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The walking dead game on xbox 360

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Im having an issue with episode 3 of the walking dead game on xbox 360. The achievements for part 5 and 6 did not unlock but all of the ones before and after did. I played through the entire episode twice to see if the second go through would unlock them and no go. Then I contacted xbox support and they walked me through some steps that were helpful but did not solve the problem. They said they do not control third party games and that the solution to my problem rested with you guys. I've emailed you twice regarding issue-62818 and have only received an automated response back on September 3rd. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue?
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  • So 2 weeks after I first attempted to reach someone at Tell Tell games about my issue and I still have no response. After 2 emails and a post on this forum (which is instructed to do in the tell tall games auto reply email if I do not get a response within a couple of days) you would have figured I would have gotten something in reply. Even a "We are aware of the issue and are working to fix it" would have been a million times better than the nothing I have gotten so far. I've had better customer service at the DMV.
  • So, another week by and still no answer. Tell Tell's office is located in the SF bay area as am I. Perhaps I will just go down there and ask my question in person since I can't get a response from anyone. At this point I'm not asking for a solution, just asking to be acknowledged.
  • dude sorry to say it but they might not be answering you because people are have big problems with there games and your only problem is that a achievement wont unlock.
    Just be glad that you not having your saves erased because of some bug or have the game crash every time you start it.
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