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Who else is doing a 'no rewinds' playthrough?

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And by the title, I mean that once you make a decision, or a mistake that changes the storyline, you don't rewind and change your mind. Dying and respawning is okay though.

I'm doing this because I feel that it's the only way to enjoy the game. I don't want to have a perfect playthrough - I'm a human being, I make mistakes, and I want the story of the walking dead to be just as tragic as it would be in real life - if I make a decision or say something I regret, I deal with the consequences.

Two things I regret the most about my playthrough is shooting Jolene in the forest, and siding against Lily in the meat locker.
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  • I am, i had to rewind because ep3 erased all my saves though, but i made the same decisions.
  • Well my first playtrough is a pure playtrough any playtroughs that may come later might not be.
    In my first playtrough I keep every choice I take and I live with it. I don't really regret anythin I did, so far. Don't at all regret putting Larry down because either way if he survived it would only happen again and the pills he has might not last forever so either way he was a ticking timebomb. However I do sorta regret playing with a minimal UI so I thought on instinct that Doug seemed to be the guy in deepest shit seeing as Carley had a gun and all so I saved Doug... Oh well, doesn't seem that it matters much anyways.

    I have one unclean secondary save though just for the hell of it where I am a goody twoshoes. However I feel more attached to the story in the first one which would be the choices I would have made if it happened.
  • i've never touched the rewind button yet!
  • I made a playthrough for my first foray into each episode... I don't rewind or tease any spoilers for this playthrough. I usually get suckered into thinking that Kenny may actually be a decent/good guy. And he always disappoints and screws Lee somehow.

    Then I go back with a second playthrough and make certain Lee a huge jerk to Kenny.
  • Is there a thread just like this that I just posted in?

    "I only rewind when the mechanics decide something for me." If I mean to grab Omid but grab Christa instead, I rewind.
  • Be kind please rewind.

    All the time. But after I realized that fate is leading this game more than I am, I think I won't be rewinding any more.
  • my first playthrough in my main save file I never, ever rewind. I might in my other save files just to see other outcomes.
  • I had to replay the first two episodes twice cause my saves weren't there.
  • That was my intention from the start; playing this as true to r/l reactions as possible.
    Clem effed that up, especially at the Dairy. Since then I've done multiple replays.
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