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Nick Bounty episodic series

posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 284 users
I've just finished Nick Bounty 2 and, since I've seen that other guys in this forum think what I do, I've decided to post a "dedicated" thread to speak just about this.
Ok, I do think the main character and the humor in general are sweet and reach high quality levels, and Mark is the owner of everything related to Nick Bounty, so why not doing an episodic series out of it?
Of course we're all waiting (and happy to be waiting) for S&M: Season Two, but after that I think you guys at Telltale should really consider doing at least a driver episode and see how it goes. I think it'd definitely be a success and you could earn good profit from a project like this, and the fact that you wouldn't have to acquire the license from outside companies seems only a good thing to me.
Sorry for doing your own business, Telltale, but I'm already in love with this company because of the creativity, ideas and innovation you've already proved, and for the fact that you DO listen to your fans.
So this is my point, I just wanted my voice to be heard (I failed anyway, you can only read what I write :D).

P.S.: Mark, more or less 45 minutes! ;)
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