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IndieGameStand is a new site for promoting indie games through 96 hour pay-what-you-want sales whenever a new game is released on the site. Many games will come with Steam and Desura keys according to the site. If you register before the launch September 26th you'll get the platformer Chester for free.

I think the concept looks pretty interesting, but then indie titles are pretty much the only games I play when it comes to modern games, besides my guilty pleasure Diablo 3.
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    (Windows/Mac/Linux) (DRM-free/Desura (if you pay at least $1))

    Beat the average for:

    Art & Design - digital booklet
    KAG is a cooperative war game played with up to 32 players. Play as Knight, Archer or Builder in a large medieval 2D world with physics allowing the construction (and destruction!) of medieval fortresses. KAG blends the creative aspects of Minecraft, the medieval strategy of Age of Empires 2, with fast class-based team-driven gameplay of Team Fortress 2, sprinkled with the extreme fun from the teams previous game Soldat.

    Sounds pretty interesting when they put it like that.

    EDIT: I’m a bit surprised that the previous game Soldat isn’t a beat the average bonus. That’s usually the case, and I doubt it’s a big seller on its own, since I’ve never heard of it before.
  • It's been four days already?


    (Windows/Mac/Linux) (DRM-free/Desura (if you pay at least $1))

    Beat the average for:

    Soulcaster, Escape Goat, Soulcaster II Original Sound Version, Soulcaster - Merchant's Legendary Arrangements
    Soulcaster combines elements of both dungeon crawling and tower defense to create a new type of action-strategy-RPG.

    Rather than directly attacking foes, you summon three different ancient warriors to fight for you. Each has unique combat abilities, so placement and tactics are key!

    Discover secrets, collect treasure and buy powerful upgrades for your allies. Become the Soulcaster and restore peace to the land!

    I've had Puzzle Goat since I bought it from IndieGameStand, but I have yet to play it.
  • Gah, knew I forgot to do something today.

    Problem was, it had the words 'tower defence', and that automatically makes me not care. That's my excuse, anyway.
  • I didn't even notice that. Yeah, that's me out as well.
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    ...wait, that's not right. Hang on, lemme try again...


    No, that's not it...





    ...hang on, let me check the Steam Greenlight page.


    There we go.'s not a very original game name, was my point there.

    And since the name is so spectacularly unhelpful, here's a screenshot:


    It's an interactive audio tower defence game. So that's me out again.

    Beat the average (currently at $1.40) to get the soundtrack as well.
  • Latest Deal is...

    Pushcat is a retro-styled arcade game that combines classic 80's dig-and-push mechanics with elements of a Match-3 resulting in an original, fast-paced mix of puzzle and action gameplay.

    Beat the average (currently $1.31) to get some Wallpapers. Woo.
  • I like match-3s about as much as I like tower defenses, but the gameplay video of this one actually made me slightly interested. Not so interested that I'd consider buying it if I didn't already have an indiegamestand account mind.
  • Latest Deal is...

    Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter. Set in a non-linear galaxy, you can choose your own path through the game. Explore new levels and blast a diverse range of enemies to smithereens as you make your way to the game's multiple endings!

    Beat the average (currently $1.47) to get a SHMUP, Irukandji.
  • Both were in the Difficult 2nd Bundle on
  • Blimey. That's going back a bit. What was that, a year and a half ago?
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