What Happened?

I love your game. I love it so much i bought the entire season in the app store with the season pass $15 thing. right after i bought and downloaded the second episode i brought it to my friends to play. But after finishing it i wanted to check my stats. It said get now as if i hadnt downloaded it at all. I didnt think anything of it but when i brought it back to my house to redownload it, it showed the advertisement for the season pass $15 thing. Hold On! I just spent $15 on something i can redeem now? All of my saved games were gone and it was as if i hadnt done anything at all. I wouldnt be that mad if only my saved games were lost but $15 dollars are in the drain on my part. My parents would like to know why i spent 15 dollars on something i wont be able to play. Everythings kinda whacked up. I just want to talk to a real person not a robot. I did the whole e mail thing for support but its been like 2 weeks since anyones actually answered. Other than the immediate response e mail. Please help. One of your biggest fans, Andrew


  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    Can you please clarify what your issue is? Did you uninstall the game at any point? Are you logged into the same iTunes account you used to make the original purchase?

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