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IndieGameStand is a new site for promoting indie games through 96 hour pay-what-you-want sales whenever a new game is released on the site. Many games will come with Steam and Desura keys according to the site. If you register before the launch September 26th you'll get the platformer Chester for free.

I think the concept looks pretty interesting, but then indie titles are pretty much the only games I play when it comes to modern games, besides my guilty pleasure Diablo 3.
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  • Latest deal:


    Beat the average (currently $1.90) to also get the OST and the Map Pack DLC.
  • Seems we're on this batch of games now. I think I'll get Three Dead Zed and 8 Bit Night at least.
  • Latest deal:


    Beat the average (currently $1.88) to also get the OST.
  • Latest deal:


    Beat the average (currently $1.44) to also get the OST and an utterly pointless screenshot pack.
  • Useless? But I love screenshots!
  • There's a new deal up:


    This is one of the games I've been excited about, after seeing it announced as an upcoming title on their forums.
    REPERFECTION is a new indie adventure series in the style of an interactive Art Noir graphic novel. It consists of several episodes, each of it is self-contained. You unlock new panels and pages of the game by solving different puzzles. By doing so you influence the events in the past and change the future reality, discovering more and more about the exciting storyline. The comic is kept in black and white using color as focus on important objects.

    Ben Freeman lives with his wife Sarah and their son Danny in a small house in the suburbs. They are a happy family - until the day Sarah loses her life in a car accident. Due to the loss of his wife Ben's life goes to pieces, but he discovers a so far unknown ability that allows him to revert Sarah's death, jumping to the time Sarah wanted to leave the house and driving into that terrible accident. But the price for saving his beloved is higher than he could imagine...

    Beat the average for the soundtrack.
  • IndieGameStand, why u no send me email about this?
  • I didn't get an email yet either. Maybe they forgot to press "Send".
  • New deal up:


    This one looks good, so I'd definitely pick it up if I didn't just get it in that Groupees bundle that also had Primordia.

    Beat the average for the soundtrack.
  • gc_1371578087_407.png

    Not quite sure about this one, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.
    "These days, folks have a lot of funny ideas about what makes a Real Cowboy..."

    Sam, an ordinary Texas rancher, is on holiday in England when he steps through a blue portal and into a purgatory dimension, Strange:

    Here, a friendly witch is handing out guns to visitors. A crazed, German-speaking wizard hurls elecbolts from his castle. The town mechanic has a plan that can't possibly work. Upriver, something involving a lot of chickens is happening.

    Various things are roaming the countryside. More variouser things lurk in the Garbadge Mine across the river.

    Stuck in the middle sits Sam, who is a Real Cowboy. But that's just his job title back home-- it's not obvious that it's of any practical help here.
    The Real Texas is an action adventure the plays a bit like Ultima VI meets Zelda: Link to the Past.

    Collect items, rummage through people's homes, shoot at things, talk to people, and bit by bit become entwined in the lives of the residents of Strange.

    Featuring all major game/life perils including dungeons, bosses, traps, and the estate tax.

    Available for Windows, Mac and Linux and redeems on both Desura and

    Beat the average for Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue, Fold Sum'm! Papercraft, The Real Texas Original Soundtrack.
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