboding bad dream, three walkers emerged out from the shadows of the trees, heading straight towards her.

Carley rose to her feet to flee but she almost blacked out from the effort. The sudden movement caused new pain to surged through her head, making it feel like it was about to split open.

The walkers closed in on their new prey.

No, get up and move!

Through sheer will and much fear for her life, Carley started to run as best as she could but her aching head made it almost impossible and for some reason her body had so little strength to give. At most, all she could manage was a fast walk down the road. Carley fumbled inside her coat for her gun but came up empty. The situation was growing from bad to worse.

I'm injured, most likely seriously, no weapon and being chased by walkers. Which one will do me in first?

Looking behind, one of the three walkers was actually gaining on her. Carley tried to move faster but every step felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her already throbbing head.

The fast walker behind her sounded so close now that she didn't dare look back. Exhaustion was overtaking her and Carley started to cry from her good eye. Maybe it would be better to stop running and let it end now than drag this out needlessly.

Then there was a light from behind and the sound of an engine. A vehicle was approaching and it filled Carley with unexpected hope to keep moving. The vehicle was loud as it sped up and swerved around them to pass on her left. Carley looked and her jaw dropped. It was a humvee! An honestly to goodness US military humvee.

Still trying to keep ahead of the pursuing walkers, Carley tried to wave and call to them but she couldn’t catch her breath to shout. Worse, probably in her condition and in the dark they might think she was a walker too. Even in the gloom of night, she could see faces inside the vehicle windows looking out but they were already passing to accelerate away.

With all she had left, Carley finally screamed out. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

This caused her head ache even more but it made the humvee screeched to a halt about fifty feet ahead of her. The front side passenger door flew open and a man jumped out. It was too dark to make out his face but the outline of his body showed that he was dressed head to toe in full military combat gear. In his hands, he cradled an assault rifle. At that moment he was the most beautiful sight in the world to Carley.

He took a step towards her as he brought his weapon up. "If you are living, GET DOWN!" The man barked.

Carley almost nodded as she dropped to the hard pavement. An instant later, she heard three loud cracks from his discharging weapon. When her ears stopped ringing seconds later, the moaning of the walkers that had been dogging her from behind had been permanently silenced. Still on her hands and knees and gasping for breath, Carley couldn't stop shaking, unable to believe she was rescued. She then heard more voices coming from the vehicle.

"Watch the tree line!" A powerful and rough older voice commanded. "But shoot only if you have to!"

"I got it!" A much youthful male voice answered back.

Carley then heard people approaching. Lifting her head, she saw the soldier and next to him a woman in plain civilian clothing hurrying to her with flashlights. When they reached her, they shined their lights right into Carley's face, nearly blinding her. Her two would be rescuers actually paused in shock which scared Carley.

How bad are my injuries?

For a moment she feared they would turn around and abandon her.

"Please, don't leave me." Her plead was feeble and weak but she nearly at the end of her rope, her strength fading and she was terrified of dying out here alone.

The woman snapped out of it first and spoke with a gentle French accent. "We won’t." She knelt down next to her, taking Carley's hand into hers before turning to the soldier. "Angel, help me."

However, the soldier still hesitated before kneeling down before Carley, studying her damaged face with his flashlight.

“Wait.” He was more professional sounding and asked Carley direct. “Were you bitten?”

“I don’t know…” Carley muttered. She couldn’t remember what happened to her, her headache was getting even worse. “I was with a group at this motel and we were attacked by bandits. We escaped but… everything is a blank after that. Help me… please… please…”

Angel nodded and looked to the French woman. “Riley, this looks like a messy gunshot wound and not a bite. Let’s chance it.”

I was shot? I need a mirror to see how bad it is.

From the humvee, the young voice called to them. "I would hurry you two! We're doubled park and I'm seeing a ton of movement in the trees!"

Riley and Angel each took an arm and helped Carley to their vehicle and quickly placed her in the back. All the way to the humvee, Carley was almost delirious with gratitude, thanking them over and over. She wanted to kiss them.

Inside, Carley collapsed into her seat in a mixture of relief and exhaustion as the French woman took her place next to her on her right. To Carley’s left a large and older man with no hair and a grey beard, dressed in civilian cloths climbed in.

To the front, Angel hurried around into the passenger seat as the driver slide back behind the wheel pulling a pair of night vision goggles from his face. He turned back to them and he was a young black man, dressed in full combat gear like Angel.

"How is our..." He stopped when he looked at Carley and saw her face and nearly exclaimed. “Holy... Is she going to be all right?”

Carley could barely keep her good eye open now. On second thought, I don’t want that mirror.

"Just drive Saul." The French woman said urgently, as she reached in the back compartment for the first aid kit. “Burt, help me dress her wound.”

The older man leaned in closer to help Riley tend to Carley’s damaged face before saying in a gruff voice. “Radio ahead and warn them we have wounded coming in.”

“I’m already on it.” Angel said.

The humvee pulled away as dozens of walkers piled out onto the road from the forest. They mindlessly tried to follow the military vehicle as its taillights grew smaller into the night before disappearing around a bend in the road.

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  • Btw, are you still writing the chapters? I've read your earlier chapters, and I have to say, you are an impressive writer! Better than me by far, and I write on xD. Your story is awesome, and I'd say inspired to me to try to write more of TWD and to enhance my capabilities. I hope you continue to write this spin-off, sor it is really interesting, and I'd have to say incredible as I've never even thought of the small posibility Carley could survive the shot! Your chapters are just getting better and better, and I've longed for a relationship between Carley and Lee, that never really happened :/. But please continue! Your writing is an excellent source of inspiration and motivation for other writers like me to aspire to new heights! Just reading them have filled me with creative ideas, some that I'm incredibly excited to propose. I hope you won't end them soon, for they are brilliant. Maybe submit these, you could just find someone out there looking for your talents. Anyway, excellent job on that!

    Also, if you could continue, if the mansion gets overrun, unless you live in Georgia and are familiar to the area, maybe you could have them move somewhere else? I can't see them living off where they are much longer, and somewhere farther north where new survivors could be lurking, new enemies, new plot twists, and other crazy situations could be introduced. For example, a group war going on and Carley/Lee's group is caught in the middle, forced to take sides. Maybe they'd choose rightly or wrong, and maybe meet an old friend along the way. Maybe aquire new members. Or maybe like a clan of people, those who live like the ancient ancestors of the East; heavily armored(chain-mail), using melee weapons and bows, on horseback or not, living off the land, and surviving old-fashioned. Sort of like your Amish, but more badass I'd think. I'd love to see some medieval fighting. Idk, just some suggestions unseen so far(as far as I know!)

    Hope everything goes well, good luck!
  • I'm still around and writing... Alot. :)

    Chapter 14: Shadows

    “Allen, the sun is just about to go down. We should head back to the truck and get the hell out of here.” Paul said nervously, knowing how far of a walk it is to reach their vehicle.

    His companion however, looked more annoyed than worried. This was the tenth time in as many minutes that Paul suggested in leaving.

    “We were told to watch the place and radio in anything that happens,” he said. “Two vehicles already tried to leave and more might try again soon. Our roadblock will be toast if they send out that armored humvee of theirs and we don’t alert them that it’s coming. Who do you think will get the blame if that happens?”

    After weeks of carefully planning, everything was working out surprisingly well. For a long time the walled up mansion was basically an impenetrable fortress with its well armed occupants protecting it. Months had gone by and all the bandits like Allen and Paul could do was to monitor the Nest’s radio traffic and their ridiculous bird nicknames they gave to each other.

    They came up with several plans but always, taking the place seemed impossible without it being a one sided slaughter. Then someone hit on the idea of trying to draw a large herd of walkers towards it by using explosives and let them do all the dirty work. At the very least, it’ll weaken their defenses and waste their ammo in fighting the thousands of dead off.

    The two bandits on lookout were safe and secure in the attic of an abandoned home about 500 yards away with its own long private driveway, tucked away far off the main road. It was one of the few places that they could get close enough driving across country without being seen by their watch tower. Once inside, they carefully punched a small hole in the roof so they could spy on them. They had a clear view of the mansion and its gate. What was happening inside those walls was another mystery.

    The thousands of walkers were almost on them and with some luck the dead could wipe them all out. Then all they had to do was set off another explosion or two to draw them off and the place and its supplies would be theirs.

    “Allen, I just don’t like the idea of possibility being trapped up here, Allen.” a frighten Paul admitted.

    “And you think I do?” Allen replied in frustration before calming himself. “This attic is accessible only by using a step ladder which we can easily kick away, we’ll be safe. The people in that mansion are the ones that should be afraid. So relax.”


    “Walkers have made contact with the north wall,” Angel reported over the radio. “The main body is just a few minutes behind.”

    Down at the garage area, Saul came running out of the vehicle building carrying a large box. “I got the fireworks.”

    Michael was with Burt at the humvee.

    “Got enough gas in that thing?” he asked the ex-marine.

    Burt was behind the wheel of the vehicle with the driver side door open as he checked the fuel gauge.

    “We’ve got a quarter of a tank.” he answered.

    Saul quickly walked around the humvee before opening the passenger side door to hop in. Burt was about to start the vehicle when he heard Michael opening the rear passenger door behind him.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Going with you,” Michael responded. “It’s nearly nightfall and I’m not letting you two go out there without an extra gun.”

    Burt shook his head at the offer. “Bad idea, right now this place needs you more. Hold down the fort.”

    “This isn’t up to you Burt…”

    Standing close by, Carley could see Burt and Michael were about to argue again which they don’t have the time to afford. “I’ll go.” she volunteered.

    Lee was next to her and immediately he blurted out a shocked. “What?”

    “We don’t have time to fight about this,” Carley said to both Michael and Lee as she stepped towards the humvee. “The walkers will be blocking the gate any minute. I’ll go and make sure Burt and Saul come back.” Carley then pointed a finger directly at Michael. “Just make sure that this place is intact when we return.”

    “Yes, ma’am.” Michael uttered with an almost amused look.

    “Then I’m going with you.” Lee replied and when Carley looked ready to protest, he interrupted her using her own words. “We don’t have time to argue. I’m coming to make sure you come back too.”

    “This is all very touching,” Burt said. “But I’m leaving in ten seconds so get in!”

    As Carley and Lee jumped in the back of the humvee, Michael handed Burt his night vision goggles. “The batteries are still good in this one but try and save it for the return trip.”

    “We’re probably going to be stuck out there at least until morning or whenever most of the walkers moves on,” Burt said as he took the goggles placing them on the floorboard by his feet. “Hopefully we won’t need to use it much.”

    Burt shut the driver’s side door as Michael approached the gate with several of his fighters ready.

    “There’s a bunch of walkers in front of the gate now,” Riley whispered to Michael as she peeked outside through the tarp covering it. “I can count six with several more off in the distance.”

    The army sergeant fixed his bayonet to his rifle. “Riley, stand back and have your bow ready.”

    Riley backed away as another fighter took her place at the gate as Michael said to him and the others. “We’ll open the gate on three. And remember everyone, no gunfire. Knives and clubs only, understand? Now get ready, one, two THREE!”

    The gate swung open to reveal several walkers on the other side. The dead turned just in time to see the humvee speeding towards them with Burt’s foot pressing the accelerator right to the floor. The reinforced bumper struck four of them, sending three walkers flying and crushing the fourth under its wheels.

    “Close the gate!” Michael commanded as he joined the others pushing it shut.

    As the gate closed, two walkers that the humvee missed lunged forward but one was stopped cold by an arrow striking through its right eye by Riley. The second managed to find itself instantly pinned inside the closing gate, keeping it from locking shut.

    “Hold the gate!” Michael shouted.

    Riley was loading another arrow when Michael moved from the gate and approached the walker as it struggled like an animal in a trap. The undead reached out with its decaying hands and snapping its rotting teeth at him. In one swift motion, Michael rammed the bayonet on his rifle under its jaw and up into its brain, finally putting it to rest.

    Michael then quickly grabbed the motionless walker and shouted. “Open the gate slightly!” and pulled it inside, clearing the entrance. “Close it!” He ordered.

    The fighters pushed the gate shut just as a dozen more walkers reached it, clawing at the tarp covered bars. Many of the dead were drawn in by the sudden activity at the gate entrance but thankful a majority of the walker’s attention was focused on the racing humvee as it headed off road eastward.

    In the vehicle, Lee looked back at the Nest, worried about the people back there and especially Clementine as the undead horde slowly began to encircle it. He didn’t even have time to say good-bye to her. He just had to make sure that they succeed and get through the night alive.

    “What’s the plan?” Lee asked.

    Burt was concentrating on driving, resisting from switching on their headlights which would only draw in even more walkers on them. The sun was almost settled out of sight on the horizon making it difficult to see in the disappearing daylight.

    “Put some distance between us and the Nest and set off the fireworks that Saul has.” Burt finally said.

    Carley looked surprised. “That’s it?”

    “Yeah,” Burt replied, steering the humvee around some trees and the odd walker. “Is that a problem?”

    “No,” Carley answered, sharing a look at Lee. The two of them didn’t have time to ask what Burt and the rest of them were planning other than it was a risky attempt to save the Nest before volunteering to help. “I thought it would be more difficult.”

    “We still have to stop, get out and light the fireworks and escape before being overwhelmed by walkers,” Saul said before chucking sarcastically. “I’m just glad this isn’t a Hollywood horror movie.”

    “What, this situation isn’t hairy enough for you?” Lee commented as the vehicle rocked back and forth over a rough patch of terrain.

    “Oh come on, Lee,” Saul replied with a half laugh. “Two black men in the middle of the apocalypse, what could possibly go wrong if this was a movie?”

    “Hey, horror movies haven’t been very kind to women either,” Carley replied defensively. “They usually scream hysterically at the monster or axe murderer and run off cluelessly in the wrong direction. God, I hate that.”

    “To be fair, the few horror movies I’ve seen usually had the woman being the last one still standing.” Lee admitted.

    “Yeah, a lot better than the poor token black guy.” Saul agreed.

    “Versus the dumb blonde in the tight outfit and huge boobs who’s only purpose is to die screaming in those slasher films?” Carley mockingly declared.

    “For the love of God,” Burt shouted. “Enough with horror movie debates! Let’s focus on the real one we’re living in!”


    “We’ve got activity,” Allen said as he carefully observed the Nest from their vantage point. “Their humvee has left the gate and is… Oh, shit!”

    “What?” an increasingly worried Paul asked.

    “They’re heading this way.”


    Burt was a little frustrated with the numbers of walkers covering the countryside but finally he reached a nice clearing where there were none around for hundreds of feet. Most of all, it was still in sight of the Nest so the walkers surrounding it will see their little early 4th of July show.

    “This is a good a spot as any.” he said putting the vehicle in park before reaching down and grabbing a couple of road flares.

    Lee opened his right side rear passenger side door and stepped out with his gun ready, commenting with concern. “I can barely see.”

    “We can’t risk any lights.” Burt replied as they all got out of the humvee. “Let’s do this quick and get out of here.”

    Carley could barely make out anything too. The sun had gone down completely and everything was nearly cloaked in shadows. She could just see the moving shapes of walkers off in the distance and a nearby house just three hundred feet off to their left.

    Burt and Saul moved to the front of the humvee to prepare to set off the fireworks.

    “Lee,” Carley called out. “Cover your side of the humvee.”

    “Don’t have to tell me twice.” came his dry response.

    Carley took a few steps towards Burt and Saul to keep them covered. Saul put the box down and used his combat knife to slice the top and opened the lid.

    Burt quickly checked its contents before Carley heard him muttering. “Perfect.”

    The box contained cone fountains, ground spinners, aerial rockets and even the classic handheld sparklers. This will put on a good light show for miles.

    Burt reached for one of the road flares and lit it. It burst into an eerie red glow and was prepared to drop it in the box when they suddenly all heard the gunshot.


    Allen lost sight of the humvee but it stopped somewhere nearby. He bravely climbed down the ladder from the attic down to the second floor of the home they were hiding in. They blocked the stairway leading up to the second floor with some old furniture, so they were safe for a moment if any walker did enter the building. However, Paul was too cowardly to dare and follow him, so Allen left him there. He had to find out what the people in that humvee were up to.

    Cautiously with his rifle ready, he entered the remains of someone’s bedroom from another time and world. Everything in this house was ransacked. He approached the window and peered out and spotted them, just a little off in the distance. It was too dark to see much but he could make out the shape of the humvee and some figures moving about. It looked like they were placing something on the ground in front of the vehicle.

    Then as he watched one of them popped a road flare. That’s when he spotted the large box on the ground between them and instantly had an idea what they were planning. Without thinking, he aimed at the figures now being illuminated by the flare and fired his rifle to try and stop them.


    Lee was trying his best to keep track of the walkers slowly shifting towards them in the constantly dimming light. Then Burt lit the road flare and he was instantly relieved. They soon could get back in the vehicle and get out of here.

    Suddenly a gunshot rang out. It came from the direction of the house.

    Lee’s first action was to turn to check on the others. He instantly heard Saul cursing.

    “Fuck! Everyone, get down.” the soldier yelled before he aimed and unloaded his assault rifle back at the house.

    Lee spotted Burt still holding the flare but where’s Carley? Then he saw her crouched on the ground before she lifted her own rifle and added her firepower to Saul’s. To his relief, she looked okay.

    Burt dropped the burning flare into the box of fireworks and shouted. “Get your asses back into the vehicle! NOW!”

    Burt drew his pistol and fired twice at the house as he started his way back to the vehicle. Burt saw Lee and Saul were already getting inside the humvee but Carley was struggling to get back to her feet. He gently grabbed her by the arm to help her up.

    “Are you alright?” he asked.

    Carley answered but her usually strong voice was almost a whisper now. “I’m shot.”

    Burt immediately holstered his gun before using both hands to pull her to her feet. Carley kept a weak hold on her rifle as the large ex-marine helped her back to the humvee.

    When Burt first lit the flare and the gunshot erupted, Carley felt an impact like someone punched her hard in the left side, just below her rib cage. The force almost spun her around, knocking her down to her knees.

    Carley was in denial at first, she couldn’t believe it (was she hit?) when she heard Saul shouting and firing his rifle at the house. Carley still felt okay and able to move her body without difficulty. She even brought up her own weapon and returned fire as well. By then, she started to feel a burning sensation coming from her left side. This forced her to realize she was indeed hit.

    “Get your asses back into the vehicle! NOW!” she heard Burt hollering.

    Carley tried to stand but she grimaced in pain. She couldn’t get up. Before she could try again, Burt was by her side and placing a hand around her left arm.

    “Are you alright?”

    She could really feel the pain radiating from her left side now and she grew scared on how bad it could be. She spoke to him in a faint voice. “I’m shot.”

    Without warning, Burt simply grabbed Carley lifting to her feet and helped her towards the humvee but Carley couldn’t recall her feet touching the ground even once.

    As they approached the left rear passenger door, Carley remembered seeing Lee’s concerned face as Burt handed her off to him. Together they put her inside and Burt shut the door before getting back behind the wheel again as the first of the fireworks started going off.

    They exploded in loud pops and showered the area in a sparkling radiance, lighting the entire area up, a few at first but quickly grew in sound and brilliant intensity. Several rockets shot up in the air before exploding but many bounced across the ground. One even harmlessly struck the windshield of the humvee as Burt backed the vehicle away.

    In the back of the humvee, Carley felt the pain growing worse as she let herself collapse in Lee’s arms as he held her tightly, as he tried to console her. Touching her left side, blood was already soaking through her cloths. Saul climbed over the seats to reach them and to help check and tend to her wounds.

    Carley tried to tell Lee that everything would be alright but she didn’t really believe it herself. She needed a doctor and the best one they had was now blocked off by thousands of walkers.

    Chapter 15: Blood

    “What’s happening?” Kelly asked Angel in a low voice as they sat quietly in the Bird House, unable to see the humvee when it drove out of sight into the darkness minutes ago. “They’re taking too long just to set off a box of fireworks.”

    The moaning noise of the dead now encircling their home was drowning everything else out. Any second, Kelly expected the simple brick walls surrounding their home to collapse and the walkers to start pouring in to devour them.

    “Your guess is as good as mine,” Angel replied. “Just give them another minute.”

    Then they heard a sharp popping sound that broke over the collective noise of the walkers. It was then immediately followed by several more in quick sessions.

    “They did it!” Kelly softly cheered.

    However, Angel was not as happy. “That was not fireworks,” he said. “It sounded more like gunshots. Walkers might be giving them some problems.”

    Before Kelly could reply, off in the distance a brilliant yellow glow formed followed by several detonations. They watched as the sky suddenly now exploded as fireworks erupted, lighting the entire area.

    Kelly looked down and to her relief the walkers started to head eastward, drawn to the flashing dazzling lights and noise of the fireworks.

    “They’re leaving.” she said in relief.

    Immediately, Angel was on the radio to Michael. “They did it, Broken Wing! Burt and the team did it! The walkers have changed course.”

    Everything went off without a hitch. Angel thought.


    “Hold on Carley,” Lee whispered to the wounded woman sitting next to him, cradling her upper body in his arms. “Saul is here, he’ll fix you up.”

    In the rear passenger seats, Carley was situated between Lee who was on her right and Saul who was seated on her left. Saul was examining her bullet wound with a small flashlight. The humvee rocked slightly as Burt drove them to safety, now wearing the night vision goggles. Every few seconds, the blackened night was lit up by another bunch of fireworks going off.

    Breaking out the humvee’s medical kit, Saul could see that the bullet had gone right through Carley’s left side, close to her rib cage, just striking her lower most rib, possibly breaking it.

    “Lee, I need you to take the light,” Saul said, holding the flashlight out to him. “I need to have both hands free.”

    Keeping his right arm around to support Carley, Lee used his left hand to take the flashlight. Saul then helped him to point the light to the right spot. “Now, hold it right there.”

    Now ready, Saul looked to Carley and said in an apologetic tone. “I have to get the bleeding under control. The bullet has broken a rib and I’m afraid this is going to hurt.”

    “Just do what you need to,” Carley whispered, clutching Lee‘s right forearm with both hands. “I’m not dying out here.”

    “Here we go.” Saul said.

    Suddenly, Carley jumped in Lee’s arms as she let out a short scream. To see her in such agony nearly tore Lee’s heart out, making him feel helpless. He wanted some way to take her pain away.

    “Lee you have to hold the light steady,” Saul ordered. “Carley, I’m sorry but you have to hold still.”

    “You’re hurting her.” Lee protested.

    “I’m trying to save her life!” Saul exclaimed.

    “Can’t you give her anything?” Burt said as he drove on.

    “I just have the regular med-kit we store in the humvee,” a frustrated Saul explained. “The drugs we need was in my personal med kit that I tossed in the back of the Ford Escape that dick Chad drove off with.”

    “Just forget the drugs and get this over with,” Carley grimaced. “I’ll be okay.”

    Suddenly Burt stopped the humvee, putting the vehicle in park before reaching down to grab the remaining three road flares.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Saul shouted just as Burt opened his driver side door to jump out.

    “I’m going to smoke some bastards out.” the ex-marine angrily replied.

  • Awesome chapter, but no Carley :/ she just got back, she can't go now! Lol
  • Two chapters in one post. Nice. I was really worried about Carley for a minute there, and that nightmare was intense. Reminds me of the one Lee had in that RV about Clementine.

    Looking forward to seeing more soon.
  • Two chapters in one post. Nice. I was really worried about Carley for a minute there, and that nightmare was intense. Reminds me of the one Lee had in that RV about Clementine.

    Looking forward to seeing more soon.

    Haha hopefully that doesn't mean Lee's death again
  • Great chapters, cant wait for next :D
  • Love it! Just hope that Carley doesn't get shot anymore... and doesn't die :(
  • Chapter 16: One Bad Day

    Michael looked over the Nest’s wall, across the grassy field as the sun broke above the horizon, bringing with it a new day and illuminating the carnage surrounding their home. The bodies of walkers piled along the walls would have to be cleaned up and thrown onto a burning pile to be incinerated.

    There were still some walkers milling about but their total numbers were about thirty. Riley could probably use them for target practice with her bow.

    To the east, he could just see the smoke rising from the burned out remains of the house that Burt lit on fire the previous night. Whether the fire got the people who shot Carley was unknown.

    Dr. Cottle reported that Carley would recover from her wound and so would Lee and Burt. For that, Michael was thankful. After Chad and his stunt yesterday, there were only twenty-five of them left and they couldn’t afford to lose anyone else.

    At first light, Angel and Saul approached him about doing some recon in the humvee. Whoever set those walkers after them and the people who ambushed them at that burnt down house still might be around. Michael agreed it was worth the effort to find them and gave his permission.

    Two hours later, Michael was relieved when he spotted the humvee finally returning. He went to the garage area just as the vehicle drove through the gate and Angel and Saul hopped out to meet him. From the looks on their faces, Michael realized they had some bad news.

    “We found Chad and his group just a few miles south down the road, all shot,” Saul reported grimly. “It looked like they drove into an ambush. It was nothing but a slaughter. Everything they had was taken, including one of the vehicles. They drained the gas tank and removed the battery from the other vehicle.”

    Angel couldn’t shake the bloody imagines from his mind. “That could have been all of us if we had decided to abandon this place.”

    Michael rubbed his tired eyes. It was bad enough for Chad to run off with some of their food and weapons but for all of it to fall into the hands of bandits now. “Do you have any clues on their numbers and weapons?”

    Saul and Angel now smiled.

    “We went and looked at the house that Burt torched,” the black soldier said. “There’s a trail in the woods behind it and so we checked it out and followed an abandoned truck just sitting there.”

    “Any clues where they came from?” Michael asked with keen interest.

    “The ground was still soft from the melting snow and rain and the truck left noticeable deep tire tracks in the ground,” Angel said. “We followed it and it led us to a house ten miles to the southeast from here. We were careful not to get too close but we did see the Ford Escape that Chad drove off in, filled with bullet holes along with three other vehicles parked behind it.”

    “You found them?” Michael asked unable to believe their lucky break.

    Saul gave a satisfied smile. “We got them boss.”

    Angel looked determined. “I say we gear up and go after them with everything we have. If they have any more explosives, they’ll just try to bring another pack of walkers on us.”

    Michael agreed. “We’re not going to give them that chance. You two break out the grenades and mount the 50 cal on the humvee. We’re going to war.”



    He was supposed to be retired and ready to enjoy his golden years after years of commitment and hard work in the medical profession. It’s amazing how the apocalypse can change things.

    The dead returning back to life! It was still hard to believe months later but he witnessed people reanimate right before his very eyes, some of them without any bites. That told him everyone had to be infected and it had to be an airborne disease that was doing this but how does the brain restart after the person has died? Also why the need for the dead to attack the living?

    There were so many unanswered questions and the answers themselves could be even more terrifying than the walkers. How did all of this started? More importantly, how to stop it?

    He was a doctor and not really a God fearing man but he couldn’t rule anything out. Not even some higher power above. Shaking his head, he put those thoughts aside for now and got back to work.

    Dr. Cottle was in his infirmary, trying to put everything back in order after having everything moved upstairs because of the threat of the walkers the night before. At the same time he tended to his three patients. Only two needed rest but the last one required two hours of surgery and additional blood transfusions to fix her.

    It was then he heard a faint whisper behind him. “Doctor…”

    He turned and saw Carley was awake. In the two beds next to her were Burt and Lee who were still fast asleep. He moved to her saying softly.

    “You’re okay. The operation was a success. How do you feel?”

    Carley looked at him and groaned. “I feel like a wreck. Are we safe?”

    “The walkers are gone. You have nothing to worry about. Just go back to sleep.”

    Carley looked over and spotted Lee and Burt. “Are they okay?” she asked worriedly.

    “They’re just recovering from the amount of blood they gave to you.” Dr. Cottle told her. “They kept you alive and they’ll be on their feet in no time. What do you remember from last night?”

    “I remember being shot, the pain and fading away,” Carley recalled with a chill. “And having a nightmare…”

    Just then Michael entered the infirmary dressed in full battle gear. “Doc, I need a word with you.”

    It was then he noticed Carley was awake. The army sergeant gave her a polite nod.

    “How are you feeling?” he asked.

    “Like crap,” the former reporter replied in playful sarcasm. “And you?”

    “About the same and all thanks to the lack of sleep.”

    Carley chuckled but she eyed him with concern. Michael didn’t put on his ballistic vest and helmet unless he was expecting trouble from the human variety, because walkers don’t use guns.

    Dr. Cottle was concerned too. “What’s going on Michael?”

    “We just located the bandits who have been giving us trouble and we have to act fast before they try something else,” Michael told him. “I want you to take charge of the Nest until we return or when Burt recovers.”

    “You can’t be serious.”

    “I’ll only be gone for a short while and we’re leaving most of our fighters behind to guard the Nest. If you need help, just approach Datu, Pegs or Lizzy.”

    “Why me?”

    “Because everyone here respects you, regardless of your grumpy bedside manner sometimes.”

    Dr. Cottle gave Michael a disapproving frown when Burt suddenly stirred.

    “What is going on?” then the ex-marine spotted Michael in full battle dress. “You’ve got your warpaint on. What’s the occasion?”

    “We found the bandits and we’re going after them.” Michael explained.

    “Who’s coming with you?” Burt asked lifting his head off the pillow.

    “Just me, Angel, Saul and Riley. Everyone else is staying to guard the Nest.”

    “Then I’m coming with you.” Burt said, slowly rising out of the bed.

    “Now wait one moment!” Dr. Cottle said to Burt.

    Carley looked at Burt with concern. “Maybe you should rest more.”

    “I just gave some blood, I’m fine!” the older man insisted loudly, removing the leather strap from his leg, freeing him from the bed.

    “No, you’re not…” Dr. Cottle started to say.

    “Let him come if he wants to,” Michael said. “We have room for one more and even in his weakened state, he’s still worth the strength of two extra guns.”

    “Never thought you would admit to that.” Burt said in surprise.

    “Yeah,” Michael said. “Still, I would rather have Carley but you will do.”

    “You do have a sense of humor,” Carley gave a small laugh. “Thanks for the compliment but I’ll stay right here and heal. Bullet wound, remember?”

    All the activity now caused Lee to stir, his eyes slowly blink opened. “Wh… What?”

    “Hey, Lee,” Carley waved to him. “Good morning.”

    “Carley!” Lee was now fully awake and he tried to sit up, glad to see her okay.

    “Will you all just stay in bed for your own good!” Dr. Cottle grumbled.

    “Gunshot remember?” Carley said innocently. “Not moving.”

    “What’s going on?” Lee asked.

    “Michael found the bandits and he’s going after them and I’m helping and you two stay put,” Burt said firmly as he slowly stood up from bed. “What’s the plan of attack?”

    “Even with you we still only have five people to do this,” Michael said. “But we have firepower on our side and I say we use it. I’m not going to put anyone on our side at risk with half measures. We hit them and we hit them hard.”

    Lee frowned for a moment. “You’re going to wipe them out?”

    Michael looked at him. “You disapprove?”

    Lee paused and shook his head. “Your call but just be careful. Nothing usually goes as planned.”


    It took twenty minutes for them to reach the house, driving cross country in the humvee. They were shielded from view by trees and heavy brush as Michael viewed the house with his binoculars. He could see the bandits parked their vehicles behind the house, keeping them from view from the road in front of the house. Vehicles disappearing and reappearing would draw attention to anyone driving by.

    The house itself was a simple two story wooden structure with all the windows boarded up. Because of this he couldn’t see any activity from within the house. However with the number of vehicles outback, someone had to be home.

    Still using his binoculars, he looked closely at the bullet ridden Ford Escape that Chad had droved away in. According to Saul and Angel, everyone in Chad’s group was killed outright with no mercy shown and that’s all he needed to know about the type of people they were dealing with.

    Michael turned to Angel, Saul, Riley and Burt who gathered close to him.

    “Here’s what we’re going to do,” He said to them. “Me, Angel and Saul will approach from the rear while Riley and Burt will drive the humvee around back onto the main the road and attack the building from the front with the 50 cal. That will drive them to the rear of the building and hopefully to escape outback for their vehicles. Once that happens, the three of us will ambush them. Any questions?”

    “What if they try to surrender?” Riley asked.

    “No surrenders,” Michael said abruptly. “They know where we live and they killed nine of us last night. No one comes out of that building alive. If anyone has a problem with that, speak up now.”

    No one said a word but Riley still looked uncomfortable. Burt saw this and simply told her. “Just drive the humvee and I’ll handle the 50 cal. Alright?”

    “Okay.” the French woman nodded in relief.

    Michael looked at Riley and Burt. “Give us five minutes to get into position, then hit that house with everything you have. Drive them to us.”

    “Don’t worry about that.” Burt replied as he and Riley walked back to the humvee.

    Minutes later, after crawling across the ground on their bellies Michael, Angel and Saul were fanned out and positioned behind the bandit’s home at the range of three hundred feet. The main thing that Michael was concerned about was walkers coming along to mess things up but thankfully none were nearby beyond seeing a few slow moving dots in the distance.

    Michael was position in the center with his M4 rifle sighted on the rear doorway to the bandit’s home. To his right, Saul had his SAW ready and to Michael’s left, Angel was prepared with his own M4. The few cars parked close to the house could be a problem giving the bandits cover but Michael’s team still had surprise and grenades to blast them out if needed.

    The backyard of the house had a few trees and the ground had a slight incline, giving the three soldiers some additional cover.

    Michael checked his watch just as he heard the humvee approaching, right on time. The military vehicle peeled right up to the house and the thunderous hammering sound of the 50 cal erupted, ripping the building’s wooden walls into shreds.

    A few heartbeats later, the back door opened and Michael readied himself. A man raced out, shouting behind him. In his hand he had a shotgun and he was followed by several more people, some of them were women but all of them had pistols or rifles.

    A gun doesn’t care about the gender of the person pulling the trigger.
    Michael thought to himself using Carley as the perfect example. If she should ever decide to go gunning after him one day for whatever reason, Michael wouldn’t hesitate to shoot her first because she rarely misses her target.

    Michael counted ten bandits and more were still coming out. His finger was tight on the trigger but he hesitated as he stared at the man holding the shotgun in his sights.

    He thought about Chad and the others being gunned down on the road by these people but in his mind he replaced them with the bodies of Pegs and Clementine. He was doing this to protect them and everyone else at the Nest. Michael held his breath before stroking the trigger.

    With a loud crack from the M4, the side of the man’s head exploded like a melon. Immediately, Angel and Saul opened up and in seconds half the bandits fell in the hail of bullets.

    The survivors ducked behind the cars, blindly returning fire. This wasn’t a fight, it was a massacre as Michael and the others picked them off one at a time as the bandits tried to peek from behind their cover to shoot back.

    The humvee finally wheeled around the building, flanking the remaining bandits as Burt brought the mighty 50 cal to bear. Nothing could withstand the penetrating power of a 50 caliber round, not even an engine block. The bandits couldn’t hide from something like that.

    There was one bandit left and he was screaming something at them but no one could make it out. He suddenly tried to run back to the house. Michael levelled his rifle at him as he reached the door and drove to the left. Saul, Angel and Burt were all targeting him too and they all fired on the wall of the house where the bandit ducked behind. They all peppered it with gunfire that looked like swiss cheese in seconds.

    “CEASE FIRE!” Michael shouted. “CEASE FIRE!”

    Everyone stopped shooting and all was perfectly still and silent. Michael advanced on the building with Angel and Saul close behind, their weapons ready and reloaded with fresh ammo clips. Burt remained behind at the 50 cal, covering them and watching the windows, while Riley was ready to move the humvee upon command.

    Michael counted at least fourteen bodies outside. Knowing how fast someone could turn upon death, Michael personally double tapped the bodies with a single bullet to the head as his team covered him.

    Now with the path to the building cleared of any possible undead attacks from the rear, Michael and his team finally reached the back door. Staying in cover, he used a hand mirror to peer inside and saw the room beyond was clear. He signalled to Saul and Angel that he was going in and to be prepared to follow him. Burt and Riley would stay with the humvee.

    Inside, Michael swept the room but stopped when he looked to the left. When they blasted the wall with gunfire, they struck and killed the retreating bandit but they also got a few others in the barrage too.

    Saul entered the building right behind Michael and he almost dropped his weapon at the sight before him.

    “Oh no, no, no,” the black soldier whispered.

    Along the wall was the body of the bandit who threw himself over top a woman and below them was two small children. They both were trying to shield the children from their gunfire for all the good it did. Each of them was riddled with bullet wounds.

    Was this a family?

    Saul immediately went over to check them. All the while, he kept repeating. “No, no, no, no.”

    Angel entered the building and froze at the bloody sight.

    The man and the woman were dead and Saul moved them quickly aside and checked the two kids, a boy and a girl about seven and eight. Being a field medical, Saul immediately saw he could do nothing for them.

    “What the hell did we do?” Saul shouted to both of them. “They had kids with them!”

    Angel looked increasingly pale. “We just didn’t know. They were bandits.”

    “Bandits with families!” Saul yelled. “Good or bad they were survivors just like us! We just gunned down children!!!”

    Michael kept his attention forward with both hands gripping his M4 tightly. He wanted to scream and yell over what just happened. The idea of the bandits having children with them didn’t enter his mind once. Why? Was it exhaustion, fatigue or the tunnel vision of looking for some payback? It didn’t matter because the damage had been done. Nothing could fix this.

    Looking over his shoulder, the two children were younger than Clementine… No, he can’t afford to think that now. Slowly, he buried all his emotions and feelings the way he learned to do so easily, as he retreated inside his mental shell.

    “What’s done is done,” Michael said to them calmly. “There is nothing we can do now.”

    “How can you say that?!” Saul demanded. “We’re not machines!”

    Michael marched right over to Saul fixing him with a steady glare but not once did Michael raised his voice to him. His tone was firm, even and controlled.

    “We don’t have time to stand here and argue because the bodies here could be turning any minute. Not to mention our gun battle has the attention of every walker within earshot. We messed up but we have to get out of here ASAP. Get back our stolen supplies for our people who are counting on us including your girlfriend.”

    Saul just stared back but Michael’s words had the desired effect to get him moving again. “Yes… sir.”

    Michael nodded. “You and Angel sweep the rest of this house, I’ll clean up here.”

    The army sergeant stepped towards the bodies readying his rifle to double tap the four bodies inside the house but Saul stopped him.

    “I’ll do it, sir.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes. You and Angel sweep the rest of the building and gather up our supplies,” There was a long pause before Saul asked. “What are we going to say when we get back or are we going to bury all of this?”

    Michael remembered his tours on the other side of the world and of all the lies and cover ups of missions gone badly. Those in command tried to cover them up which made the situation worse when the truth finally leaked out. Lies can do more harm than good. The truth is better even if it hurts.

    “No secrets,” Michael looked at the bodies of the family just a few feet from him. “For better or worse, we’ll tell the truth as to what happened. We own them that much.”


    The rest of the building was cleared and they found no one else inside. They located their stolen supplies in a small cellar along with the rest of the bandit’s stash. They gathered everything up quickly, including the bandit’s weapons, ammo and Burt’s stolen guns.

    Loading up the humvee, Burt asked what Saul was yelling about inside the house. Michael told him about the two children and the ex-marine looked shocked before letting out a small curse. He didn’t say another word after that. So did Riley. The French woman looked sick after hearing what had happened. She didn’t want to know anything more about it. It was a very quiet drive back home.

    Back at the Nest, Michael felt he was done for the day and didn’t want to deal with another problem. He couldn’t face Pegs, even when she learned what happened with the bandits from Riley. When she approached him, Michael simply told her that he just wanted to be left alone. Pegs knew him well enough to respect it and just give him some space.

    That was ten hours ago. Michael found himself back staring over the wall again. Leaning against it, he watched as the sun slowly settled on the horizon. There were several walkers still sauntering in the distance but they were no threat. Having a few around actually helped add to their security. Who’s going to try and sneak into the Nest at night with walkers lurking out there in
  • Bum bum bum... the end is coming :/ And that was strange, I remembered there being A LOT more bandits than just a small fort. Good chapter though, lil disappointed to know it's one of the last.
  • I did not expect the bandits to have any kids of their own, and now they're gonna be heartbroken and pissed as hell. I also liked how Lee compared his decision of stealing from the station wagon with what Michael had done at the end.

    Looking forward to seeing how this awesome story ends.
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