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“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)

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This is a crossover fanfic with the “Walking Dead” game and “We're Alive” a podcast show. Those who are not familiar with We’re Alive, it is more like survivors battling the monsters from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead than facing the undead in a typical zombie apocalypse movie.

Unfortunately, the characters from We’re Alive are all situated in Los Angeles and I had to move them into Georgia to make this work.

And yes, Carley survives the gunshot in this one. If you don’t like it then write your own story. :p

FF.Net Link: Last Survivors

Feedback is needed. ;)

Chapter One: Wounds

"She... She.... She's dead! Why did she shoot her?"

"Get in! We're leaving this crazy bitch."


"Lee, she's gone. You heard Ben, you can't help her. Get in or do I have to drag you!"

She woke as if coming out of a deep sleep to find herself face down in the dirt.

What happened?

Almost immediately she felt a painful burning sensation in her left cheek and eye. Her head started to throb as she tried to move her limbs.

Shit. I feel like crap. What happened?

Slowly she pushed herself up and that's when she noticed something else was wrong. She couldn't see out of her left eye. It was night but the moon and stars were out and giving off enough light to see out of her right eye but something was wrong with her left.

Fighting down her panic, she reached up and touched the left side of her face. When she pulled her hand back she found it to be covered in blood. Almost shaking in fear now, she looked around to find herself on the side of a long stretch of a road, lined with trees on either side.

How did I get here?

Then she heard them, the slow shuffling of feet through piles of fallen leaves and the bone chilling constant low moaning. Like right out of a foreboding bad dream, three walkers emerged out from the shadows of the trees, heading straight towards her.

Carley rose to her feet to flee but she almost blacked out from the effort. The sudden movement caused new pain to surged through her head, making it feel like it was about to split open.

The walkers closed in on their new prey.

No, get up and move!

Through sheer will and much fear for her life, Carley started to run as best as she could but her aching head made it almost impossible and for some reason her body had so little strength to give. At most, all she could manage was a fast walk down the road. Carley fumbled inside her coat for her gun but came up empty. The situation was growing from bad to worse.

I'm injured, most likely seriously, no weapon and being chased by walkers. Which one will do me in first?

Looking behind, one of the three walkers was actually gaining on her. Carley tried to move faster but every step felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her already throbbing head.

The fast walker behind her sounded so close now that she didn't dare look back. Exhaustion was overtaking her and Carley started to cry from her good eye. Maybe it would be better to stop running and let it end now than drag this out needlessly.

Then there was a light from behind and the sound of an engine. A vehicle was approaching and it filled Carley with unexpected hope to keep moving. The vehicle was loud as it sped up and swerved around them to pass on her left. Carley looked and her jaw dropped. It was a humvee! An honestly to goodness US military humvee.

Still trying to keep ahead of the pursuing walkers, Carley tried to wave and call to them but she couldn’t catch her breath to shout. Worse, probably in her condition and in the dark they might think she was a walker too. Even in the gloom of night, she could see faces inside the vehicle windows looking out but they were already passing to accelerate away.

With all she had left, Carley finally screamed out. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

This caused her head ache even more but it made the humvee screeched to a halt about fifty feet ahead of her. The front side passenger door flew open and a man jumped out. It was too dark to make out his face but the outline of his body showed that he was dressed head to toe in full military combat gear. In his hands, he cradled an assault rifle. At that moment he was the most beautiful sight in the world to Carley.

He took a step towards her as he brought his weapon up. "If you are living, GET DOWN!" The man barked.

Carley almost nodded as she dropped to the hard pavement. An instant later, she heard three loud cracks from his discharging weapon. When her ears stopped ringing seconds later, the moaning of the walkers that had been dogging her from behind had been permanently silenced. Still on her hands and knees and gasping for breath, Carley couldn't stop shaking, unable to believe she was rescued. She then heard more voices coming from the vehicle.

"Watch the tree line!" A powerful and rough older voice commanded. "But shoot only if you have to!"

"I got it!" A much youthful male voice answered back.

Carley then heard people approaching. Lifting her head, she saw the soldier and next to him a woman in plain civilian clothing hurrying to her with flashlights. When they reached her, they shined their lights right into Carley's face, nearly blinding her. Her two would be rescuers actually paused in shock which scared Carley.

How bad are my injuries?

For a moment she feared they would turn around and abandon her.

"Please, don't leave me." Her plead was feeble and weak but she nearly at the end of her rope, her strength fading and she was terrified of dying out here alone.

The woman snapped out of it first and spoke with a gentle French accent. "We won’t." She knelt down next to her, taking Carley's hand into hers before turning to the soldier. "Angel, help me."

However, the soldier still hesitated before kneeling down before Carley, studying her damaged face with his flashlight.

“Wait.” He was more professional sounding and asked Carley direct. “Were you bitten?”

“I don’t know…” Carley muttered. She couldn’t remember what happened to her, her headache was getting even worse. “I was with a group at this motel and we were attacked by bandits. We escaped but… everything is a blank after that. Help me… please… please…”

Angel nodded and looked to the French woman. “Riley, this looks like a messy gunshot wound and not a bite. Let’s chance it.”

I was shot? I need a mirror to see how bad it is.

From the humvee, the young voice called to them. "I would hurry you two! We're doubled park and I'm seeing a ton of movement in the trees!"

Riley and Angel each took an arm and helped Carley to their vehicle and quickly placed her in the back. All the way to the humvee, Carley was almost delirious with gratitude, thanking them over and over. She wanted to kiss them.

Inside, Carley collapsed into her seat in a mixture of relief and exhaustion as the French woman took her place next to her on her right. To Carley’s left a large and older man with no hair and a grey beard, dressed in civilian cloths climbed in.

To the front, Angel hurried around into the passenger seat as the driver slide back behind the wheel pulling a pair of night vision goggles from his face. He turned back to them and he was a young black man, dressed in full combat gear like Angel.

"How is our..." He stopped when he looked at Carley and saw her face and nearly exclaimed. “Holy... Is she going to be all right?”

Carley could barely keep her good eye open now. On second thought, I don’t want that mirror.

"Just drive Saul." The French woman said urgently, as she reached in the back compartment for the first aid kit. “Burt, help me dress her wound.”

The older man leaned in closer to help Riley tend to Carley’s damaged face before saying in a gruff voice. “Radio ahead and warn them we have wounded coming in.”

“I’m already on it.” Angel said.

The humvee pulled away as dozens of walkers piled out onto the road from the forest. They mindlessly tried to follow the military vehicle as its taillights grew smaller into the night before disappearing around a bend in the road.

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  • Cyreen wrote: »
    That was was relaxed. It's easy to criticize, lets see you do better.

    Heart racing, deep quickened breaths. Lee has never felt this amount of stress in a very long time.


    Lee gripped the knob of the mansion's back door and swung it open, and yelled the young girl's name once more. Counting on the shred of hope that she'd burst out of the shed again, a childish and playful grin that she continued to wear despite the apocalypse that threatened to remove every last shred of humanity that Lee and his friends had left.

    He quickly scanned the area for a little girl in a pink hoodie before his gaze settled on the white and blue object which was only a few feet from the shed.

    He picked up the familiar head gear before moving on. The backyard being disturbingly quiet did not benefit his stress level, he gripped the gate and surveyed the walkway on the other side. Hearing a strange static noise, he jerked his head to find the source, and there it was laying on the ground next to a disorganized mound of junk.

    He exited the mansion's backyard and approached the walkie-talkie cautiously.

    This is Clementine's walkie-talkie, but why would she leave it here?

    He immediately reached down to pick it up, only for a decaying corpse to sink it's rotting teeth into his left wrist. "Fuck!" Lee swore, before shoving it into the metal bars on the side of the pathway. It feel into a pathetic heap before snarling again, Lee response was caving it's weak skull in with his boot.

    He returned his gaze to the radio again like nothing ever happened, he felt a stinging and numb sensation and his eyes shifted towards its source.

    No... "No, No... No..." He whispered, his heart sank as the implications dawned on him.
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    Mr. Standards Telltale Staff
    I found this thread and just couldn't stop reading! Loads of kudos for creating a compelling and creative alternate reality to the walking dead universe. Will "Another Day" be your last chapter?
  • I found this thread and just couldn't stop reading! Loads of kudos for creating a compelling and creative alternate reality to the walking dead universe. Will "Another Day" be your last chapter?

    No. I still have a few more chapters to go before the 10,000 walkers show up and eats everyone. ;)
  • No. I still have a few more chapters to go before the 10,000 walkers show up and eats everyone. ;)

    Oh crap. You're talking about the train-tailgating walkers, right?
  • Oh crap. You're talking about the train-tailgating walkers, right?

    The train zombies are all still lurking in Savannah. These will be new ones.
  • Yes, I am still around but having some internet problems at the moment but here's the next chapter. The climax of the story is rapidly approaching. ;)

    Chapter Eleven: Another Day

    “So,” Lizzy whispered like a kid enjoying an engrossing story while sitting on the edge of her bed. “What happened next?”

    “I finally got up the nerve up to ask Lee what happened to everyone else from our group.” Carley replied in a hushed voice as she finished making her cot.

    “What did he say?”

    “Lee told me that they‘re all dead. “ Carley could only shake her head helplessly, unable to believe that Kenny and the rest of them were truly all gone. Lee didn’t give the details as to what happened to all of them and she didn’t really want to know. Carley slowly sat down on her cot, feeling empty like a deflated balloon .

    “I’m so sorry.” Lizzy said sadly.

    A couple of hand crank lanterns helped to light their room. It was night time at the Nest and except for the few night sentries guarding the walls, everyone else was now turning into bed.

    “It’s not your fault, Liz.” Carley whispered before continuing. “Well, after that depressing bit of news we managed to talk for a while longer before Saul brought back Doctor Cottle and he asked all of us to leave so he could check Lee.“

    Carley glanced over at her own bed along the far wall. Curled under the blankets, Clementine slept peacefully. Carley had no problem giving her own bed to the girl so she could get a good night’s sleep.

    After a moment of silence, Lizzy asked. “Are you going to be okay sleeping on that cot?”

    “I‘ll be fine.” Carley answered.

    “Clementine is not taking up much room on your own bed so you could sleep with her.”

    Carley shook her head. “No, she has been clinging a little too much to me all day. I shouldn’t encourage that any further.”

    “Well,” Lizzy looked at her bed. “It’s small but you could sleep with me.”

    Carley thought about it but finally declined. “No, but thanks anyway and besides, you snore.”

    “No, I don’t,” Lizzy whispered defensively. “I’m sure you are exaggerating.”

    “If I had a tape recorder, I could prove otherwise.”

    Lizzy’s eyes gleamed mischievously. “But that would mean you’d have to use batteries.”

    Carley glared back and replied in a low voice. “Don’t you start on that!”

    Lizzy ignored her. “Thank goodness our hand crank lanterns are all Carley proof.”

    “That’s not fair.”

    “Or finding out the hard way that red is positive and black is negative on a car battery,” Lizzy went on, grinning ear to ear. “Didn’t Datu banish you from coming within twenty feet of the garage for a month after nearly burning it down? Or how about…”

    “Okay, I won’t say another word about your snoring.” Carley surrendered.

    After a moment of silence, Lizzy finally broke it to ask another question. “So, you and Lee, uh?”

    Carley’s good eye darted over to the blonde. “What about us?”

    “Well, you told me you two briefly flirted before, you know, got separated and you did tell me a while ago you had a thing for men who saved your life. Are you planning to pick up where you left off?”

    “I don’t know,” Carley said quietly. “He‘s still recovering from that nasty bump on the head. It’s just too soon to tell and besides, we’ve got bigger problems, like survival.”

    “Yes, of course but you sound like he’s no longer interested,” The blonde watched as Carley looked away and grew silent when Lizzy suddenly realized the problem. “Are you worried that he might not find you attractive anymore?”

    Carley looked down at the floor. “I’ve got a hole in my face where my left eye used to be, Liz. I can’t even stand the sight of myself in the mirror without my eye-patch on. I wouldn‘t blame him.”

    “You don’t know that. How did he react when he saw you?”

    “Like he saw a ghost and was horrified to know that I was still alive after being left on the side of the road.”

    “Well, he might surprise you. Besides, didn’t you tell me that some of the men here were hitting on you? You might be just too hard on yourself.”

    Carley quietly snorted. “Yeah, but only because the men here outnumber the women almost three to one. They’re desperate.”

    “Don’t sell yourself short.” Lizzy countered. “You are still beautiful.”

    “Please,” Carley almost laughed. “Two years ago I almost freaked out when I got a cold sore on my mouth. I was a reporter once and it was drilled into me how important appearances can be.”

    “Exactly what did Lee say to you?”

    “Well, he said he was glad to see me.” Carley answered.

    Lizzy stared at her for a moment. “And?”

    “And that’s it.”

    “Well as you said, he’s still recovering from a concussion and might be distracted from that halo of little birds flying around his head,” Lizzy laughed slightly before glancing over to Clementine to make sure they hadn’t woke her.

    “I don’t know.” Carley muttered somberly, not in the mood to laugh. She thought it was dumb to worry about your love life in the middle of the apocalypse but sometimes a person needs more than simple survival to exist. They require companionship, friendship and even love to help them get through the next day.

    “That’s what you think of Lee?“ An increasingly concerned Lizzy pressed. “That he cares more about your looks than just you?”

    “I…” Carley hesitated. “I’m not sure I want to know the answer.”


    Morning came and despite Doctor Cottle’s insistence that he should remain in bed for another day to fully recover, Lee didn’t feel like laying around. He needed to get up and do something.

    In his room, Lee stood up to get out of bed and get dress but felt slightly dizzy. Thankfully, the sensation quickly passed and he was able to dress himself without passing out on the floor. Then he sat on the edge of his bed to put on his shoes, and for once he was looking forward to facing the day more than the ones where it was just him and Clem wandering on the road in that tiny blue car.

    Carley and Clementine had stopped by early this morning to check on him. Lee couldn’t describe how good it was to see them both alive and safe. Clementine was excited about this place and told him about everyone she had met so far and how nice they had been to her. It was really good to see her smiling again.

    However, Carley acted a little distant with him today. Even though she told him that she held nothing against him for what happened, Lee still couldn’t forgive himself for leaving her behind. Why hadn’t he taken a moment to check her himself? Somehow, he will find a way to make it up to Carley.

    Some of the other inhabitants here also came by to visit him in the morning just to say hello. They honestly seemed to be good people as Carley assured him. It was then that Lee permitted himself to believe that this might be the place that they were seeking since fleeing the motel, a safe harbour to shelter them from all the insanity they saw on the road for months. Things that haunt you to your very soul that are impossible to forget.

    It was at that moment he heard a knock on the door.

    “Yes?” Lee answered.

    The door opened to reveal their leader Michael. Lee saw him once before but they never spoke. He watched as the army sergeant closed the door behind himself.

    “How are you feeling?” Michael asked, standing several feet from their recovering patient

    “Been better but I’m alright.” Lee replied as he finished tying his shoes.

    “Our doctor wanted you to remain off your feet at least another day.”

    “He did but I can’t stay still. I need to get up and do something useful.”

    “That I can understand,” Michael said glancing around the room for a moment. “Is everything okay? Have you or Clementine had any problems?”

    “None I can think of,” Lee shrugged slightly before smirking. “Except I think Clementine has gotten get a little spoiled with all the attention everyone is giving her.”

    “Having her around gives a few of us a sense of normalcy and you can’t fault them for that.” Michael said, remembering his tours in Iraq with the threats of IEDs lurking seemingly along every road whenever their patrols left the safety of their bases. People, even soldiers seek needed distractions, anything to allow them to escape the cruel reality around them, even for a few minutes.

    “I’m not complaining, it’s seems to be helping her too.” Lee replied and the two men stared at each other and that’s when Lee realized that Michael wasn‘t there for an idle chitchat. “I take it that you came by for another reason.”

    “You would be right,” Michael said evenly. “Carley told us a little about your history and that you’re a convicted felon. Mind you, she told us after she had all but given up on ever finding you again.”

    Lee shook his head, glancing down at the floor before looking up again. “It’s something I regret but I can‘t change it.”

    “You killed a man because you caught him having an affair with your wife. I don‘t care if it was an accident or not.”

    “What do you want to say that I haven‘t said a thousands times before?” Lee calmly replied in a tired voice.

    Michael studied the man before him for a few more seconds. “I will be honest and tell you that you could be a potential headache I don’t need right now. Only a few of us know of your secret but there are others like Chad that will use you against me if the truth gets out.”

    Lee should have known that this place might be too good to be true but he won‘t fight it. “I know the drill, but as long as Clementine can stay here under the guarantees of making Carley her soul guardian, I’ll leave peacefully.”

    Michael wasn’t surprised by Lee’s willingness of being exiled just to protect the little girl. He nearly starved himself so she could eat. A very selfless act and they could definitely use more people like that here. Michael finally raised his hand up to silence him. “You’re getting ahead of yourself. I have no intention of asking you to leave but what I am asking is don’t make me regret in letting you stay.”

    “Thank you…” Lee frowned before asking. “What do I call you? Do I use your rank?””

    “Just Michael will do just fine,” The army sergeant said before continuing. “Let me make this clear, never tell anyone else of your past, regardless if you feel you can trust them. Luckily, the only other people that know about your secret are Saul, Riley and Burt because Carley told them but thankfully they all agree to keep that bit of information to themselves.”

    “I appreciate this and I won’t be a problem, Michael.”

    “Good. Now I have a few more questions that I need to ask.”

    What else does he want to know about me? Lee thought but he didn’t have much of a choice because he’s the boss here and he was allowing him to stay.

    “Go ahead.”

    “You’re about the only person outside of our group we came in contact within months that didn’t end in gunfire. I would like to hear from you since you travelled all the way to the coast, what is happening out there?” Michael asked.

    “It’s bad,” Lee replied grimly. “Really bad.”

    “I would appreciate some details,” Michael said. “I worked in army intelligence and I need information if I’m going to effectively protect everyone here.”

    “Fair enough,” Lee started counting off on his fingers. “There’s starvation, madness, cannibalism, death, murder, blood thirsty bandits, barren cities, barren food shelves, tin pot dictators, crazy cults, and lets don’t forget about the walkers. Which one do you want me to start on first?”

    Instantly, Michael regretted asking the question.


    After about an hour, Lee finished giving his own personal experience to Michael on areas their patrols hadn’t even touched yet. It was a rather depressing wider view of the state of Georgia but Michael listened and asked a few more follow up questions before finally thanking Lee. Michael then reminded him that food was about to be served in the lounge area before leaving.

    Now alone again, Lee left his room and moved downstairs that led to the large entrance hall. To his left he heard voices of people coming from the lounge area, which once looked like the living room area. It was wide and spacious enough to seat everyone with several eight foot long folding tables and chairs. From where he stood, Lee could see perhaps 30 people eating and talking to each other.

    Lee noticed that all the windows on the first floor were partial boarded up. They went up about halfway before stopping, high enough that walkers couldn’t reach in while at the same time letting in plenty of daylight. Stacked in the odd corner were piles of boards, a bag of nails and a couple of hammers. Probably extra insurance if they needed to seal every entry point to keep out the walkers if they should ever breech the walls and try to get into the main building.

    Just outside the doorway to the lounge area was a serving table being operated by a tall pretty woman with sandy blonde hair and a large older man with a grey beard. On the table were a couple of boxes and several glasses of water. The woman smiled and the man merely nodded as Lee approached.

    “Hi Lee,” The woman said. “I thought the doc wanted you to stay off your feet for another day.”

    “Yeah but I’m doing better,” Lee told a small lie, still not feeling back to full strength yet as he briefly struggled to remember their names. They briefly came by this morning to visit him. “It’s Pegs and Burt, right?”

    “That’s correct,” The old ex-marine said in gruff voice before extending his hand to Lee. “Carley will be happy to see you up on your feet.”

    Lee shook his hand and the old fellow had a grip like a vice but he sensed no suspicion from him since Burt was one of the few here that knew his secret. “Thanks. Quite a setup you have here.”

    “It is when we’re not at each others throats.” Burt replied.

    “I hear that,” Lee said in sympathy. “The group that Carley and I were in was always fighting over something.”

    Burt chuckled. “Yeah, when there’s no one knocked out cold on the floor here, then I know we had a good day.”

    Lee hoped he was joking. “Uh, sure.”

    “You must be hungry,” Pegs spoke up before reaching into an opened box and handed him a brown package about the size of a brick.

    Lee took it, looking it over and read the lettering on it. Meal Ready to Eat.

    “What is this?” He asked.

    “Army food, if you can call it that.” Burt answered. “What you are holding in you hand is meant to give the nutritional requirement for a soldier all day.”

    Lee nodded. “Thanks.”

    “Are you going to ask how it taste?” Pegs joked.

    Lee shook his head. “When you’re hungry enough to consider eating grass then army food sounds great.”

    Peg’s smile disappeared when she realized that he was not joking. “I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

    “It’s all right,” Lee replied softly. “Thank you for the food. Now, is there a trick to eating it?”

    “It comes with clear instructions,“ Burt started to point to the MRE package in Lee’s hand. “What you need to do after opening it is…”

    “Lee?” Suddenly, Carley walked out of the lounge area towards them, holding what looked like a cup of coffee in her hands. “I thought I saw you. Didn’t the doctor want you to stay in bed?”

    “He’s like you,” Burt said with a grin. “He does whatever he wants to.”

    “Like you’re any different, Burt.” Carley sarcastically replied before taking a tiny sip from her cup.

    Burt cocked an eyebrow. “Trying to hurt my feelings, Rooster?”

    Lee looked confused between the two as Burt and Carley teased one another “Rooster?”

    “Yeah,” Burt explained, gesturing to Carley. “That’s her nickname here.”

    “But roosters are male birds.” Lee commented.

    “Thank you, Lee. That’s what I have told them,” Carley said. “But Burt has a thing for westerns and John Wayne.”

    “As in Rooster Cogburn?” Lee suddenly said. “I remember that movie.”

    Burt looked surprised. “You watched westerns? I thought I was part of a dying breed.”

    “No, I was a history professor,” Lee confessed before explaining. “Once I had my students do a report on historical inaccuracies in period moves situated between the 18th and early 19th century America and one of them did their report on True Grit.”

    “Historical inaccuracies in a John Wayne movie,” Burt mused aloud. “Never!”

    “Okay, okay, enough about John Wayne and westerns,” Carley finally interrupted before turning to Lee. “We should get some more food into you.”

    Pegs handed Lee a glass of water. “This is for your MRE. Carley can help you with the rest.”

    “Thanks,” Lee replied before taking the glass. “I’ll see you both later.”

    Burt quietly watched Carley lead Lee back into the lounge area. From his first impression, Burt got nothing but a good vibe from him. He seemed an okay guy, even risked his health to look after that little girl. All of this made it hard to believe that Lee actually beat a man to death after catching him with his wife. Then again, in the moment love and passion can make people do crazy things.

    Lee should have done what Burt would have if dropped suddenly in that situation. Just grab a gun and just shoot the bastard. Then claim to the police and the judge that the weapon just went off by accident and you were just trying to scare him. That would be more believable than saying your fists just went off multiple times against his face.


    Lee followed Carley into the lounge area and the first thing that struck him was the number of people here. Not since the day he crawled out of that police car had he seen this many people in one place before. Carley told him that including him and Clementine, the Nest now had thirty-four people.

    Thirty-four people. That’s not even enough to populate a tiny village but to Lee it was comforting that the world didn’t feel barren anymore. Still with this many people, it had a wa
  • Awesome chapter. It's nice to see that Micheal and everyone else has warmed up to Lee and Clementine. I especially liked that moment that Carley and Lee had together.

    The title of the next chapter has me feeling nervous for some reason...
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