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IndieGameStand is a new site for promoting indie games through 96 hour pay-what-you-want sales whenever a new game is released on the site. Many games will come with Steam and Desura keys according to the site. If you register before the launch September 26th you'll get the platformer Chester for free.

I think the concept looks pretty interesting, but then indie titles are pretty much the only games I play when it comes to modern games, besides my guilty pleasure Diablo 3.
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  • Just a heads up - there appears to be a problem with people paying with PayPal (alliteration FTW!).

    The game doesn't show up in your Game Wallet, despite you buying it. If you do pay using PayPal, you'll need to open a support ticket and let them know. Make sure you include your Transaction ID from the PayPal receipt.

    Huh, I didn't even notice that. I bought it earlier, but now that you mention it, there's no e-mail confirmation and (like you said) it's not in my Game Wallet. Thanks for the heads up.

    EDIT: I got my game within half an hour. That was pretty fast.
  • Yeah, they got back to me pretty fast as well. It's a common problem, apparently. :(
  • Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. I haven't had that problem with any of my previous purchases and I've always used PayPal.
  • Blimey, I need to keep this thing updated.

    Here's the latest deal:


    It's a Metroidvania style game. That's all it took to get me on board!
  • Blimey, I need to keep this thing updated.

    It'd be easier if they had more deals and games worth caring about. I see the deals and mostly just don't find myself caring enough to share it.
  • Blimey, I need to keep this thing updated.

    To be fair, there's been a lot of very uninteresting titles lately. I think there were a few deals around the time they had the Wyv and Keep deal that came from suggestions on their forums that were worth checking out, but we might have forgotten about them too.
  • Latest deal:


    It's a twin-stick shooter, so that's me out.
  • Latest deal:


    It's Pixelry, a medieval RPG based around jousting. Heres the trailer.
  • Latest deal:


    The game where you... well, you build bridges. And then they fall apart because you suck at building bridges. But it's funny, so you do it again and... well, you get the idea.
  • I remember having a lot of fun with their first bridge builder game ("Bridge Builder") over a decade ago. It's freeware and is worth checking out if you can find it and get it to run. Like Darth Marsden says it can be great fun to see your bridge building efforts fail spectacularly.

    Also, it's not mentioned on Indie Game Stand, but Bridge It is on Steam Greenlight.

    EDIT: It's strange that it's not mentioned though, because their announcement from three days ago saying they reached the #25 spot on Greenlight says:
    Bridge It is also on sale at the IndieGameStand: and Steam keys will be provided as described on their page if Bridge It gets Greenlit.
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