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IndieGameStand is a new site for promoting indie games through 96 hour pay-what-you-want sales whenever a new game is released on the site. Many games will come with Steam and Desura keys according to the site. If you register before the launch September 26th you'll get the platformer Chester for free.

I think the concept looks pretty interesting, but then indie titles are pretty much the only games I play when it comes to modern games, besides my guilty pleasure Diablo 3.
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  • Y'know what? They need to actually start releasing games I give a shit about. That'd be nice. :)
  • I'm not sure if someone can both not care about Escape Goat and SpaceChem while simultaneously being a good person.
  • They are both great games, but I do see DM's point.
    Those games have been around for quite a while, in bundles and that.

    This game isn't for me personally. Doesn't look exactly bad, but its giving me bad memories of Dwarf Fortress.
    (That game... too much to take in all at once... HEAD ASPLOSION!!)
  • *GASP* ...does that mean I get a chance to finally use this?


    Freakin' FINALLY!
  • RetroVortex;688306 said:
    Dwarf Fortress
    First thing I thought when I saw it too.

    I've only bought Escape Goat so far, but I'm pretty sure I've got Space Chem from some bundle or something from before.

    I kind of had the impression that games would be available for a fixed price after the initial pay what you want period was over, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    They seem to be off to a good start quality wise in my opinion, but I'm hoping for some more Linux games in the future.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    There's a good deal up at IndieGameStand this time. :D

    The Geneforge Saga, a compilation of all 5 games in the Geneforge RPG series. Keys are available to redeem the games on Steam and :)
  • The last game, Really Big Sky, didn't seem worth mentioning, and it didn't sell too well.

    The current game is Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity. It includes a Steam key if you pay at least a dollar and a bonus game, Blob’s Organism, plus several game soundtracks if you beat the average.

    If you got the May Hurray bundle when it was available you already own both games, so I doubt this one will sell all that much. Since I didn't I'm a bit curious about it. Anyone know if it's worth getting?
  • No. Don't get it. It's horrible.
  • I've heard the same. I have it from a bundle and haven't touched it because of that.
  • I've played it, and it's nothing. Not worth a buck.
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